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Marketing Automation: Coming of Age Slowly
Marketing is possibly the only remaining major business function yet to revise its core processes to take advantage of IT that can cut time, costs, and improve the quality of its operation. Nevertheless with marketing automation there are huge untapped opportunities for business improvement, given marketing has a unique vantage point in any enterprise to understand the customer needs, buying behavior, and value perception.

CONTENTMANAGER.DE: for data analytics, data-warehousing, content-management, and personalization? Do they offer an embedded e-mail server as part of the package, or are they compatible with commonly accepted e-mail servers like Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino ? Does the vendor have implementation experience in our industry, and does it provide an industry-specific data model and templates? Can the product help us manage and coordinate multiple marketing campaigns across the multiple LOBs? Does the solution support

International Trade Logistics Challenge Automated Global E-Trading
The Internet has enabled a networked world, a communication infrastructure, and emerging enterprise applications, which have opened the door for international trade in earnest. But not many applications really offer multi-enterprise services and software to automate the transportation and Internet-based logistics management needs of a global trading network.

CONTENTMANAGER.DE: Emphasizes Web Site Development Content Management | Web Testing Has Changed the Testing Landscape | Manugistics Lays Groundwork For Talus Integration | PurchasePro Acquires Stratton Warren | Peregrine Flies In The Face Of Conventional Wisdom | QueryObject Partners With Cognos | Aspen Technology Evolves Into Digital Marketplace Provider | We Shall Be Giant | Infrastructure Management Wunderkind Divides And Integrates | So You Want to Outsource Your Messaging? | Plumtree Fuels Growth With New Corporate

IBM Express-es Its Candid Desire For SMEs
IBM has recently reenergized its incursion into the mid-market gold rush with a new program carrying the 'Express' brand, which targets companies with less than 1,000 employees with a bundle of hardware, software infrastructure, professional services, and financing. IBM hopes to ride on the mid-market forays of a plethora of its enterprise application partner providers, while also providing some real alternative for Microsoft at the low end of the application market.

CONTENTMANAGER.DE: business critical knowledge and content-management tools they need to operate efficiently in a busy office environment. IBM has already launched several Express middleware software products including WebSphere Application Server Express, DB2 Express, and WebSphere Portal Express. DB2 Express for example is priced at $499 for a base server package, with an additional licensing cost of $99 per user, and installs in 15 minutes. Thousands of IBM Business Partners are already working to deliver Express-based

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