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Now Just Where Did I Put My Search Engine?
Barraged with terms like

course column  variations. The goal, of course, is to make the database metadata search as easy and dynamic as a web search, but with the added ability to accommodate the unique problems of database metadata structure. Tools that can help achieve this goal are as important and useful as tools that help abstract the complexities of SQL generation from the end user. Ideally, the final goal of database information retrieval is a dynamic tool (without IT intervention) that completely hides both metadata and SQL from the Read More
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...
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Reduce IT Procurement Time And Risk
All one has to do to get with the best product at the best price is to identify every requirement, find a product that meets all of the criteria, negotiate the

course column  it involves IT, of course it is an IT project! The fact that it is business driven and led does not in any way remove the bull's eye from the back of the IT teams. Magic Response #6 - Run the project on two tracks. The track described above is principally business focused. Set up a parallel track of IT professionals who examine current infrastructure (people, process and technology) and establish a set of architecture, product and practice standards that will be used to evaluate product candidates. While Read More
NetSuite Had a Sweet IPO. Now What?
The end of 2007, at least in the space that I cover, has certainly been

course column  one of profit. Of course, in that expansion, NetSuite should address some product quality, performance and functionality issues it might have experienced at certain customer sites . Recently, during a train ride from New York City, I coincidentaly ended up talking to another unhappy (over-promised) NetSuite user (IT manager), who was pondering the options, including switching the system. While every vendor has its share of both happy and less happy customers, it appears that NetSuite might have gone a Read More
Overwhelmed by Vendor Hype? Head for the Exit Before It's Too Late
Frustrated with all the hype and buzzwords that software vendors throw around? You’re not alone. TEC senior copywriter Larry Blitz and managing editor David

course column  else by incompetence. Of course I'm generalizing, but I think customers need to seek hard up-front evidence that vendors are interested in talking to actual people rather than to themselves. The bottom line: if you find yourself buried in vendor hype and buzzwords, you should probably head for the exit. Find people who will talk to you in a language you can understand and relate to. Those are the ones you want to do business with. Larry : Thanks, Dave, it’s been a transparent, out-of-the-box, Read More
The Intranet Has Come a Long Way: Where is it Going Next?
The intranet was born from the marriage of two opposing business initiatives. The word processing department was cutting costs by eliminating the printed

course column  discussion. There is of course, only one solution each year and this year it is Collaboration. As companies expand across the globe they must minimize the impact of time and distance. By mastering zero-latency data flow and collaboration technologies the CIO will enable the enterprise. The Intranet is the new answer! Beyond the lack of a business case for investing in any of the above applications, what is most unique about Intranet and Internet is that the phenomenon hit companies of all sizes at about Read More
You Say RFI, I Say Riffy: Why You and Your Vendor Need to Speak the Same Language
When ideas fail, words come in very handy. - Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSoftware Selection PitfallsQuick, what’s the number-one pitfall of the software

course column  page. Which is of course where TEC’s RFP templates come in. TEC RFP templates are created by TEC industry analysts in conjunction with the world's leading software vendors, including SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Infor, Epicor, Lawson, etc. These lists of criteria give you a full view of all the features and functions currently available for the software you’re looking to purchase. They allow you to determine which features and functions are required for your organization in a document that provides Read More
CourseSmart Partners with Instructure
CourseSmart, one of the largest providers of eTextbooks, today announced its partnership with Instructure—the company that produces the learning management

course column  30,000 eTextbooks and digital course materials. This initiative permits instructors and students to access the CourseSmart eTextbooks via their student/instructor Canvas portal. One of the benefits of digitizing textbooks is the reduction of cost. According to the press release, eTextbooks are up to 60 percent cheaper than their printed versions. The news signals a more competitive and vibrant LMS market that makes Blackboard's long-lasting supremacy a thing of the past. Read More
Desire2Learn Releases Version 10.1
The learning solutions provider Desire2Learn has launched Desire2Learn Learning Suite v10.1. The release introduces a series of new features: quick course

