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Data, Data Everywhere: A Special Report on Managing Information
The quantity of information in the world is soaring. Merely keeping up with, and storing new information is difficult enough. Analyzing it, to spot patterns and

create an account on facebook  an existing technique to create a Map of the Market in the form of a grid. It used the day's closing share price to show more than 500 companies arranged by sector. Shades of green or red indicated whether a share had risen or fallen and by how much, showing the activity in every sector of the market. It was an instant hit—and brought the nascent field of data visualisation to a mainstream audience. In recent years there have been big advances in displaying massive amounts of data to make them easily Read More...
Small Business Software (SBS)
The Small Business Software (SBS) evaluation model targets functional requirements for fully featured solutions designed to support all business requirements of a typical small business. Extending ...
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Documents related to » create an account on facebook

Do You Want Your App to Talk Back to You (as a Chatterbox)? - Part 3
In Part 1 of this blog series I admitted to being a late adopter of a sort, in part for not immediately jumping onto the social media bandwagon. In particular

create an account on facebook  from an applicant to create an insurance quote. We are looking at its use in areas such as month-end closing and credit collections, where you want users to follow a specific path through a business process. PJ: Any parting comment(s)? JR: In line with the GA of Chatter, we have just released FinancialForce.com Accounting with Chatter fully baked in (the Summer ’10 release). I believe that capability is going to change the game for accounting and the integration of accounting with the rest of the busine Read More...
Social Media and Collaboration: Not for “Serious” Manufacturers? Think Again.
Many people consider social media as a set of tools for communicating with others and/or entertaining themselves and collaboration as a characteristic of

create an account on facebook  ideas from customers to create new products or improve existing ones. Now that you know this, what do you do? Medium and large manufacturers should take advantage of both collaboration and social media tools to improve the overall business performance of the company. But, as any major initiative, this should be done cautiously. Do not jump onto the bandwagon without first understanding what this initiative would mean to your company, and stay away from experts who promise you fabulous results over the sho Read More...
Social Media and Customer Experience Feedback
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs are just a few Internet services that make up the new growing digital world called social media. Many companies have seen

create an account on facebook  other Mindshare surveys. (2a) Create a formal presence on the major social media sites and perhaps a few more specialized or evolving sites. (2b) Fertilize and seed third-party fan sites promoting your company. For customers who answer one of your “normal” Mindshare surveys with positive feedback, provide them an “easy one-click” option at the end of the survey to be re-directed to one of several social media sites where they can share their positive feelings across the SM network. As social media Read More...
Social ERP Emerges, Transforms the Way People Work (Part 1)
It is no secret that social networks and media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, etc.—are having a huge impact on all aspects of people’s lives

create an account on facebook  communicating and collaborating can create tremendous value for an organization. A report from the McKinsey Global Institute titled “ The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity Through Social Technologies ” states in its summary that “by fully implementing social technologies, companies have an opportunity to raise the productivity of interaction workers . . . by 20 to 25 percent.” An Aberdeen study released in August 2013 and titled “Solving Collaboration Challenges with Social ERP” Read More...
The Scribe Solution for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics GP: Bridging the Gap Between On-demand CRM and On-premise ERP
For years, organizations have had to settle for inadequate approaches to front-office to back-office integration. However, with Scribe’s component architecture,

create an account on facebook  
Fighting Cybercrime on the Internet
Excerpts from a presentation on cybercrime by Laura Taylor, TEC Director of Security Research for the E-Gov 2000 Conference sponsored by SAIC on July 10, 2000

create an account on facebook  enlist the proper authorities, create processes for action, and work towards national and local solutions. As a general rule of thumb, behaviors that are illegal offline are illegal online, and obtaining a search warrant in part depends on one's ability to identify what constitutes illegal evidence. The U.S. Code, Title 18, sections 2251, 52A, and 56 are are the definitive laws that describe the sexual exploitation of children. Since part of the problem is the lack of understanding of these laws, I'm Read More...
Analyst Take on SAPPHIRE 2013
With a very interesting book presentation on

create an account on facebook  Take on SAPPHIRE 2013 With a very interesting book presentation on The Human Face of Big Data, announcements on cloud-based solutions, and extensive and intensive discussions regarding the readiness (or not) of HANA for prime-time deployments in the enterprise, the recent SAPPHIRE 2013 conference was full of exciting and interesting developments—though, I must admit, I was disinterested at times by the repetitive messaging about HANA’s power. The following is a personal take and summary of Read More...
“Useful Budgets” is Not an Oxymoron
The fundamental purpose of a budget is to describe, in financial terms, the planned future performance of an organization. Unfortunately, many organizations

create an account on facebook  Budgets” is Not an Oxymoron The fundamental purpose of a budget is to describe, in financial terms, the planned future performance of an organization. Unfortunately, many organizations’ budgets bear little or no resemblance to the tactics that will be employed in meeting the agreed-upon objectives. Learn how developing a solid operational plan and developing driver-based forecasting practices can help your company budget more effectively. Read More...
NAPM Puts The Spotlight On Change
TEC VP, James F. Dowling is quoted in the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) magazine Purchasing Today on the meaning of “Value”. The quote

create an account on facebook  Puts The Spotlight On Change Event Summary The National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM) is considering changing its title because the purchasing profession has evolved to strategic, value-adding supply chain management. NAPM seeks to recognize this evolution through a change in the name to the Institute for Supply Management Preparing Purchasing and Supply Professions for the Future according to the February 2001 issue of Purchasing Today , ( www.NAPM.org ). In the Strategies & Solutions Read More...
Enterprise On-Demand CRM Comparison Guide
This guide provides a feature list comparison of 12 on-demand CRM products for businesses.

create an account on facebook  customer relationship management, CRM, CRM system, CRM system comparison, CRM system comparison guide, on-demand CRM system comparison, on-demand CRM system guide Read More...
How to Create Compelling Product Roadmaps
Product roadmaps can mean the difference between success and failure in product delivery. Done correctly, they can help win large customers, and guide strategic

create an account on facebook  to Create Compelling Product Roadmaps Product roadmaps can mean the difference between success and failure in product delivery. Done correctly, they can help win large customers, and guide strategic planning efforts. Unfortunately, most product roadmaps are created under pressure when company management makes a last-minute request. As a result, they don’t have the impact they should, and can be a source of product management misery. Read More...
Standardizing on One ERP System in a Multi-division Enterprise
In an enterprise with multiple operating divisions, should the enterprise standardize on a single set of software? Recent broadening of major ERP products

create an account on facebook  standardization, they may also create other issues that often result in disruptions. Operational Considerations    Like many strategy issues, this reduces to a series of trade-offs. A number of areas must be considered. The first place to look is at the operational needs of the business units. If the standardization driver comes from anywhere but operational needs such as business process unification, the project will likely result in shortcomings. For one, how homogeneous are the divisional Read More...
On-premise to On-demand: The Software as a Service Opportunity for Independent Software Vendors
Predictions of the death of software are overstated. In reality, businesses are becoming more reliant on technology, not less. What’s changing, however, is the

create an account on facebook  
SAP Business Suite on HANA: See What You’re Missing
TEC senior ERP analyst Ted Rohm takes a close look at SAP Business Suite on HANA one year after its debut. His report delves into the improvements SAP has been

create an account on facebook  SAP, Business Suite on HANA, Business Suite, SAP HANA, SAP ERP, SoH, in-memory database, DBMS, database management Read More...

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