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SimplyDigi LMS Is Now TEC Certified
We recently certified SimplyDigi's learning management suite (LMS) , and I wanted to share my first impressions of the product with you. SimplyDigi was

course commentary  learners and e-commerce for course vendors. • The product is functionally rich, and indeed according to TEC data provides more functionality for most modules than the average LMS solution ( compare LMS solutions here ). New features are added every month based on both customer feedback and the product roadmap. Features planned for future release include a full e-commerce store, academic functionality, Apple iOS support, extended application programming interfaces (APIs) for integration, DigiCast Read More...
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...
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Documents related to » course commentary

What All Sales Organizations Need to Know: An Up-close-and-personal Discussion with Blackboard and Salesforce.com
Salesforce.com and Blackboard have joined forces to offer cloud-based sales training for their customers. And according to TEC Research Analysts, if you’re

course commentary  LCMS vendors have offered course content around sales, and have offered mobile versions of their products—allowing salespeople (on the road) to learn on the fly. But in my opinion, none have done so in the manner in which Blackboard has with its new Blackboard Learn for Sales. With Blackboard Learn for Sales, salespeople can still do all the things they did before with Blackboard Learn, but sales managers now have the necessary tools to measure sales staff performance against training time. They also Read More...
TEC Product Certification Report: Meridian Global LMS 2008.2
Meridian Knowledge Solutions’ learning management system (LMS), Meridian Global LMS 2008.2, is now TEC Certified. The certification seal is a valuable indicator

course commentary  Authoring/Publishing Tools Virtual Classrooms Course Content/Learning Object Management Communication and Collaboration Assessment and Evaluation Performance Support Blended Learning Competency and Performance Management E-commerce Support Reporting Analytics Language Support Usability Support Product Technology and Support   Competitive Analysis By comparing the Meridian Global LMS to the average-, lowest-, and highest-rated competitors in the LMS space (see figure 3), we can clearly see where this Read More...
Behind the Scenes of TEC’s Vendor Showdowns
TEC’s Vendor Showdown series is the most popular regular feature that we run here at TEC. So far, we’ve run quite a few Showdowns, and usually things go

course commentary  than delighted. And, of course, I understand this. Vendors are highly competitive – it’s built right into their DNA, and that’s partly what’s helped make the software industry the tremendous success that it is. But as soon as the vendors get their advance look at the Showdown, the emails start to fly back and forth, with some vendors questioning the veracity of other vendors’ data, and other vendors just basically crying foul. Ouch.  The problem, of course, is that if there is a perception Read More...
Accept Corporation Accept360 v7.0 Product Development and Portfolio Management Product Certification Report
Accept360 by Accept Corporation is now TEC Certified for online evaluation of product development and portfolio management solutions in the Product Lifecycle

course commentary  plm software vendors,plm software companies,plm software comparison,product management courses,shopping feed management,apparel plm software,enovia plm software,product life cycle management systems,product management course,product lifecycle management tools,ematrix plm software,pdm plm software,product lifecycle management systems,top plm software,windchill plm software Read More...
The People Factor: Accelerating Supply Chain Transformation Through Education
This article summarizes the findings from a study of why customers failed to attain the full value potential of their SCM projects. Most SCM projects continue

course commentary  the study, a comprehensive course on supply chain concepts was developed and rolled out to a small group of motivated customers. The objective of the education program was to help close the knowledge gap by addressing two core root causes or barriers: Outdated knowledge : Over the past decade, several new concepts have been collectively brought into a body of work which is now called SCM. For example, constraint-based management (introduced by Dr. Eli Goldratt) is now considered a fundamental concept to Read More...
Ask the Experts: Approaches to Data Mining ERP
From one of our readers comes this question:I am a student of IT Management; I have an ERP course and I am supposed to write an article to review new

course commentary  I have an ERP course and I am supposed to write an article to review new aspects of ERP systems. I’ve decided to explore the reasons for using data mining techniques in ERP systems—and to look at different modules to which these techniques have been applied. I am going to prepare a framework to determine which ERP vendors use data mining techniques and whether these techniques are more effective in particular modules. I would be thankful if you could provide me with any kind of information related to Read More...
TrainingEdge.com: Learning Management Suite (LMS) Competitor Analysis Report
The Learning Management Knowledge Base will help you select learning content and management systems. It covers the required tools for effective training, e

course commentary  e-learning and virtual classroom, course management, competency management, and other criteria. Read More...
E-learning Best Practices
E-learning solutions can be effective ways of meeting training and knowledge management challenges. Online training delivers multiple benefits, including

course commentary  that, when applied to course content, produces small, reusable e-Learning objects. A result of the Department of Defense's Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative, SCORM-compliant courseware elements can be easily merged with other compliant elements to produce a highly modular repository of training materials. Determine whether interoperability is important to your company and your e-Learning initiative. Do you have libraries of content you wish to combine that were developed on another system? Read More...
Successfully Managing Contract Risk
Contractors and subcontractors are both exposed to risk within a project. Thus, it is equally important to both parties that formalized risk management be

course commentary  Consulting , Risk Management Course , Risk Management Definition , Risk Management Derivatives , Risk Management Framework , Risk Management Insurance , Risk Management Issues , Risk Management Manual , Risk Management Methodology , Risk Management Plan , Risk Management Planning , Risk Management Policy , Risk Management Practices , Risk Management Procedures , Risk Management Process , Risk Management Products , Risk Management Program , Risk Management Project , Risk Management Report , Risk Read More...
Business Process Management: A Crash Course on What It Entails and Why to Use It
Business process management (BPM) has to integrate existing enterprise applications, Web services, and people in such a way that it can also quickly change

course commentary  Process Management: A Crash Course on What It Entails and Why to Use It Integrated and Process-oriented Solutions Are Required for Competitiveness Integrated solutions that optimize only at a company- or department-level are no longer sufficient for success in today's highly competitive, integrated supply chain environment. Every department contains mountains of data, but without an integrated and process-oriented solution, all this valuable information is often lost to the company as a whole. What is Read More...
Marketo Opens an App Marketplace for Marketers with Marketo LaunchPoint
Marketo has introduced Marketo LaunchPoint, described as the

course commentary  and services solutions. Of course, Marketo LaunchPoint integrates with Marketo Nation, the zone where people, ideas, and technology intertwine in an attempt to achieve marketing goals. As Mr. Robin Bordoli, VP partner ecosystem at Marketo, explains, Marketers now have one complete place to discover, learn, and try the most trusted solutions they need to drive revenue. Read More...
Managing Platform Transition from Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows
Novell has made it clear to its NetWare customers that they must begin planning for transition. However, there is no guarantee that its customers will stay the

course commentary  will stay the Novell course. Few observers would disagree that many of those transitioning from NetWare will be moving to Microsoft. But operating system platform changes are no picnic—even in the most standard of environments. Read More...
CIO Horror Stories and What They Mean For Vendors
Customers and vendors do not always see eye to eye as illustrated in the following horror stories about how customers have been treated by vendors. The vendors

course commentary  different customers differently? Of course not, many companies do it. What was wrong is that the sales rep insulted our CIO and his company by telling him he was class C. The sales rep told our CIO that he did not count. How does the sales rep expect the customer to see a vendor who tells them You do not count ? What customer loyalty or even communication can be expected? Now the data centers have been combined to just four. How many copies of this vendor's hardware are installed? None! The CIO says, Read More...

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