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Laserbeam Software

CONCORD: Laserbeam Software develops and implements software supporting compensation administration, market analysis, and performance management. The company is headquartered in Concord, California (US). Laserbeam also has experience in development services through its subsidiary in Chennai (India).

IDe (Integrated Development Enterprise)

CONCORD: Headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts (US), IDe is a provider of Internet-based development chain management (DCM) solutions. The company was incorporated in June 1998 and is focused exclusively on developing software to manage product development. The firm has clients spanning several industries including, electronics and telecommunications, consumer products, automotive, aerospace and industrial, chemicals and plastics, medical and pharmaceutical, as well as software and services.

Blue Link Associates Limited

CONCORD: Since 1992, Blue Link Associates, Limited has provided business solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Blue Link offers business solutions, encompassing both back-office functions (such as accounting and collections) and logistical and operational functions (such as inventory management and billing). Software offerings are supplemented with professional services offered directly and through partner channels. Headquartered in Concord, Ontario (Canada), Blue Link's solutions are currently used in several countries around the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, Taiwan, and Mexico.

Fault Meets Performance --Comprehensive Infrastructure ManagementPart 2: The Solution
Seamless integration of real-time problem detection and historical trend analysis helps companies keep their IT infrastructures delivering peak performance.

CONCORD: Fault, fault performance , infrastructure management, performance management, Performance management technology , fault and performance infrastructure management solutions , performance system , real-time fault data , fault management , Fault technology, Fault management vendors , fault handling, networking technologies, network reporting , networking performance , industry networking standards .

Fault Meets Performance --Comprehensive Infrastructure ManagementPart 1: The Problem
Customers, suppliers, partners and other business needs dominate IT decision making, so when these business partners complain about slow applications or interminable downloads, IT listens – or else. Catching and correcting the innumerable faults and performance problems that bring down IT environments is more important than ever.

CONCORD: Fault, Comprehensive Infrastructure Management Part 1, Infrastructure Management , IT infrastructures , fault detection products , Performance Management, Fault management , IT fault management interface, Fault management technologies, Fault technology , simple network management protocol , snmp, virtual private network , vpn, networking technologies, network reporting , networking performance .

The Return on Investment of IP Telephony Management
The Return on Investment of IP Telephony Management. Get Free Data and Other Software to Define Your Diagnosis Related to The Return on Investment of IP Telephony Management. Managing a newly deployed voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) integration project is not as easy as some IT managers believe it to be. Delivering voice traffic over the IP network is time-consuming, and requires the right tools and a proper budget. To fully understand the costs associated with IP telephony implementation, businesses must first conduct a thorough evaluation of their management options—prior to deployment.

12/4/2007 11:28:00 AM

Do More with Less: The Five Strategies Used by Successful SMB Manufacturers
Learn about the five strategies used by successful small and medium-sized business (SMB) manufacturers. Download this free white paper. A common issue for small to medium business (SMB) manufacturers is how to increase revenue and grow their businesses without significantly adding staff. Unfortunately, these companies often emerge from the startup phase saddled with inefficient, manual processes that require extra people to maintain them. Learn how to position your company for more predictable business growth, without a reliance on adding more people.

CONCORD: Infor, erp, smb, lean manufacturing, erp system, system erp, crm erp, erp implementation, erp business, erp management, erp systems, erp solution, erp ppt, erp project, erp definition, erp mrp, web erp, erp market, erp planning, manufacturing erp, erp companies, erp integration, erp inventory, erp vendors, lean manufacturing jobs, erp analyst, erp application, erp company, erp modules, scm erp, erp process, online erp, business intelligence erp, erp applications, erp comparison, erp cost, erp industry, erp packages, erp purchasing, implementing erp.
2/8/2010 10:33:00 AM

Made2Manage Offers New Functionality And A VIP TreatmentPart 1: Announcements
By unveiling the multi-site functionality while concurrently providing technologically advanced solutions, Made2Manage is poised to survive the ongoing market shakeout.

CONCORD: Made2Manage, Made2Manage Systems, broad enterprise business systems , enterprise business systems sme, Enterprise Business System suite , M2M ERP 5.0 SQL , flagship ERP product , multi-site manufacturing , M2M ERP vesrion 5.0, Made2Manage Multi-Dimensional Inventory , Made2Manage Enterprise Business System, Made2Manage Notifier functionality, Made2Manage Customer Relationship Management , Made2Manage crm, M2M VIP Enterprise Portal , M2M CRM solution , M2M CRM Integration Solution version 1.0.

IDeWeb Provides Best-of-breed Product Portfolio Management Functionality for the Manufacturing Sector
Integrated Development Enterprise (IDe)'s IDeWeb 5.3 is a product portfolio management best-of-breed solution for new product development. It is tailored to discrete and process manufacturers in the electronics, food and beverage, specialty chemicals, and telecommunications sectors.

CONCORD: Integrated Development Enterprise, IDe, IDeWeb, project portfolio management, PPM, new product development, NPD, manufacturing, resource management, portfolio management.

Made2Manage Offers New Functionality And A VIP TreatmentPart 2: Market Impact
During last two years, Made2Manage had mobilized its resources to evolve from a vendor of traditional ERP software to a provider of 'one-stop-shop' enterprise business applications.

CONCORD: Made2Manage, Made2Manage Systems , Made2Manage Enterprise Business System , Made2Manage for Windows , Made2Manage hosted applications , collaborative commerce , Made2Manage transition , Made2Manage global market, M2M ERP 5.0 SQL , M2M applications , Web-enabled M2M Express , M2M VIP portal, M2M VIP functionality, M2M University, M2M ERP product , discrete manufacturing .

Dassault Systèmes—Expanding Product Development and the 3D Experience
TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reports on Dassault Systèmes' three-dimensional design tools. The Dassault Systèmes vision is to enable everyone—from product designers, engineers, and suppliers to end users and their respective communities—to create, share, and experience the three-dimensional virtual world, thereby maximizing the value of their intellectual property and digital assets. In this article, TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reports on the 3D design tools he recently saw demoed, how they enable collaboration, and their application to manufacturing and other sectors.

CONCORD: dassault systèmes, 3d product design, product data management software, product lifecycle management software, 3d computer-aided design software, collaborative virtual product creation, 3dvia, 3dvia composer price, 3dvia shape, 3d product design software, 3dvia composer, 3dvia player, software product lifecycle management, free 3d product design software, product design 3d, 3dvia composer download, 3dvia printscreen, 3dvia composer tutorial, dassault 3dvia, dassault systèmes simulia corp, product lifecycle management plm software, 3dvia composer player, 3dvia download, 3dvia virtools, 3dvia .
4/5/2012 10:23:00 AM

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