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The CEO, CFO, and TCO
Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a key component of the

criterion dvd  the number two selection criterion for ERP software selections behind functionality. While TCO has always been considered a key criterion for software selection for small to mid-sized companies, the report shows that it is even more important in large (with revenues over $1 billion) companies. Looking at the two variables that rank first (functionality) and second (TCO) in software selection, we see that they relate directly to ROI. TCO is a measurement of investment—the ongoing investment required to o Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » criterion dvd

10 Pitfalls to Avoid when Selecting a CMMS/EAM
As you look for ways to get the most out of your existing operating assets, enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management system

criterion dvd  as the most important criterion of 21 (see Exhibit 1). Many people would explain that any software application that forces the user to move through numerous fields, screen after screen, one tab after another, to access the information needed is just not worth using at all. Although there is no question that the user interface is extremely important, there has been significant progress in this area over the years. Most of the major CMMS/EAM software vendors have engaged human factors expertise, either Read More...
Magic Quadrant for B2B Gateway Providers
Business-to-business (B2B) gateway solutions have matured to the point where they can support a wide range of projects. However, there are still functional

criterion dvd  that supports them. This criterion includes deal management, pricing and negotiation, presales support and the overall effectiveness of the sales channel. Market Responsiveness and Track Record The vendor s capability to respond, change direction, be flexible and achieve competitive success as opportunities develop, competitors act, customer needs evolve and market dynamics change. This criterion also considers the vendor s history of responsiveness. Marketing Execution The clarity, quality, creativity Read More...
Enterprise Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide
Implementing or upgrading an enterprise phone system is a strategic investment for any large enterprise. To reach an informed decision, you should understand

criterion dvd  is another top buying criterion among organizations. Top Criteria Used by Enterprises When Selecting a Business Phone System   Reliability and performance Best support and customer service Easy to implement or maintain Meeting specific feature requirements and feature needs Lowest total cost Experience with other buyers of similar size or industry Peer reviews of the vendor Compelling product road map Flexible price model In our Business Phone System Buyer Monitor 2009 survey, we asked buyers to rate Read More...
IBM’s Unix Servers Eclipse Sun
IBM’s latest RS/6000 server, the high-end S80, outsold Sun Microsystems’ E10000 by almost three-to-one in the fourth quarter. Who cares – it’s the performance

criterion dvd  OS robustness is the criterion, Sun should be considered in the lead. Read More...
New Life for Dead Storage Technologies: Consumer-driven Optical Storage in the Data Center
While optical technology has become the default removable storage medium on the desktop (CD and DVD), in enterprise storage the evidence of failure is

criterion dvd  
External Drive Backup Warning
Backing up critical data on an external drive provides only minimal protection against one type of data loss: hard drive failure and nothing else. External

criterion dvd  Drive Backup Warning BizDomainStore.com's Remote Data Backups is the most cost effective, secure, and convenient way to automatically back up your mission critical data. Source: BizDomainStore.com Resources Related to External Drive Backup Warning : Backup (Wikipedia) External Drive Backup Warning External Drive Backup is also known as : Recovery Data , Usb Drive Backup , Portable Drive Backups , Hard Drive Backup Utility , Bizdomain Online Backup Software , Online Backup Storage , Internet Read More...
The CIO's Agenda--Make IT Affordable, Workable, and Credible
A recent forum included a round table discussion of CIOs from different companies and industries. They summarized their charter as make IT affordable, workable,

criterion dvd  or products. The primary criterion is isolating the risk and impact of a failure. For some applications, these CIOs will work with a start-up vendor. In these cases, they expect a say in what is delivered, to have control, and receive a financial incentive. We decide on the people as much as on the technology, stated a CIO. A question from the floor asked about single source versus best of breed. The CIOs joked about that being a never-ending debate. The consensus was that single source was always Read More...
Seeking Vendors, the Early Part of Selection
How do you figure out, from within a large range of software vendors, which vendors to start evaluating? I'm curious to see some feedback on what most people

