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Ask the Experts: Data Purging and System Migration
One reader recently wrote in with this question:

courses ilm  respective groups. Any vendor-based courses deemed necessary are held a week or two before going live, sometimes on-site or at other times, off-site. The last stage prior to “going live” is user acceptance testing (UAT) where the client tries out the system to ensure that everything is working properly and that the developer has fixed all the application bugs. Once the cutover has been completed, the employees begin to work with the new system, performing their day-to-day tasks. If problems arise at Read More...
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...
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Documents related to » courses ilm

TEC Helps Companies Compare, Select, and Evaluate Learning Management and E-learning Software
Enterprise software analyst firm Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC) recently launched its Learning Management Evaluation Center to help project managers

courses ilm  It registers users, tracks courses in a catalog, records data from learners, and provides reports to management ( http://www.learningcircuits.org/glossary ). From corporations to universities, e-learning has become a part of our lives. In many companies, more than 50 percent of training is done on-line. Web conferencing has also become an important way for organizations to provide training, collaborate, hold cost-effective meetings, and market products and services. Distance education has become an Read More...
Bootcamp for the Pros; Why Ernst & Young Will Lead Security Auditing Standards
Original News & Educational ReviewCourse SummaryErnst & Young, has put together the quintessential course for security engineers looking to improve their

courses ilm  through the development of courses such as eXtreme Hacking, we expect Ernst & Young to lead the industry sector in establishing new information security auditing standards. With eXtreme Hacking, Ernst & Young has taken the mystery out of computer and network security fraud. With a methodology that explains how hackers decide upon which computers to attack, how to find out basic exploitable information on the target, and how to intrude and take over the system, the Ernst & Young team has fully documented Read More...
Manage Your Business, Drive Growth, and Adapt to Change
Many business owners and managers wonder how to maintain visibility and control in order to keep ahead of the competition, focus on customers, and adapt to

courses ilm  Management | Business Manager Courses | Grow Business | Business Listing Management | Manage Business Development | Manage Business Rules | Manage Business Decisions | Manage Business Info | SAP Business Consulting | SAP Business Cost Management | SAP Business Information Management | SAP Business Knowledge Management | SAP Business Management | SAP Business Management Concepts | SAP Business Management Definition | SAP Business Management Issues | SAP Business Management News | SAP Business Management Read More...
Outsourcing Security Part 2: Measuring the Cost
Evaluating the cost of outsourcing can be challenging because most organizations cannot fully estimate the financial impact of such a decision.

courses ilm  subscriptions, journals, or e-learning courses to keep security professionals abreast of the latest technologies, tips, techniques, threats, and safeguards in the industry It is typical for organizations to provide guidelines on the amount of training employees receive each year. A minimum of two weeks is frequently provided, but more is often necessary. Most security courses are one week in duration; therefore, each employee would be eligible to attend two security courses per year. Since the cost of Read More...
TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of July 23, 2012
SOFTWARE SELECTIONS @ IMPLEMENTATIONSSeaspan selects IFS Applications to support its shipbuilding projectsIndustry tags: manufacturing“Seaspan is an

courses ilm  Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of July 23, 2012 SOFTWARE SELECTIONS & IMPLEMENTATIONS Seaspan selects IFS Applications to support its shipbuilding projects Industry tags: manufacturing “Seaspan is an association of companies primarily involved in multiple sea transportation businesses. Many such activities are project-based, which is IFS’ focus. No wonder that IFS was selected to provide an ERP system for Seaspan’s shipbuilding and repair facilities. Plus, it has a long Read More...
SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation iVantage 5.0 for Human Resources Certification Report
SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation’s human resource information system (HRIS), iVantage 5.0, is now TEC Certified. The certification seal is a valuable

courses ilm  as well as refresher courses for existing clients. Classes range from introductory to advanced learning. SPECTRUM provides advanced customization classes as well as advanced report writing classes. All services and support are handled directly by SPECTRUM employees. Localization and Language While iVantage supports only US requirements and compliance laws, localization can be accommodated as a customization (fully supporting Unicode), allowing for the entire application to be translated into any Read More...
Oracle (Finally) Learning and Applying Its Own CRM
After years of power struggle with its independent applications user group (OAUG), Oracle Corporation is to host its own application user group conference early

