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E-learning Course Design
This article provides hints for the design of e-learning courses with regard to target audience, navigation, objectives, motivation, media, interactivity

criterion referenced  story telling, sequential, competency-based, criterion-referenced, evaluated, co-operative, case studies, discovery or constructivist, role playing, simulation, games, experiential, laboratory, etc. Keep in mind that the most effective learning occurs when learners are actively engaged. Does the content design reflect the needs and interests of the intended audience? Are the tone, level of content, and interactivity appropriate to the audience? Content needs to be clearly organized divided into Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Intel Small Server Market
Who are the key players in the market segment of Intel small servers? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each, and when is one more appropriate than

criterion referenced  for different user criteria: Criterion Vendor(s) General feature set Compaq Price Dell Reliability IBM, Dell, HP Support IBM, Compaq Mixed OS environments IBM, HP Read More
Want to Know How to Survive in a Down Economy? Then Look in Your Warehouse!
When I speak with distribution executives nowadays, they all say the same thing: “We are struggling to keep our heads above water because of the economy

criterion referenced   Read More
Product Review: Ramco HCM
Many HR issues, including talent management, are common points of interest for HR (and related software) vendors. As such, many are designing their products to

criterion referenced  when a functionality or criterion is generally industry-supported, supported through customization, supported via modification, or supported by a third-party provider or partner. This comparison data becomes a benchmark against which we can measure the responses of vendors compared to their competitors. In cases where the general industry response is different from that of the respondent (the vendor), TEC’s decision support system (DSS) flags the response. Ramco’s Responses Ramco returned its Read More
The CIO's Agenda--Make IT Affordable, Workable, and Credible
A recent forum included a round table discussion of CIOs from different companies and industries. They summarized their charter as make IT affordable, workable,

criterion referenced  or products. The primary criterion is isolating the risk and impact of a failure. For some applications, these CIOs will work with a start-up vendor. In these cases, they expect a say in what is delivered, to have control, and receive a financial incentive. We decide on the people as much as on the technology, stated a CIO. A question from the floor asked about single source versus best of breed. The CIOs joked about that being a never-ending debate. The consensus was that single source was always Read More
Stalled Oracle Fumbling For A Jump-Start Kit Part 1: Recent Events
While Oracle's declining revenue and profit continue across main businesses, SAP and Siebel have been extending their leads in respective enterprise application

criterion referenced  Oracle Corporation,database provider,software applications for e-business,Oracle's customer relationship management,oracle crm products,Oracle 11i E-Business Suite,E-Business Suite,Oracle's Information Architecture,Oracle Collections,Oracle Contracts,Daily Business Close,database division,open source database packages,database business Read More
Through Knowledge Base Technology Selections Deliver Value
A major consulting firm recently unveiled an E-Procurement selection tool that helps its clients select technologies that enable their business objectives. The

criterion referenced  2. Figure 2. Each criterion in the hierarchy falls below one of the steps in Figure 2. The steps are organized to allow field consultants to easily use the tool with the proper person in the client's firm. For example, a field consultant can sit down with an Operations Manager to complete Step 5, and then sit down with an IT Manager to complete Step 6. Examples of prioritizing criteria appear in Figure 3. *Figure 3. click here to view larger version *Thresholds and other components on this screen Read More
Mobilizing Change
It's not news that people are resistant to change. Inertia, one of the rules of the universe, applies to people as well as to objects. Many organizations

criterion referenced  it a weighty decision criterion. After a vendor is selected, then the preliminary case for action should be revisited, with the benefit of the knowledge accrued during the evaluation and the input of the vendor. This should fine tune the previously anticipated benefits and identify any new areas of benefit uncovered during the evaluation. Further, at this stage, it is possible to better detail the cost side of the equation. This concludes Part One of a two-part article. Part Two will detail the approach Read More
Criteria for Selecting a Software Estimation Tool
A plethora of software estimation tools are available, each claimed to be better than the others, thereby confusing prospective buyers. An effective tool ought

