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The Blessing & Curse of SharePoint's
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed the runaway success and genesis of Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). The article outlined

concrete estimates  processes, processes reliant on concrete and unchanging rules, and processes that are not dependent on run-time human judgments. Many informal processes are still done via emails, which, as said in Part 2, is a cumbersome and ineffective content management system . One should thus at least initially consider SharePoint as a replacement for email-based processes that are ubiquitous, intra-enterprise (local), standards-based, and have low barriers to usage. Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) -based Read More...

Two Vendor Execs Discuss the Current B2B Pricing Market (and its Future)
Why are some companies still managing their prices with spreadsheets—and leaving their single most important profit lever to such inadequate if not harmful

concrete estimates  example, WR Grace sells concrete additives by the bag, but the metric used to understand differentiated value to the contractor is the surface area of the floor. LeveragePoint provides tools to translate between different metrics. The move toward “Customer Capitalism” to use Roger Martin’s term is also important and will drive adoption of new approaches to pricing—approaches that are closer aligned to how customers gain value from a solution. Innovation and customer value creation is only Read More...
Discrete Enterprise Resource Planning (Discrete ERP) RFI / RFP Template
Financials, Human Resources, Manufacturing Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, Sales Management, Product Technology
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Goal-oriented Business Process Management
The trend toward more flexible ways of working, shorter organizational reaction times, and the ability to fully embrace market unpredictability, is a powerful

concrete estimates  management domain illustrates a concrete application of goal-oriented BPM at process execution time. A change request assessment involves several experts from different areas of competence. If one expert fails to respond within an expected time frame, an agile BPM system should explore alternative options, such as: Attempting to contact other people with the same area of expertise. Seeking an automatic approximation of the expert evaluation. Seeking other combinations of expert assessment to cover the Read More...
A Short Guide to Wikis
What’s all this hype about wikis anyway? According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle, wikis are descending from the crest of a hype wave and coasting into areas where

concrete estimates  small-scale experiments as a concrete way to determine wiki’s real value to their organizations and whether the technology warrants further investments. Searches related to A Short Guide to Wikis : Wiki | Wiki List | Wiki Software | Free Wiki | Compare Wiki | on Demand Wikis | Policy Wiki | Wiki Account | Search Wiki | Wiki Web | Other Wikis | Earliest Wiki | Wiki Answers | Wiki Dictionary | Wiki Download | Business Wiki | Project Wiki | Best Wiki | Wiki Content | Wiki Company | Wiki Articles | Wiki Read More...
Front-office Lean-Taking Lean Manufacturing Beyond the Shop Floor
Lean manufacturing practices are employed to some degree on almost every manufacturing floor, but many companies aren't realizing the real benefits of lean by

concrete estimates  floor lean involves identifying concrete steps that can be followed to eliminate waste and increase efficiency. Oftentimes, equipment and materials can be moved to shorten cycle times. Maintaining better controls on inventory to avoid excess as well as product delivery delays, and using visual cues and processes to error-proof processes are two other ways of implementing a lean philosophy. Front-office lean is more challenging, however, because much of the work and value takes place not in a Read More...
The Delphi Technique for Software Estimation
The Delphi technique@drawing wise counsel from senior and experienced software developers@can help you prepare estimates for software development projects. With

concrete estimates  Delphi Technique for Software Estimation The Delphi technique—drawing wise counsel from senior and experienced software developers—can help you prepare estimates for software development projects. With this method of software estimation, project specifications are given to a few experts, depending on their availability. Learn about the essential steps involved in this software estimation methodology for more accurate estimates of software development effort. Read More...
SAP Releases Cloud and Mobile Carpooling App
According to an ABC News/Time magazine/Washington Post poll, in very large US urban and metro areas, the average commuter spends US$16 and 52 minutes going 32

concrete estimates  Releases Cloud and Mobile Carpooling App According to an ABC News/Time magazine/Washington Post poll , in very large US urban and metro areas, the average commuter spends US$16 and 52 minutes going 32 miles round trip to work each day. Long solo commutes can cost employees and their organizations in lost productivity, wasted resources, and additional expenses. In addition, many of these miserable commuters spend the rest of their workday without much interaction with their coworkers. To that end, SAP Read More...
Engineer-to-Order (ETO ERP) Software Evaluation Report
The engineer-to-order (ETO) enterprise resource planning Software Evaluation Report supports the requirements of companies that manufacture products based their

concrete estimates  
SAP, PeopleSoft Earnings Look Brighter; ERP Strikes Back
On January 7, taking many by surprise, enterprise software giant SAP pre-announced fourth quarter earnings, saying pre-tax earnings had doubled the final

concrete estimates  erp vendors,online crm,infor software,hosted crm,erp fashion,syteline software,erp providers,erp software vendors,companies crm,erp products,erp saas,web erp,free erp,on demand erp,online erp Read More...
Oracle Flying High on Q3 Report: Is Gold All That Glitters?
On March 15, shares of Oracle surged after the company plowed past Wall Street estimates and reported strong database software sales fueling a solid third

concrete estimates  Flying High on Q3 Report: Is Gold All That Glitters? Oracle Flying High on Q3 Report: Is Gold All That Glitters? P.J. Jakovljevic - April 24th, 2000 Event Summary On March 15, shares of Oracle surged after the company plowed past Wall Street estimates and reported strong database software sales fueling a solid third-quarter profit. Shortly after the opening bell, Oracle shares jumped $3.69, or nearly 5 percent, to $80.69, on heavy volume of 12.7 million shares. The company also got an early boost Read More...
IT White Papers: The World’s Greatest Cure for Insomnia!
Having trouble sleeping at night? Lots of people are these days, and for good reasons.The economy is in the dumps. Jobs are on the endangered species list

concrete estimates  not features. And use concrete examples taken from real life situations. As for the rest of you out there, if you find you’re struggling with insomnia, take my advice and start reading most any IT white paper. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time. READER’S POLL So dear readers, am I being too jaded about white papers and too hard on the vendors, or have I hit the nail on the head? Let me know what you think: {democracy:52} Read More...
The New Business Analytics (Analytics for Every Need, to Answer Every Question)
One of the main functions—perhaps the most important one—of a business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) application has always been to process data

concrete estimates  proper analysis for a concrete situation is not only an integral part of the process of data analysis in business analytics, it is also crucial for increasing the chances of successful analytics and business intelligence (BI) solution deployments. Thankfully, these capabilities have become much more widely available in BA applications in today’s BI space, and have been at the root of a trend towards BI solutions that meet users’ needs more easily than the more rigid solutions that were the norm in Read More...
Witty and viral marketing of enterprise applications?
Reading in-flight magazines and running through airports today, we can see advertising for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, but it is always a

concrete estimates  SAP being like pouring concrete over users' ankles getting a bit tired? After all, SAP and Oracle now have simpler products, such as SAP Business One ( evaluate this product ) or Oracle JD Edwards ( evaluate this product ), for simpler environments. On the other hand, Lawson S3 ( evaluate this product ) and Lawson M3 (formerly Intentia Movex , evaluate this product ) are not exactly simple products either (i.e., implementing them is not exactly as simple as downloading the Internet Explorer ), Read More...
A Green Guide to Streamlining Field Service Operations: Saving Money . . . and the Planet
With three primary “green” benefits to implementing cutting-edge field service technology solutions, every company—across any industry—can justify the effort

concrete estimates  range of advantages and concrete ROI. Regardless of a company’s priorities, this multi-layer list of benefits makes the decision a clear one. Read More...

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