courses ilm  current Oracle customers; high-value courses presented by Oracle University; over 150 product demonstrations staffed by Oracle and industry experts; and over 200 of Oracle's most strategic partners demonstrating the latest in e-business innovations. Market Impact It is amazing how much has changed in Oracle's applications business during the last two years. Oracle is indisputably the most reformed applications vendor, having achieved significant growth in total revenue, license revenue and net income Read More...
Plex Systems at a Crossroads: Part 1
Plex Manufacturing Cloud is an integrated manufacturing software solution for managing the manufacturing process (including specific lean manufacturing needs

courses ilm  education services and training courses and materials provided by Plex—user training generally happens during implementation and as part of service and support. It goes without saying that Plex was hereby losing a major revenue opportunity, given that other ERP vendors make sweet money on classes, online courses, etc., not to mention the SAP and Oracle Universities and an entire SAP and Oracle cottage publishing industry ( SAP Insider , etc.). Thus, similar to Infor ’s diverse local development teams Read More...
Is Selling Software in China Really as Hard as It Seems?
You’re a North American software vendor. You’re considering setting up shop in China.  You know that the risks are formidable, but so are the potential rewards.

courses ilm  offered to provide training courses in the US—with travel costs expensed to the buyer organization . Since visas for US travel are still somewhat difficult to obtain for Chinese nationals, the buyer saw this as a unique—and deal-making—opportunity. That’s arbitrage in action. The moral of the story: setting up shop in China is not without its challenges. But be careful not to assume that these challenges will scuttle all hopes of success. Those very challenges may in fact be the winning Read More...
Desire2Learn’s Shift to a Learner-Centric Learning Ecosystem
In 2001, Computerworld’s Kym Gilhooly wrote that a learning management system (LMS) “goes beyond basic content delivery to offer course administration

courses ilm  rather than just administering courses. Founded in 1999, Desire2Learn is a privately-owned learning management system (LMS) provider. The company has three target audiences: higher education, corporate, and K-12. Benefiting from a recent $80-million funding, Desire2Learn focuses its research on reshaping its product to reflect learner-as-a-client market demands. Desire2Learn technology attempts to support personalized learning experiences by focusing on competency-based learning, customized learning for Read More...
E-learning Course Design
This article provides hints for the design of e-learning courses with regard to target audience, navigation, objectives, motivation, media, interactivity

courses ilm  The visual appeal of courses can help determine an e-learning initiative's success. For instance, is the overall design attractive and appealing to the eye and ear? Is the use of color appropriate and pleasant? Does the course have a consistent look and feel? Screens should be neither too busy nor too stark, and the overall appearance should be professional. In addition, icons or clear labels should be appropriately used so that users don't have to read excessively to determine program options. Read More...
Customer Success Story: The Business of Architecture
Eight years ago, architect Kevin Harris, like many other architects, found it difficult to accurately charge clients for his services. But after attending

courses ilm  services. But after attending courses to learn the proper methods for tracking time and costs, he realized that what he really needed was an integrated system. Since implementing BillQuick time billing and project management solution, Kevin has been able to easily and accurately manage billing. Read More...
Creating Media-rich Online Courses for Thousands of Customer-service Employees
When the JPMorgan Chase’s Card Services organization began experiencing rapid growth across multiple sites, their performance improvement team quickly realized

courses ilm  Media-rich Online Courses for Thousands of Customer-service Employees When the JPMorgan Chase’s Card Services organization began experiencing rapid growth across multiple sites, their performance improvement team quickly realized it would need a new content authoring solution to continue meeting its training objectives. The company chose SumTotal ToolBook authoring software to create media-rich online courses integrated with SumTotal Learning Management to deliver training and track results. Read More...
Blackboard Enters the MOOCs Arena
Blackboard Inc. presents a free, flexible option for running massive open online courses (MOOCs), soon to be available to all Blackboard clients at no extra

courses ilm  running massive open online courses (MOOCs) , soon to be available to all Blackboard clients at no extra cost, in a non-exclusive, non-binding manner, thus joining  organizations like Coursera and Udacity in the MOOCs domain. Including a wide range of course management and student engagement features, the tool allows institutions to manage their MOOCs strategy according to their own needs. To support the new MOOCS platform, Blackboard will be taking advantage of some Blackboard Learn features: Read More...

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