criterion referenced  size of these. Therefore, criterion number one for selecting a software estimation tool is the tool must allow multiple units of measure for software size In other words, the tool must allow the user to carry out software estimation using multiple, commonly used software size measures. Common Unit of Measure for Software Size Now the question becomes—if the size measurement is carried out using different software size measures, how does the organization measure its productivity and capacity? Read More
How Winners Trap Their Competition
Using the highest degree of professionalism and integrity, you can protect your value proposition from competitive attack by setting traps for the competition

criterion referenced  considered as a buying criterion in a situation such as this. She would talk about the balance between software license fees and services and how a company could potentially win business by selling at the lowest price, only to come back later for more money when the customer no longer had any options. She would dig deeply in total cost of ownership, and what that really meant. And finally, she would state that it was her company's responsibility to analyze gaps between her offering and the prospect's Read More
HCM Niche Vendors - What’s Missing from Large-scale HCM Software Solutions?
Human capital management (HCM) solutions are relatively recent in the software for business market. Lately, several HCM solutions have been consolidated through

criterion referenced  itiliti, Hire.com, Optimum HR, Criterion Incorporated, PRI Associates, Authoria, Claybrooke & Associates, Advanced Information Management, Inc., and Aquire. Prior to the consolidation wave occurring during the last few years, most HCM vendors were more or less niche vendors. In fact, the novelty of HCM solutions still permits the emergence of new niche vendors, a phenomenon that does not occur in more mature markets like ERP, where the appearance of brand-new niche vendors is rare. Since most HCM Read More
They do it like that in the Balkans -- Select and deploy ERP, I mean (Part I)
The launch of TEC’s blog has somewhat coincided with my visit to Belgrade, Serbia (what used to be Yugoslavia and then Serbia @ Montenegro) for personal reasons

criterion referenced  if the main selection criterion was the price. For that reason some tenders would be repeated several times in order to set criteria that would eliminate unsuitable solutions to enter the contest. That was also the time when certain consulting houses entered the picture. For the price of an arm and a leg, they offered their selection services, which would include some criteria and contract terms that could easily render some vendors as favorites. During last seven years or so, the situation has become Read More
RedPrairie and JDA Software Merger, Part Three: What Does it Mean for Manhattan Associates and Other SCM Players?
On November 1, 2012, RedPrairie Corporation and JDA Software announced their merger. Under the terms of the agreement, the entities affiliated with RedPrairie

criterion referenced  and JDA Software Merger, Part Three: What Does it Mean for Manhattan Associates and Other SCM Players? On November 1, 2012, RedPrairie   Corporation and JDA Software announced their merger. Under the terms of the agreement, the entities affiliated with RedPrairie will effect a cash tender offer to acquire all outstanding shares of JDA common stock for $45 per share. My initial positive and negative thoughts on the merger were outlined in Part One of this blog series, while Part Two discussed Read More
Business Intelligence Success, Lessons Learned
Is business intelligence (BI) an application that pays off? We have all heard mixed results but a 2003 extensive study on on-line analytical processing (OLAP

criterion referenced  performance as a key criterion for product selection. Additionally, implementation leadership has a direct impact on project success. Projects led by BI specialist consulting firms are the most successful and have fewer problems. However, the most widely used implementation resource is in-house. Projects led by in-house business users are more successful than those led by in-house IT specialists. Projects led by large, general-purpose consulting firms cost more, are the least successful in business terms Read More
Enterprise Financial Application Software: How Some of the Big ERP Vendors Stack Up
Contrary to what vendors may contend, not all of them are able to supply a cost effective solution that satisfies the critical requirements of an organization

criterion referenced  was a heavily weighted criterion in this selection and PeopleSoft's functionality offering failed to match its extravagant price, its overall ranking suffered. (For more on PeopleSoft, see TEC's note PeopleSoft - Are Business Intelligence and e-Commerce Enough? ) JD Edwards offered the best balance of functionality and cost effectiveness, falling within the publisher's proposed budget. Results and User Recommendations Based on the above analysis of data in the decision model, our client was able to Read More

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