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IFS Joins the Corporate Social Responsibility Fray
While day 1 of the IFS World Conference 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden was mostly about mobility, day 2 expanded into some other interesting themes and topics. IFS

csr corporate social responsibility  initiatives as mere tree-hugging, CSR is a wide-ranging concept that has the potential to impact IFS customers’ businesses. In addition to saving the planet and creating the perception of being a responsible corporate citizen (with both its tangible and intangible benefits), smart companies view CSR as an opportunity to improve their business processes and competitiveness. After all, some regulations will never be repealed. And what if, say, a US company that doesn't have strict local regulations Read More
Talent Management
Talent management solutions encompass all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees from the point of hire to the point of...
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Documents related to » csr corporate social responsibility

Greening the Organization Profitably with Asset Management
The world is focusing on environmental awareness, and reducing greenhouse gases is now an inevitable part of doing business. But how can you conform to

csr corporate social responsibility  as part of your CSR and green strategy. Any green strategy must rely on the wise collection of pertinent data and the processing of that data to determine program success and the direction of eforts required to expand success and remedy areas of weakness. A comprehensive, green-oriented asset performance management solution will enable you to achieve compliance, eiciency, and consumer appeal. Disclaimer This document relects the direction Infor may take with regard to the speciic product(s) described in Read More
TEC Lean and Green Manufacturing Buyer’s Guide
While the need for sustainable development is affecting how organizations do business, the idea of environmental and corporate responsibility as value drivers

csr corporate social responsibility  risk. In leading-edge companies, CSR and sustainability is now part of the preferred supplier equation, ensuring social and environmental compliance as well as the normal performance metrics of product quality, on-time performance, and price. 2. Continuous Process Improvement Midmarket companies are challenged to find ways to better facilitate communication and create streamlined manufacturing processes that don't decrease current production or add additional cost to the final product. One way for Read More
Enterprise Asset Management Strategies: Creating Social and Financial Value by Going Green
Progressive companies are discovering that they can optimize processes and assets to make the best use of resources, reduce negative impact on the environment

csr corporate social responsibility  test that should guide CSR [corporate social responsibility] is not whether a cause is worthy but whether it presents an opportunity to create shared value-that is, a meaningful beneit for society that is also valuable to the business. 2 Improving EAM provides that opportunity to create shared value. When buildings, machines, vehicles, and services operate and are maintained at peak condition, the result is typically less waste, reduced resource (electricity, gas, water) usage, and decreased greenhouse Read More
Review: Profits with Principles

csr corporate social responsibility  a framework for building CSR and long-term value for any companies. Each of the seven principles is illustrated with case studies throughout the book.   Principle #1: Harness Innovation for Public Good In a business framework as globalized as today’s is, corporate competitiveness is central to achieving sustainable growth. Many companies have come to understand that incorporating ethical and environmental innovation has indeed helped create a distinctive advantage. Companies examined throughout this Read More
The Seven Cs of Social Learning: How Social Learning Technologies Can Meet Today’s Business Challenges
Social learning can be classified as any type of learning where a person learns vicariously through observations of, or interactions with, others. Useful social

csr corporate social responsibility  pdf,whitepaper,social learning,social education,social learning management,learning management,learning management tool,social learning tool,social learning technology,learning management technology Read More
Social Job Distribution: Making Job Listings Visible on Facebook and Twitter
Wondering if you're making the most of social media in your talent acquisition efforts? Or even where to get started? To recruit the best talent, you need to

csr corporate social responsibility  talent, talent management, hiring, Oracle HCM, HCM Oracle, talent Oracle, Oracle talent, recruiting, recruitment, Oracle, staffing, SaaS HR, HR SaaS, Facebook, Twitter, social recruit, social networks Read More
Social Media Kit
From small business to global enterprise, social media has taken the corporate world by storm, and it’s here to stay. So what is social media? And how do you

csr corporate social responsibility  Media Kit From small business to global enterprise, social media has taken the corporate world by storm, and it’s here to stay. So what is social media? And how do you decide where it fits in your online strategy? This white paper aims to offer users a social media “kit” which can help answer these questions. Read More
Revionics Making Retail Merchandizing Optimization Social
In November 2012, Revionics, Inc., a cloud-based provider of merchandise optimization solutions, acquired SkuLoop, a provider of social commerce-driven

csr corporate social responsibility   Read More
SAP Launches Real-time Social Insights
Analytics are especially important in social enterprise applications. Most companies are trying to leverage almost every technology available in the market, but

csr corporate social responsibility   Read More
RIM Gets the Gist (of Social Media)
The recent acquisition of Gist by BlackBerry developer Research In Motion (RIM) prompted this TEC water cooler information session between TEC's Managing Editor

csr corporate social responsibility   Read More
Social Media and the Future of Business
The buzz is that social media can be used to benefit business. So what are the social media platforms (SMPs) that are economically relevant to a business

csr corporate social responsibility  social media for business,business social media,social media,esmp Read More
Oracle Unveils Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite at Oracle OpenWorld
At Oracle OpenWorld, Larry Ellison introduced Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite. The product incorporates multiple social platforms to

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Social CRM-¡Viva la Revolución!
Customer relationship management (CRM) has had a great impact on the social media revolution. Or was it the other way around? Of the many types of software

csr corporate social responsibility   Read More

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