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Server-gated Cryptography: Providing Better Security for More Users
Server-gated cryptography (SGC) as part of your secure socket layer (SSL) certificate can protect you from the dangers waiting in cyberspace. But first you

cryptography articals  for More Users Server-gated cryptography (SGC) as part of your secure socket layer (SSL) certificate can protect you from the dangers waiting in cyberspace. But first you should know how SGC-enabled SSL certificates work and why they are different from other certificates. Find out how SGC-enabled SSL can help you assure your customers that you have stronger encryption, greater privacy, and reduced risks of fraud and identity theft. Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » cryptography articals

Managing Encryption Keys: Best Practices for Ensuring Data Recoverability
Heightened awareness of vulnerabilities in sensitive stored data has resulted in the increased application of encryption technology. To secure data at rest, a

cryptography articals  Encryption Keys | Public-Key Cryptography | Encryption Keys Concepts | Data Center Encryption | Data Encryption Requirements | Secure Key Manager | Procedures Encryption Keys | Encryption Strategies | Keys Distribution Encryption | Document Encryption | Content Encryption Keys | Legacy Encryption Keys | DEK Data Encryption Key | DEK Algorithm Keys | DEK Asymmetric Encryption Key | DEK Asymmetric Keys | DEK Change Encryption Keys | DEK Cipher Keys | DEK Computer Security Encryption | DEK Creating Read More...
Smart Shoppers Go Abroad for Affordable Information Security Programs
Ernest Hemingway said,

cryptography articals  of Technology Zurich, Switzerland Cryptography and Java Cryptography and Security University of Waterloo Waterloo, Canada Centre for Applied Cryptographic research University of Toronto Toronto, Canada Java Cryptography, Security Protocols Switzerland It is believed that the only reason to go a private school in Switzerland is if you can't make it at a public school. The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich, is home to numerous Internet cafes, as well as The Federal Institute of Technology. The Federal Read More...
How Secure is Your E-Mail?
A party interested in viewing point to point e-mail can visit one of numerous news groups and hacking web sites for a full instruction set and tools to read

cryptography articals  dleman) a highly secure cryptography method by RSA Data Security, Inc., Redwood City, CA, (www.rsa.com) for secure transmission. S/MIME was introduced in 1996, and has emerged as the messaging industry's standard for secure e-mail. S/MIME utilizes Public Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) to ensure cross-platform and multi-vendor compatibility. S/MIME has been, and continues to be widely adopted by the messaging industry. S/MIME, like MIME, uses two cryptographic encoding methods that both utilize RSA Read More...
Choosing a Key Management Solution
The modern enterprise deploys a variety of server platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. A major barrier to deploying encryption has been the

cryptography articals  Key Management Questions , Cryptography Key Management Solutions , Key Management Tool , Key Management Solution , Key Managers , Key Management Software , Key Management Needs , Key Management Techniques , Encryption Keys , Key Retrieval , Key Management Company , Choosing a Key Management Solution , Standard for Key Retrieval , Vendor of Key Management Solutions , Encryption Key Management Solutions , Deploying Key Management . This white paper discusses the challenges of deploying key management for Read More...
E-Cash Rollout Replaces Amex
Last week, adult sites were informed that Amex would no longer serve their clientele in processing online transactions. However, in the information technology

cryptography articals  to marry economics and cryptography. As consumers figure out how to obtain digital cash, these sites will lead the market in figuring out how best to accept digital cash transactions. Where there is a market, there is a clever entrepreneur ready to pounce on the opportunity. User Recommendations Digital cash providers will have to make sure their digital cash meets the following requirements: Secure Anonymous Portable (physical independence) Infinite duration (until destroyed) Two-way (unrestricted) Off-l Read More...
Information Security Selection Software Evaluation Report
Based on a wide range of security-related issues, the Information Security Knowledge Base covers both solution suites and individual software packages

cryptography articals  network, public key infrastructure, cryptography, and other enterprise security solutions. Read More...
Who Else is Using Your Wireless Network?
Information technology (IT) security industry experts continue to warn us that wireless networks have significant vulnerabilities. Taking precautions is a smart

cryptography articals  not even realize it. Cryptography experts have lambasted wireless networks as being easy to exploit. While wired equivalent privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi protected access (WPA), and temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP) all add layers of security to wireless networks, it is a well-established fact that cracking WEP encryption keys is not that hard to do. Most people who use computers at home, whether the computer is their own personal system, or a laptop owned by their company, don't go through the trouble to ena Read More...
Encryption Made Easy: The Advantages of Identity-based Encryption
The growing list of regulations for protecting data in virtually every size organization and industry means enterprises are being pressed hard to find effective

cryptography articals  approaches to public key cryptography. It ensures the security of encrypted e-mails while minimizing the burden on end users. Read More...
NIST Certification for AES Encryption
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines the standard for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, and provides a rigorous

cryptography articals  Data Encryption Standard , Cryptography , Des , File Encryption , Encryption Key , Encryption Security , Encryption Algorithm , Encryption White Papers , Cryptographic Module Validation Program , CMVP , 128 Bit Encryption , Encrypt Data , Encryption Program , Encryption System , Comprehensive Encryption , Encryption Example , Encryption Tools , Encryption Technology , 256 Bit Encryption , Encryption Software Vendor , Authentication Encryption , Encryption Methods , Encryption Types . NIST Certification - Read More...
Anti-Virus Advisories: Rating Them
The recent ILOVEYOU worm, was the most widely spread virus or worm reported as of yet. With so many anti-virus vendors to choose from, which one should you

cryptography articals  science, security engineering, and cryptography have been a breeding ground for new security technologists including anti-virus applications. Advisory Challengers CA, NAI, Proland, Sophos, Sybari, and Trend Micro anti-virus products are all credible and respectable products, and with not that much work, their advisories can all be improved. The Network Associates site was incredibly slow, and it wasn't clear what the difference was between the McAfee antivirus tool and Dr. Solomon's. The same advisory was Read More...
Smart Enterprise Single Sign-on (ESSO)
The increasing number of passwords actually decrease productivity and present a security risk when people get frustrated and write their passwords on a sticky

cryptography articals  token). PKCS#11 Public Key Cryptography Standard: A platform-independent interface standard developed by RSA. It is used to provide access to cryptographic devices such as smart cards or tokens Security Device A smart card or USB token that stores encrypted personal user data such as passwords, private keys, and certificates to protect them from unauthorized third-party access SSO / Single Sign On Single Sign-On provides an authentication process whereby the user only needs to identify himself once during Read More...

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