criterion dvd  industry could be a criterion for guessing which vendors address your requirements. In the third example, you might be entering certain key types of functionality, hoping the search engine returns a few good results. You need a billing system? So you type billing software vendors . The results you're seeking then are based on criteria for a certain sort of functionality . We usually come up with 15 to 20 questions that we think are very high-level criteria for a certain type of software system. Questions Read More...
LMS Can Help Regulate Good Ethical Practices
When we talk about the benefits of learning management systems (LMS), training and employee competency usually come to mind. For that reason, LMS is often

criterion dvd  In some cases, this criterion may have to do with the employee’s integrity, as the following examples demonstrate. For over 40 years, companies in the United States have had to self-regulate workplace sexual harassment, and they must be able to demonstrate the efforts they have spent on preventing it. In 1996, as Ed Cohen discusses, an Illinois (US) auto manufacturer was unable to prove its employees “had been adequately trained and informed about corporate sexual harassment policies.” The pay out: Read More...
Do You Know How to Evaluate Your Strategic Technology Provider?
Project teams constantly face a barrage of new products and technologies, and have a difficult time differentiating marketing slides and grand promises from

criterion dvd  most obvious product evaluation criterion and the favorite of technophiles worldwide. Simply put, this evaluates the features and functions delivered by the product as it exists today, and together with product architecture, often incorrectly makes up over 90 percent of the overall selection importance within IT product selections. Product functionality sub-components are usually defined in one of two ways: Functional groupings: within enterprise management technologies, these categories could include Read More...
Facing A Selection? Try A Knowledge-Based Matchmaker Part 2: A Timesaving Solution
Since a 'one-size-fits-all' product is still not quite a viable possibility, almost every product can win provided a certain set of requirements. The Catch 22

criterion dvd  the importance of each criterion to a technology selection decision. The percentage in parentheses to the right of the criteria indicates the priority, or how much of the total decision is allotted to the criteria. For example, 12.50% appears next to Financials. This indicates that the sum of the criteria under Financials is responsible for 12.50% of the total decision. In Figure 3 above, all high level criteria are prioritized equally thus each high level criterion receives 12.50% of the total decision. Read More...
Your 360-degree View of the Customer: Keep the Customer in View
Vendors of customer relationship management solutions, and the companies that use those solutions, praise the advantages of having a 360-degree view of the

criterion dvd  of satisfaction as the criterion by which to target them; an unhappy customer will be unlikely to want to buy from you, no matter how tempting your offer may be. Create Dynamic Customer Profiles Profiles should be based on customer needs, not on your company taxonomy. Make sure you maintain all documentation up to date, and that all parties involved in customer interactions are contributing. Further investments in technology and people may be required to keep everything up to date, as you may find that mo Read More...
Deacom Certification at a Glance: A Prelude to the Certification Report
We recently certified Deacom Integrated Accounting and ERP Software v 10.4. Before sharing my impressions of Deacom’s product, I would like to briefly describe

criterion dvd  completes by rating each criterion as Supported, Not Supported, Future Release, etc. Since Deacom was certified in our ERP engineer-to-order (ETO), ERP mixed-mode, and ERP for process manufacturing knowledge bases, they had to complete a combined RFI that contained about 5000 features and functions. During the certification, we used a demo script that contained a representative sampling of criteria from the RFI. It  normally takes the analysts around three hours to complete a certification—usually in Read More...
Deltek Providing Clarity for Government Contractors
TEC’s mid-2011 article, which reported on the Deltek Insight 2011 conference, indicated that Deltek has lately become the leader in market intelligence for

criterion dvd  failure to meet acceptance criterion resulting in payments being pushed out. The increase in DSO is likely due to more contested invoices, missed milestones, or even an emphasis on getting invoices right the first time.  Invoices for large companies are more complex, meaning it takes longer to get them right and to process them on both sides.  This may partially explain why DSO for large firms is greater than for smaller firms. PJ :  What are these upcoming GovWin IQ and GovWin Enterprise Applications Read More...

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