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(Forgotten) CRM and ERP Kingdoms in the Making?
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) vendor Consona is determined to establish a CRM “kingdom” based on Consona

create an account in facebook  business communications solutions, to create a connector between Onyx Employee Portal (OEP) and Interactive Intelligence’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) , an automation software product that includes Web chat and IVR. Generally speaking, IVR (also called voice response unit [VRU] or audio response unit [ARU]), allows customers to access information through speech recognition or by entering digits on a phone number pad. An automated phone teller is an example of IVR technology. Users can access Read More
Small Business Software (SBS)
The Small Business Software (SBS) evaluation model targets functional requirements for fully featured solutions designed to support all business requirements of a typical small business. Extending ...
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Documents related to » create an account in facebook

Social Networks: How They're Turning CRM Upside Down
Social networking has collided with customer relationship management, and it's turning the relationship between businesses and their customers upside down

create an account in facebook  with Procter & Gamble—to create organic, online, highly “niched” customer communities. It's the ultimate feedback loop, allowing customers to directly express their needs and desires, and it represents an outstanding opportunity for progressive marketers to get deeper into the hearts and minds of their customers than has ever been possible. Download the latest TEC podcast to find out more about how social networks are revolutionizing the world of CRM, as TEC's director of research, Wayne Thompson, Read More
The New Web Experience: More than an Extension to WCM?
That membrane between your business and the online world—your Web site—is expected to be so permeable and malleable these days that web content management (WCM)

create an account in facebook  characteristics for processes to create or manage content, and then properly deliver it on the Web. Our model reflects WCM functionality using the following eight categories.   Content Authoring   Content Acquisition   Content Aggregation   Output and Content Presentation   Workflow Management   Version Control and Management   Security Management   Product Technology and Support We’ve made a minor update to our model this year (you can get a template of the functionality here ), but even with Read More
Social ERP Emerges, Transforms the Way People Work (Part 1)
It is no secret that social networks and media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, etc.—are having a huge impact on all aspects of people’s lives

create an account in facebook  communicating and collaborating can create tremendous value for an organization. A report from the McKinsey Global Institute titled “ The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity Through Social Technologies ” states in its summary that “by fully implementing social technologies, companies have an opportunity to raise the productivity of interaction workers . . . by 20 to 25 percent.” An Aberdeen study released in August 2013 and titled “Solving Collaboration Challenges with Social Read More
Social Media and Customer Experience Feedback
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs are just a few Internet services that make up the new growing digital world called social media. Many companies have seen

create an account in facebook  other Mindshare surveys. (2a) Create a formal presence on the major social media sites and perhaps a few more specialized or evolving sites. (2b) Fertilize and seed third-party fan sites promoting your company. For customers who answer one of your “normal” Mindshare surveys with positive feedback, provide them an “easy one-click” option at the end of the survey to be re-directed to one of several social media sites where they can share their positive feelings across the SM network. As social Read More
Compliance Exposures in ERP Systems Part 1
This paper examines key issues for CFOs and CEOs in managing ERP systems in the new world of SOX, IFRS, Basle II. While most IT management attention seems to be

create an account in facebook  the internal control exposures created by over-dependence on custom code -issues like documentation, training, and skill retention have a direct impact; but also the interfaces within and between custom applications and vendor software are fraught with dangers. To identify and tackle these exposures requires accurate benchmarking data throughout the various layers of the system, and across the vertical or functional applications. Two actions required - first, to scope and tackle the problems with Read More
Get Closer to Your Best Customers: A Shift in Customer Strategies in a Time of Crisis
An unsettled economy needs a different approach to managing revenues. Companies must identify their most profitable customers and the most effective marketing

create an account in facebook  drive ongoing interactions to create a full customer life cycle. Postsale service, loyalty programs, customer support, and channel partners play an important role in customers' use of products and should form an integral part of this life cycle. Colgate-Palmolive Industry: Consumer products Summary Colgate-Palmolive Company is a global provider of consumer products that make lives healthier and more enjoyable in more than 200 countries and territories. The company focuses on strong global brands in its Read More
In Defense of Data Centers: The Positive Role IT Can Play in the Greening of Business
Corporate concern for the environment is no longer just an issue of compliancy. Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about how much energy is required

