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NAI Will Pay Trend $12.5 Million Resulting from Law Suit
Settling a patent dispute out of court, Network Associates agreed to pay Trend Micro $12.5 million for the cost of licensing Trend's patented technologies. Both

court adidavit  Northern California Federal District Court against Network Associates for infringing on a patent (Registration No. 5,623,600), seeking an injunction on production, sale, maintenance and support services of the products in violation as well as monetary damages. In response to the lawsuit, Network Associates filed a counter suit alleging unfair competition and wrongful acts. Network Associates claimed that Trend's patent infringed on one of their patents (Patent Registration No. 6,029,256). Market Impact Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » court adidavit

Webtime Now Legal
A court ruled illegal a one-year restriction that would have prevented an employee from working for a competitor.

court adidavit  the non-competition clause in court, but Judge William H. Pauley III ruled in favor of Shlack. Although he found in part that the new site was not likely to be strongly competitive with EarthWeb, and that Schlack was not in possession of trade secrets, he also ruled that in the IT industry a non-competition agreement for a term as long as one year would be unreasonable. Courts tend to find that in any non-compete agreement that the nature of the restriction and any geographic restrictions have to be Read More...
New Era of Networks Gets Blinded By the NEON
A recent ruling by a judge in the 268th Judicial District Court in Texas has upheld a jury verdict that awarded NEON Systems $39 million in damages against New

court adidavit  the 268th Judicial District Court in Texas has upheld a jury verdict that awarded NEON Systems (NASDAQ: NESY) $39 million in damages against New Era of Networks (NASDAQ: NEON, recently acquired by Sybase as its new e-Business division ), which, the jury found, had a nasty habit of abbreviating New Era of Networks as, guess what, Neon. If upheld on appeal, this ruling will cause the e-business division of Sybase a lot of administrative grief and expense (not to mention the money from the jury award). Read More...
21st Century Fox Hunt - US vs. Microsoft
Next Generation Windows Services? How about Next Generation Microsoft? We outline how the ongoing legal delays will undermine the new Microsoft.NET initiative

court adidavit  to the Federal Appeals Court in Washington, D.C. Market Impact There's been a lot of recent scholarship regarding the Microsoft antitrust case, and what each new development means ( Judge orders breakup! Supreme Court to review case. ) We'd like to assemble some of the most likely scenarios into a possible map of how the next few years will unfold for the Redmond software titan. October 2000 : US Supreme Court receives case on direct appeal from the United States District Court. November 2000 : Vice Read More...
Hacker Publication Gets Top Defense Attorney
In a case that will challenge the bowels of free speech and censorship and inevitably set a lot of legal precedents, renowned defense attorney Marcus Garbus has

court adidavit  being sued in Federal Court by eight major motion picture corporations. Defended by renowned attorney Marcus Garbus, 2600 , and its assumed editor Emmanuel Goldstein, 2600 is being charged with circumvention of copyright protection systems - for publishing how to circumvent the Contents Scramble Systems (CSS). CSS protects Digital Video Discs (DVDs) from unauthorized access and copying. 2600 posted a program that can decrypt CSS called DeCSS on www.krackdown.com. DeCSS has since been removed from Read More...
The Challenges that Remain for One Aspiring Global Sourcing Vendor
In the long term, Eqos’s current stature and means may not be enough to maintain its competitive position against current and potential competitors, especially

court adidavit  retail channel masters to court the best trading partners. However, achieving an efficient online supplier management system is a considerable undertaking, and prospective customers should make sure their own “houses are in order” before trying to open up their systems to others in the supply chain and harness open standards. In addition to overcoming the usual political and cultural issues (such as the onboarding of suppliers, issues of ownership, and trust and competitive privacy issues), there are Read More...
Selecting Manufacturing ERP for ISO 26000 Compliance
ISO 26000 spells out best practices for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Are your enterprise systems, including ERP, capable of documenting CSR best

court adidavit  found themselves pursued in court and potentially held liable for substantial back wages and other costs due to violations of labor and human rights standards, either within their own organization or at vendors’ plants.  Employers including Mohawk Industries have also been successfully sued under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act for knowingly employing and exploiting undocumented workers. In the meantime, anti-discrimination protections in the 1986 Immigration and Read More...
Integrated Security: A New Network Approach
The challenge is to ensure that the right people gain access and the wrong people do not, making the role of information security even more critical to enabling

court adidavit  may find themselves in court as a defendant or key witness. Companies required to comply with privacy and security regulations, such as health care organizations and financial institutions, may need to demonstrate their due diligence in minimizing their exposure to network attacks. This process is a drain on both employee productivity and company cash flow, and publicity around litigation could damage a company's reputation even if exonerated of the initial charge. Reduced Ability to Compete . Read More...
Latest Developments for a Vendor-neutral Third Party Support and Maintenance Provider
Rimini Street is not trying to be a software vendor. Rather, the third party support and maintenance provider is a focused system implementation and consulting

court adidavit  Rimini Street believes the court case isn't really about the legality of third party support, but rather specific allegations regarding TomorrowNow's business practices. Specifically, Rimini Street refers to the alleged practice of downloading updates and fixes (sometimes for unlicensed products) after a client's maintenance contract has ended. Rimini Street's support processes are thus built to ensure it downloads only what a client has access to. In fact, Rimini Street has some clients that started Read More...
Legal Considerations in E-commerce
Doing business on the Internet can involve some tricky legal issues. This article will help you understand the kinds of information you need to provide to your

court adidavit  the domain name, a court found that because of the similarity of the businesses at issue consumers would likely be confused as to the source of the information or products provided at the moviebuff.com web site or through its related services. As a result, West Coast was unable to use that domain name. It is not enough to engage in Internet based searches of registered trademarks at the Patent and Trademark Office and of Internet domain names at NSI.com. There is an ongoing flood of registrations in both Read More...
Rules, Tools, Policies, and Best Practices for Compliance in the United States
A strategic compliance program can help employers in the United States (US) reduce the likelihood of litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches

court adidavit  companies have gone to court to battle lawsuits specifically triggered by employee email, according to American Management Association/ePolicy Institute research. Fully 29% of U.S. businesses were involved in at least one litigation matter in 2007, with 32% battling lawsuits involving $20 million or more, reveals the Litigation Trends Survey from Fulbright and Jaworski L.L.P. and other electronically stored information will one day become part of the evidence pool. The question is when will you be asked Read More...
Is 'Sage' Wiser And Better Than 'Best'?
The two small-to-medium enterprise (SME) market segment leaders seem to have somewhat different strategies going forward (despite inevitable watching over each

court adidavit  when it lost a court fight to Quick Technologies Inc ., the small Dallas, Texas (US)-based company that claimed ownership of the Sage name in the region. As a result, Sage had to subsequently and for the time being, adopt the name Best Software for its then primarily US-based operations (prior to the ACCPAC acquisition in 2004, which has since allowed it to penetrate other regions, such as Canada). Some think Sage adopted the Best name, the original name of the Reston, VA.-based specialized software Read More...
Implementation Acceleration Using Integration
webMethods, Inc. has released a set of Packaged Integrations — pre-built software solutions that can be used to rapidly automate common cross-application

court adidavit  would be wise to court the assistance of other companies with specific domain expertise as it expands its vertical offerings. Other EAI vendors have built pre-packaged applications, such as SAP R/3 -to- Siebel integration, but the majority are still at the stage of developing a completely functional horizontal EAI offering. Undoubtedly, the other EAI software houses will be closely examining this new product and using what they learn to try to catch up quickly. The EAI and B2B markets are moving so Read More...

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