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Making Gramm-Leach-Bliley Security Compliance Fast and Easy
Designed to improve consumer financial services, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) includes security provisions for protecting confidential electronic financial

cr 505 optima  Nov. 12, 1999. Congress created the Act to improve consumer financial services. The complex, seven-Title law applies to about 9,500 financial institutions that offer financial products and services such as securities, banking, loans, and insurance. A series of rules and guidelines were established by several federal agencies for implementation of the Act, including deadlines for compliance. Security Technology Focus This paper focuses on the Act's digital security requirements, especially security audits Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » cr 505 optima

What's in a Name? or Enterprise Systems' Reincarnations (Part I)
Well, the ERP Graveyard blog might sometimes be slightly deceiving, since not all enterprise resource planning (ERP) products necessarily die there. Some of

cr 505 optima  more-or-less known ERP and CRM companies to the business and has more than tripled in size. This expansion, in addition to the confusion in the marketplace associated with the difference between M2M Holdings and the Made2Manage ERP solution per se, has spurred the company to find a clearer way to be able to discuss and market its various product lines. So, the company put a team together that would find a name that is not only memorable, unique and available, but also whose meaning will better reflect Read More...
Aras Announces VPLM for Autodesk Vault
A week before the Autodesk University 2012 conference, Aras, a provider of enterprise-class open source product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions

cr 505 optima  compliance, and other functions across a company and its supply chain, by allowing collaboration between product development, operations, quality, purchasing, sales and marketing, and other groups. Autodesk Vault is by far the best computer-aided design (CAD) file manager for designers using Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD. Certainly, Autodesk has Vault for PDM on-premise, and the still nascent Autodesk PLM 360 offering in the cloud. This combination is not yet much competition against the mainstream big Read More...
The Importance of Component Event Management in a PLM Strategy
Component event management promises an answer. Component event management is a methodology to systematically detect and resolve component events in the most

cr 505 optima  they may face a critical shortage of inventory and need to buy through brokers at significantly higher costs. A commonly reported statistic is that 80% of a product’s costs are locked in at design time. Without proactive management of changes in component lifecycles, that 80% cost is not only locked in as a minimum cost, it is also at risk to inflating rapidly because of a component lifecycle issue. To compound the issue, an increasing amount of product manufacturing is being outsourced, making the Read More...
Lascom offers Internet-enabled product lifecycle and business process information management solutions and services to the aerospace, food and pharmaceutical

cr 505 optima  markets. The company's solutions create competitive advantage by shortening product development cycles, reducing manufacturing costs, and improving product and service quality through the sharing of critical information at the right time to the right people during business processes. Headquartered in Paris, the company has a subsidiary in San Diego and distributors in Europe. Read More...
Agilisys Continues Agilely Post-SCT Part 2: Market Impact
Agilisys is also leveraging its former parent's pedigree on professional services and outsourcing, the 'Concept to Customer' and 'Early Upgrade Program' being

cr 505 optima  Agilisys Collaborative Replenishment ( CR ) that can be implemented as part of a comprehensive Agilisys offering, or integrated with existing supply chain or enterprise systems. Its components comprise a comprehensive solution that Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers might need, as these manufacturers have long recognized the importance of effective distribution and inventory deployment in assuring point-of-sale (POS) performance and the repeat purchases of loyal consumers, and, to achieve Read More...
How Much Wisdom Will BRAIN Bring To Agilisys? Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
As long as both Agilisys and BRAIN remain focused on their industries and do not become too distracted with each other’s verticals, everyone should do well.

cr 505 optima  Agilisys Collaborative Replenishment ( CR ) product that can be implemented as part of a comprehensive Agilisys offering, or integrated with existing supply chain or enterprise systems, comprises a comprehensive solution that Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers might need. These manufacturers have long recognized the importance of effective distribution and inventory deployment in assuring point-of-sale (POS) performance and the repeat purchases of loyal consumers. To achieve optimal deployment Read More...
Ramco Lands a Major Cloud ERP-EAM Deal in Australasia
Norske Skog signs an agreement with Ramco Systems to replace its existing enterprise asset management (EAM) and & financials systems with Ramco ERP on Cloud