create an account in facebook  Defense of Data Centers: The Positive Role IT Can Play in the Greening of Business Corporate concern for the environment is no longer just an issue of compliancy. Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about how much energy is required by their IT operations, especially by their data centers. Greening IT starts in the data center: find out how data center consolidation—and other solutions—can help you reduce energy consumption, and even increase productivity and efficiency. Read More
Microsoft Throws in the Towel in the Instant Messaging Wars
REDMOND, Wash. (Bloomberg) - Microsoft Corp., the world's largest software maker, has stopped linking its instant messaging system with America Online Inc.'s

create an account in facebook  as the links are created. AOL claims that the blocking is due to security measures, but it is really due to marketing structure. Microsoft's MSN service occupies third place among on line services, while AOL is still number one, with its registered number of users surpassing the 19 million mark. Due to the lack of a standard, or unwillingness of the companies to reach an agreement, Microsoft has ceased linking the two Instant Messaging systems. The advantage to a linked system, beyond end-user Read More
Prepare for the Quantum Leap in Real-time Analytics: How In-memory Analytics Is Going to Change Everything about Your Enterprise
For business leaders facing the radical, disruptive change represented by in-memory analytics, the response may range from enthusiasm and advocacy to

create an account in facebook  in-memory analytics,about business intelligence,analytic business intelligence,analytics and business intelligence,analytics business,analytics business intelligence,analytics database,analytics in business,analytics platform,benefits of business intelligence,bi business intelligence,bi intelligence,big data,big data analytics,business analytics Read More
Learning in the Cloud for Regulated Industries
Does a multitenant SaaS learning management system (LMS) have a role in a compliance-driven, highly regulated work environment? Organizations in regulated

create an account in facebook  SaaS learning system, SaaS LMS, cloud learning for regulated industries, SaaS LMS for regulated industries, SaaS learning for regulated indsutries, SuccessFactors, MindShare Read More
In the News: Gartner Lawsuit
Gartner seems to be in the news a lot lately. First, they announced they will acquire AMR and now we find out that a vendor is suing them for not being included

create an account in facebook  the News: Gartner Lawsuit Gartner seems to be in the news a lot lately. First, they announced they will acquire AMR and now we find out that a vendor is suing them for not being included in the Magic Quadrant. I wasn’t surprised to find out that the name of the website where the news was published is techdirt . Another interesting post on the same website caught my attention: five years ago, a woman sued a telecom company because a driver talking on his cell phone caused an accident. The lawsuit was Read More
Turmoil in CPU-Land
Intel announces a recall of the barely-shipping 1.13 GHz Pentium III, and AMD announces the head of its PC processor unit is 'leaving to pursue other interests'

create an account in facebook  in CPU-Land Turmoil in CPU-Land R. Krause - September 18, 2000 Event Summary August 29, 2000 - Intel Corp. will recall its 1.13GHz Pentium III chip. Intel officials said the company is recalling the chip due to a problem that could cause certain applications to freeze. We found some marginality in the part within certain temperatures within the operating range and certain code sequences (in applications), said spokesman George Alfs. We're not happy with the chip and we're going to pull it back. Read More
Giving Trade Companies a Fast Start: SAP Business All-in-One Fast-start Program
As a midsize wholesale distributor, you need to stand out from your competition while improving efficiency. SAP Business All-in-One Solutions offer software

create an account in facebook  Functions Materials management - Create an integrated network to improve efficiency and optimize inventories Sales and distribution - Shorten sales cycles and maximize productivity for better customer service Logistics, product life-cycle management, and quality management - Track finished goods and ensure top quality Accounting - Increase the efficiency and accuracy of financial accounting Controlling - Obtain access to accurate data for planning, forecasting, and reporting Forms and reporting - Obtain Read More
Trends in E-health
E-health involves simplifying processes related to information, communication, and transactions within and between health care institutions and professionals

create an account in facebook  health medical care,medical care health,health care insurance,public health,medical health insurance,urgent care,education health,health and health policy,research health,information on communication,information about communication,information of communication,health care bill,reform of health care system,health care and law Read More

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