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PeopleSoft Plays Hardball
No more a nice guy with PeopleSoft! Its strong Q4 2000 results and alleged string of wins over its direct competitors have stirred up some emotions and knee-jerk dismissive reactions. Whatever the case may be, look for a vigorous PeopleSoft participation in many future software selection deals.

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: more information, see QAD s Costly eTransition Continues ). Another impediment to PeopleSoft s immediate success may be the market s generally low awareness of the Internet-only architecture advantages. At this stage, users mainly require the look and feel of the Internet and, therefore, other Web-enabled products may not be seriously disadvantaged while competing against PeopleSoft 8. Moreover, PeopleSoft s decision to offer only an Internet browser look-and-feel interface has, in some instances, initial

PeopleSoft Takes Aim at Foods Industry
PeopleSoft and Bradley Ward will integrate their products in an alliance aimed at the food processing industry. The completed solution will let companies' link real-time plant floor level data to ERP systems.

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: striving to minimize operating costs. Bradley Ward s products are designed to collect data from SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and Manufacturing Execution Systems and distribute it throughout the enterprise. In spite of PeopleSoft s lack of true process manufacturing functionality, the integration will go forward and utilize PeopleSoft s Open Integration Framework (OIF) and other EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) technology. In addition to its new partnership with PeopleSoft, Brad

Should PeopleSoft be Overly Happy?
PeopleSoft announced financial results and major highlights for the quarter ended March 31.

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: 19% increase of R&D cost at the same time). Therefore, its CEO s claims of beating competitors and winning a number of deals are mere wishful thinking. Nevertheless, PeopleSoft has strong management and is running a profitable business, although it may be short-lived without sustaining license revenue. The company has a history of squandering very promising acquisitions away-the Red Pepper purchase from a few years ago being one. A similar mistake with Vantive would be disastrous, particularly since CRM i

PeopleSoft on Client/Server and Database Issues
To address questions for a TEC customer, we interviewed PeopleSoft's Michael Daniels. The conversation covered issues in the areas of client/server architecture and database management as they relate to the PeopleSoft Enterprise Resource Planning suite of products.

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: which improves efficiency and cost. This would be a useful feature for customers who need to repeat the same query often (i.e. a weekly query to see how much vacation time employees have accrued). User Recommendations Customers should carefully review the features of ERP products that they are considering, including how the client/server architecture is designed, and how the product interacts with the back-end database. Often customers are focused on the functionality of the modules in question and fail

Customer Relationship Analysis Firm Extends Reach
thinkAnalytics signs a partnering agreement with one of the largest information technology services companies in North America. Why does CGI expect thinkAnalytics’ software to make a difference to its customers?

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: Customer Relationship Analysis Firm Extends Reach Customer Relationship Analysis Firm Extends Reach D. Geller - September 22, 2000 Read Comments D. Geller - September 22, 2000 Event Summary thinkAnalytics began life as a specialist using artificial intelligence to compress relational databases and for data mining. They became skilled at working with masses of data and embedding data analysis into traditional applications. Purchased by Gentia Software, an OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) specialist, in

Financial Analysis Clears the “Profit Haze”
Financial Analysis can be the key of your success.Read Free Guides and IT Reports Related To Financial Analysis. Designed to be agile and dependable, financial analysis solutions can bring clarity to the reasons behind your company’s growth, and help steer you toward future growth. Learn how financial analysis solutions enhance the value of your existing business support systems, and distill enterprise-wide information to answer the question: How can we increase revenue, maximize profits, and increase our competitive advantage?

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: a reduction in the cost of the finance organization. In addition, analysts can perform analysis rather than simply reporting, increasing their value to the company. Increased Confidence in Decisions Because the information being analyzed can be relied upon as accurate, up-to-date, consistent, and dependable, your confidence when making business decisions such as how to allocate resources within the business increases. Knowing where to invest in order to realize a maximum return on investment results in
12/15/2008 1:28:00 PM

PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough Patch Part 4: Challenges and User Recommendations
It appears that a real magic bullet to attract smaller enterprises is yet to be produced, although the company has successfully addressed marketing and selling to both large and smaller enterprises. All in all, although on the right track, PeopleSoft has to be careful that it does not overstretch itself and lose focus going forward.

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: While fixed time and cost solutions delivered packaged from pristine laboratories do have their appeal, SMEs are becoming increasingly savvy to ask for more than just these cookie-cutter implementations. And there is a number of obliging smaller vendors with immaculate vertical focus and knowledgeable channel. Recent SAP moves to deliver more than accelerated watered down solutions (see SAP Tries Another, Bifurcated Tack At A Small Guy ) and its quandary to recruit channel partners and overcome the

PeopleSoft Revamps World for Its Mid-Market Express ConquestPart Two: Market Impact
The major factors of success in business applications for the mid-market segment have traditionally been--flexible pricing, packaging and deployment options; speed of implementation; vertical focus; interconnectivity to other applications and legacy systems; product scalability and scope expandability; Internet and wireless device accessibility; low cost business-to-business (B2B) electronic connectivity; and a single point of contact possibly with a local consulting and implementation support. PeopleSoft seems to have captured (or at least tackled) most of these.

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: issues such as the cost of integration, the hidden costs of unpredictable user license requirements, and training costs. It also provided potential users with a way of spreading the cost of their purchases. The initiative did not bring any new functionality to the table, albeit it was designed to address the recurrent problems of cost and complexity that high-end vendors face whenever they attempt to sell into mid-market enterprises. Back in 1997, PeopleSoft, for the first time, launched an orchestrated

Analysis of Lexacom s and Mirapoint s Joint Wireless Messaging Solution
The need and demand for wireless messaging and calendaring is obvious, but Mirapoint and Lexacom are relatively unknown in the messaging arena.

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: secure, easily deployable, and cost-effective ways for wireless service providers to deliver integrated IP-based calendaring and messaging services to mobile users. Market Impact Mirapoint produces turnkey, messaging infrastructure appliances for Internet based messaging, while Lexacom produces real-time calendaring solutions for the Internet. The upcoming explosion of wireless access phones (WAP), and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) is expected to reach 600 million users by 2003 (probability 75%). The

PeopleSoft Delivers Oxymoron In Supply Chain in a Box
Users would do well to take PeopleSoft’s claims with a vein of salt and maintain realistic expectations regarding the challenges they will face in integrating their supply chains.

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: of the time and cost of installation; give preference to those vendors who will back up their estimates with rebates or free services.

Network Security Best Practices: Competitive Analysis
Your Challenge: Get Decision Makers' Approval for Network Security Best Practices.Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. When it comes to security architecture, choosing a system that’s scalable and applicable to a broad set of security needs is a wise move. New security services for Internet protocol (IP) networks are emerging that enable new levels of scalability and manageability—while remaining completely transparent to the network. By applying this type of system, you build an optimal framework for future security applications.

COST ANALYSIS PEOPLESOFT ADP: reduces the complexity and cost of applying security to an existing IP backbone. At the same time it accomplishes this, CipherEngine enables new levels of scalability and manageability while delivering the additional advantage of being completely transparent to the network. Furthermore, CipherEngine is a security architecture that can be the framework for new security services in the future that encompass a broad range of end user devices and applications. About CipherOptics CipherOptics, the leading
7/27/2007 1:19:00 PM

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