course column  of new features: quick course creation enabling instructors to embed rich media in learning and assessment activities and personalize learning experiences to improve students' learning results. Students are able to access course materials from any device. With this new version Desire2Learn attempts to capture the transitional territory in which education is today. Educational institutions are looking at moving from the confined, face-to-face and in-classroom mode of delivery to an open, blended, and Read More
Small Businesses Must Choose Software Wisely
Small business owners starting out today need to devise a technology strategy as well thought-out as any detailed business plan. When it comes to communicating

course column  telecom equipment and, of course, software... Read the full story from the Montreal Gazette Read More
Descartes Plots A Record Course In New Millennium
Waterloo, Ontario based Descartes Systems Group reported record revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2001 ended April 30, 2000. Focused on building its

course column  Plots A Record Course In New Millennium Descartes Plots A Record Course In New Millennium S. McVey - June 28, 2000 Event Summary Waterloo, Ontario based Descartes Systems Group reported record revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2001 ended April 30, 2000. Focused on building its transaction-based revenue model, Descartes still finds profits out of reach. License and network revenue totaled $8.8 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2001, an increase of 138% from $3.7 million in the first Read More
Understanding Service-oriented Architecture and Its Impact on Small Manufacturers
Within the manufacturing community, the arrival of the latest, greatest enterprise software technology is often met with skepticism. The right service-oriented

course column  , Service Oriented Architecture Course , Service Oriented Architecture Definition , Service Oriented Architecture Development , Service Oriented Architecture Diagram , Service Oriented Architecture Example , Service Oriented Architecture Examples , Service Oriented Architecture Implementation , Service Oriented Architecture Integration , Service Oriented Architecture Model , Service Oriented Architecture Overview , Service Oriented Architecture Presentation , Service Oriented Architecture Research , Read More
LCMS Exposed! Understanding the Differences between Learning Management and Learning Content Management
The Cost of Learning—a Very Brief HistoryTraining (or learning) has always been viewed as a cost center (representing a cost of doing business similar to

course column  authoring, managing, and publishing course content. An LCMS stores content in a central database repository, manages course content, breaks courses up into learning objects, tags objects that are then placed into a database (for advanced searchability), represents or stores content as extensible markup language (XML), provides the capability to  retrieve content for re-use across the entire enterprise. The primary differentiator for LCMSs is that they offer reusability of learning content and are Read More
Case Study: Multifaceted Company Upgrades ERP Application
In times like these, when IT spending is increasingly subject to cutbacks, finding out how to get

course column  Guide , ERP Upgrade Course , ERP Upgrade Trends , Successful ERP Upgrade , ERP Upgrade Program , ERP Upgrade Constraints , ERP Upgrade Plan , Multifaceted Company , Multifunctional Company , Multifaceted Entreprise , Multifaceted Corporate , Multifaceted Organization , Planning ERP Upgrade , Launche ERP Upgrade . SAP Customer Success Story Healthcare, Engineering and Construction, Media, Financial Services, and Real Estate At A Glance Company Name: Gruppo Tosinvest Location: Rome Industries: Healthcare; Read More
Avanade Schweiz GmbH
Avanade provides business technology solutions and managed services. Of course, we do much more than simply deliver technology or provide outsourcing. At

course column  and managed services. Of course, we do much more than simply deliver technology or provide outsourcing. At Avanade, we offer customers the unique expertise we’ve gained from our one-of-a-kind experience with our partners and customers Read More
Managing Platform Transition from Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows
Novell has made it clear to its NetWare customers that they must begin planning for transition. However, there is no guarantee that its customers will stay the

course column  will stay the Novell course. Few observers would disagree that many of those transitioning from NetWare will be moving to Microsoft. But operating system platform changes are no picnic—even in the most standard of environments. Read More

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