cr 505 optima  parts of Helicopters and Aircrafts for leading global brands, such as Airbus Helicopters, Columbia Helicopters, Malaysia Airlines, Emirates, and many others, makes it fairly advanced in this area of EAM. With the addition of the paper & pulp manufacturing major Norske Skog, Ramco’s product capability and strength get a further reinforcement in the market. Apart from winning customers, Ramco is seeing greater traction with partners. Global multinational Schneider Electric has recently chosen Ramco’s Read More...
Business Intelligence Corporate Performance Management Market Landscape
The arms race to marshal the most complete corporate performance management platform has intensified among major vendors. Many have a comprehensive set of

cr 505 optima  in part, hampered by increasing pricing pressures. Thus, the arms race to marshal the most complete CPM platform has been intensified among major vendors, and many have a comprehensive set of business intelligence (BI) functionality, including online analytical processing (OLAP) analytics, ad hoc query, end user reporting, enterprise reporting, planning, and some type of analytic dashboards or balanced scorecards. Part Five of the Business Intelligence Report Status Quo series. Parts One to Three were Read More...
Schneider Electric Partners with Ramco OPTIMA for Cement Producers
Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has entered into a strategic partnership with Ramco Systems. The partnership will see Ramco’s

cr 505 optima  The solution will support increased production volumes, promote the ease and uptake of alternative fuels, and support human operators to make the best decisions for changing operating conditions.   OPTIMA is an advanced process optimization solution that has been designed to improve plant productivity and efficiency and leverages technologies like fuzzy logic, regression analysis, and artificial intelligence techniques. Through its wide network of operations, Schneider Electric will help explore Read More...
Filling the Holes and Breaking Down Artificial Walls in a Process PLM Solution Set - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series established that the product lifecycle management (PLM) software market for process industries (food @ beverage, life sciences

cr 505 optima  its counterparts in the  discrete manufacturing  and  fashion (apparel) industry  segments. Indeed, the process PLM solution market is currently a mosaic of specialized vendors with solutions that cater to only a part of the entire process PLM flow. My post then analyzed typical workarounds to solve the puzzle of integrating these silo-based solutions with their focus on  structured data , which is insufficient for creating adequate product specifications in this day and age. Part 2 will analyze Read More...
Vendor Spotlight: Agresso
Welcome to TEC's Vendor Spotlight series. This installment focuses on Agresso, a Netherlands-based ERP vendor now enjoying its fair share of success in North

cr 505 optima  relative to its markets across Europe (5 percent of revenues comes from North America, versus a total of 91 percent divided amongst Benelux, the UK, Sweden, Spain, Norway, and Germany), Agresso had 78 percent growth in North America in 2008. This is due in large part to the aggressive BLINC marketing campaign that has focused on the capabilities of Agresso's VITA™ architecture. VITA, the company claims, enables dynamic organizations to respond to business change after implementation. In other words, Read More...
The High Costs of Non-compliance for Manufacturers
What manufacturers must realize is that through efforts to comply with regulatory standards, they can make their manufacturing operations more competitive

cr 505 optima  in homogeneous material 0.1% Cr (VI), Pb, Hg, PBB, PBDE in homogeneous material The EU's RoHS Directive defines homogeneous material as material of uniform composition throughout that cannot be mechanically disjointed into different materials. Examples of such materials are alloys, board resins, ceramics, plastics, coatings, glass, metals, and paper. Mechanically disjointed materials can, in principle, be separated by mechanical actions such as unscrewing, cutting, crushing, grinding, and abrasive Read More...
How to Measure Customer Satisfaction
Organizations often rely on surveys and questionnaires to determine customer satisfaction ratings, but such methods merely offer a perceived customer rating

cr 505 optima  which is the following: CR = (no. of change requests received – no. of change requests implemented without affecting delivery date or price) ÷ no. of change requests received If the number of change requests received were the same as the number of change requests implemented without affecting either delivery schedule or price, then this metric will be zero, meaning customer expectations have been fully met. If the number of change requests received were greater than the number of change requests Read More...
Benchmarking: How Am I Really Performing?
Benchmarking, as defined by the dictionary, is

cr 505 optima  entered the store, your CR would be 16.6 percent (50 divided by 300). CR tells us how many shoppers we turn into buyers. It can be tracked by installing a traffic counter at the door. The technology costs about $800 (USD) ( http://www.storetraffic.com/ ), and pays for itself in approximately three months. Many stores tell me that their traffic is really down. I ask, How do you know that? Is it down 10 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent? Without a traffic counter, they don't really know. With these three Read More...

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