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Governance of Federated Business Models
During the last twenty years, businesses migrated from vertical integration to a virtual model, outsourcing all their non-core functions. This has created

concierge  comprehensively as outlined here. Concierge service The concierge has a different function, bringing together a very broad range of solutions into a unified and cohesive offering for the end customer. The concierge also acts as the single point of contact for receiving the customer's requests, resolving issues, or helping the customer with virtually any aspect of the solution/offering, regardless of which other players are involved in ultimately delivering it. In the more general case, the concierge will Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » concierge

Integrated EAM for Hotels: An Overview
According to a recent NYT article, the hotel industry saw record revenue last year reaching $138 billion, growing $28 billion from the previous year. In

concierge  kiosks, they want knowledgeable concierge services, deluxe spas, intimate bistros, and large restaurants. Because hotels essentially sell their physical assets to travelers (in addition to services), bookings hinge on the condition and cleanliness of the hotel and the amenities offered. Guests do not want to visit a hotel spa and find depressing, worn robes (as found at one Montreal hotel a few years back. They’ve since renovated , but I haven’t been back—and yes, it was because of the robes. If Read More...
Welltok CaféWell to Leverage IBM Watson for Consumer Health Management—Dave, Did You Eat Your Vegetables Today?
Welltok, Inc., a provider of social health management solutions, announced a partnership with IBM to power its CaféWell product with IBM’s Watson. The unique

concierge  variety of variables. CaféWell Concierge will be able to guide consumers with activities such as: Providing dining and menu options based on an individual's location, health status (do they have high blood pressure, diabetes or pre-diabetes, need to lose weight, etc.), restaurant reviews, and more; Steering a consumer to discussion groups, local activities, and connections based on age, health status, location, and system-learned preferences; and Recommending relevant incentivized health and wellness Read More...
New Chapters in the Evolutionary Journal
Recognizing that change is a constant is the first step to survival in this new economy. Identifying the changing nature of business partners—customers

concierge  masters, solution providers, and concierge type services. Mass personalization takes the concept of mass customization to a higher plane, the intersection of demand and supply creating an environment of total customer satisfaction. Exciting concepts—but is this real virtuality a sustainable model that the enterprises of the future need to plan for? The answer is yes. With a twist—this new accessibility to information is bidirectional. Accountability and sustainable business models are creating new Read More...

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