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Technology Vendor--Can You Afford Credibility?
For Technology vendors, credibility is the ability to sell. Credibility is vital, is hard to build, and easy to lose. Building credibility doesn't have to be

credibility  Credibility? Introduction Webster defines credibility as the ability to be believed. Technology vendors need to define credibility as the ability to sell. Research by The Credibility Forum ( www.thecredibilityforum.com ) shows that technology vendors are weak in understanding the impact credibility has on their efforts, knowing how to gauge their own credibility, and utilizing methods to build and maintain credibility. Defining credibility as the ability to sell means that you cannot afford to be Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » credibility

Service Productization
Productization of services is accomplished by associating tangible features with intangible service offerings. Tangible features may take the form of personnel,

credibility  do the work adds credibility that the supplier will actually meet its obligations. These are all ways of productizing professional services - resulting in performance improvements, both in selling and delivering professional services. Professional Services - Why Productize? There are essentially four key reasons to consider productizing service offerings. Advantages can be realized in sales, marketing, service delivery, and overall economics. Productization of professional services offerings can be Read More
The World Of Software Buying Has Changed; Will the Vendors Change With It?
How an enterprise buys software has changed forever. Buyers are skeptical, risk adverse, and tighter with their budgets. What are those changes, why did they

credibility  from a lack of credibility at the beginning of the buying process. Vendors must recognize this lack of credibility and work to overcome it. Without credibility, their claims will not be accepted and their efforts will suffer. Regardless of the true value that their software may bring, without credibility that value sounds like the unsupported, over-hyped claims of the past. Economy Yes, the economy is still tight. Even those companies who have seen an up-tick are still conservative in their IT spending. Read More
Leveraging 3-D for Sales Automation
It’s no longer acceptable for salespeople to respond to customers’ inquiries with “I’ll get back to you.” In the time it takes to respond, a competitor with

credibility  for Sales Reps , Credibility for the Sales Rep , Sales Reps Main Advantage , Tips for Sales Reps , Sales Reps 3D Prototype . The Googlization of information has leveled the playing field between sales reps and prospects. With easy access to information, buyers are initiating purchasing cycles by performing extensive product research on the Internet long before inviting a sales rep into the process. Increasingly, buyers today know as much, if not more, about the product and the competition's products as Read More
CRM: Creating a Credible Business Case and Positioning It with the CEO Part Two: Linking CRM with Organizational Direction
An effective business case must link CRM with achieving organizational objectives; but this step is just the beginning. Credibility implies that the document

credibility  is just the beginning. Credibility implies that the document clearly delineates assumptions regarding cause and effect plus the mechanism that will be used to assess results and declare success. If the business case does not define how the initiative will demonstrate its effectiveness, then what is the basis for credibility? This is part two of a two-part note. Part one discussed CRM and the benefits it can bring to an organization. Part two addresses the issue of how to create a credible business case Read More
Fixing Security Backdoors: Red Hat 1, Microsoft 0
April is the cruelest month for operating system security holes. Red Hat posted a fix within six hours, but Microsoft leaves us… still waiting!

credibility  otherwise only undermines their credibility. These issues obviate the importance of monitoring security issues. There are several good sources on the Web for this - including InfoWorld SecurityWatch or TechnologyEvaluation.Com. Red Hat 6.2 users should immediately download and apply the suggested RPMs from Red Hat s web site. And they should reset their passwords for Piranha. Microsoft users should search for, and delete the affected file. But they should continue to press Microsoft for a better fix. Micr Read More
Server Platform Situational Analysis: IBM AS/400
Customers value IBM's AS/400's reliability, stability, and security. However, despite its impressive performance and use of independent software vendors to broaden its functionality, AS/400 suffers from the perception that its an ancient technology.

credibility   To add substance and credibility to the additional zero, in mid-1988 the president of the AS/400 division at the time, Steve Schwartz, made a bold announcement, claiming that the AS/400 could support 400 concurrent users. Analysts bought the story, and IT decision makers have since bought the box en mass. There is an estimated 400,000+ units in use worldwide, with around 245,000 named customers. Thye run hundreds of millions of lines of old application code. IBM has shipped over 700,000 systems ever Read More
What CRM Should Have Taught IT (although not getting the message is not entirely IT's fault)
IT hasn't properly supported CRM because it hasn't understood either its importance or its requirements. The advent of CRM exacerbated a serious, pre-existing condition, rather than CRM creating the condition. Bottom line-gathering business requirements for technology support should no longer be IT's problem. It's up to business to gather and communicate business requirements for technology support. And business-siders don’t need to understand technology to accomplish this, either, because this is 2003, not 1993.

credibility  lost their budgets—or their credibility, and in some cases their jobs, either. But, you may fairly ask, doesn t the principle of aligning technology with business requirements apply to all technologies—ERP, ABC, XYZ—and not just CRM? And right you are. The alignment principle applies across the board. However— CRM, with its complex set of unfamiliar, cross-functional business requirements, demonstrates this principle far more visibly and vividly than any preceding wave of new technology . Read More
President Proposes Security of Medical Records
President Clinton has announced plans to ensure the privacy of patient medical records. This initiative will prove to be extremely expensive, and will pose a number of technology challenges. How can vendors get a piece of the pie? Who will administer the security of such a large infrastructure development and what products will be used? What organization is best positioned to evaluate the products such a project may require?

credibility  U.S. Government have enough credibility with system security to have such an initiative supported by the general public? Lately there has been a lot of exposure regarding security violations on government systems. Should federal agencies like the FBI have access to private medical records? User Recommendations In order to effect the new privacy initiative, it is time for technology savvy citizens to write their senators and congressmen and pose suggestions and recommendations. Such a privacy and security Read More
TEC Certification Explained
If you’ve been to the TEC Vendor Showcase recently, you’ve probably seen this symbol. If you wondered what it means, you might have clicked it, and read this: “TEC Certified Vendors have met the stringent requirements set forth by our analysts. Associate vendors have taken the first step toward their TEC certification by completing our extensive request for information (RFI).” Concise

credibility  doubt that certification adds credibility, which helps vendors promote their products, TEC’s position is strictly neutral. Certification does entail a few perks for vendors, but more on that later. Let’s talk process. First Things First: The RFI Before TEC lists any product in the vendor showcase, we ask the vendor to submit a detailed request for information (RFI). The RFI collects a huge amount of information about the vendor and the product being certified. This includes general company Read More
Knowing Your Prospect's Influencers
A prospect is listening to many different people at the same time. While you are doing your best to influence the decision, the prospect sees you as only a single input to decision-making. Prospects listen to many, with each type of influence having a different degree of trust and therefore of influence. Understanding where you stand and how to influence the influencers can help you win.

credibility  alter the trust or credibility inherent in these influencers. You must learn how to use the influencer s to your benefit to win deals. Influencers and Trust The amount of trust assigned to an influencer is a function of how the prospect sees that person or organization. Therefore, the relative trust will vary from prospect to prospect and from deal to deal. Looking at your prospect s influencers generically, we can develop a map that reflects the typical trust related to different types of influencers. Read More

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