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Who Alleges The PRM Market Consolidation?
Many surveys have purported that there are twice as many manufacturers that cannot integrate their ordering systems with those of their partners and

cti rfp vendors  them. Some pundits are predicting as much as 80% of business going through indirect sales channels in the next five years. Given ever-shorter product lifecycles and companies' ever-increasing reliance on third-party channel partners to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction, the need for some form of PRM should not be questioned. Still, many surveys have purported that there are twice as many manufacturers that cannot integrate their ordering systems with those of their partners and distribution Read More...

What’s Up with xTuple-and Open Source ERP?
You may be wondering how the open-source ERP vendor xTuple operating with a workforce of only 27 can compete on the same stage with the software giants. Find

cti rfp vendors  recent laws on women’s reproductive rights, the region’s business and entrepreneurial climate is undisputed owing to vibrant enterprise applications vendors. One such vendor is Deltek —long reported by TEC as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) leader in the government contracting sector (see the most recent post on the vendor ), while another is abas-USA , an innovative manufacturing ERP vendor that leverages a multiplicity of popular open source and proprietary technologies (see the recent Read More...
Business Intelligence (BI) RFI / RFP Template
Reporting and Analysis, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Workflow, Data Integration, Support, and System Requirements
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Documents related to » cti rfp vendors

SMB Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide
If you are a small to medium business (SMB) looking to purchase a business phone system, you’ve no doubt discovered that buying one is not easy. You must

cti rfp vendors  applications that ensue from CTI technology are: Browser-based system administration - Web interface that allows users to customize their PBX setup (configuring the actions of auto attendant, for example) Soft phone support - allows users to make and receive calls on their computers Interactive Voice Response(IVR) - a software application that enables users to input information by voice or to enter data using keypads Unified messaging - a single messaging infrastructure accessible through a computer or a Read More...
More Vendors Bail on Oracle in Favor of IBM
Oracle’s focus on software application markets is impacting its Database business. Recently SAP AG and Siebel Systems, i2 Technologies, Inc., and PeopleSoft

cti rfp vendors  and execute joint marketing activities which will generate sales of IFS Applications licenses. Additionally, IBM will provide the required hardware, database licenses, and expert level consultancy resources to add DB2 support to IFS applications. Market Impact Oracle's focus on competing in the areas of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management, financials, and many others, is hurting their database sales. Their database sales growth pales in comparison to Read More...
How to Compare Leading ERP Vendors
Simply use TEC's ERP comparison reports to compare any one of these solutions against two other ERP solutions of your choice.

cti rfp vendors  accessibility barriers that stifle productivity. IFS Applications is a leading software solution used by oil and gas companies around the world. According to IFS, IFS Applications is designed to help you maintain your competitive edge in the global oil and gas industry and is the only solution that tightly integrates design and engineering with procurement and production, through delivery and operation, and even maintenance, repair, overhaul, and decommission. Lawson M3 is a popular ERP solution used by Read More...
ERP Vendors Venturing into PSA
On February 29, PeopleSoft Inc. took the wraps off its Professional Services Automation (PSA) product, software that aims to help services firms better manage

cti rfp vendors  has been delivering industry-specific functionality in a fully integrated solution suite for professional services since September 1999. With Lawson's one-year lead in development, we feel confident that we can continue to outpace the competition with real solutions deliverable today and real ROI, said Carol Hallock, director, Professional Services Business Unit, Lawson Software. This is a dynamic and rapidly expanding market that has not been adequately addressed by our competitors, which have Read More...
Ways of Finding Software Vendors: The Pro’s and Con's
So you are looking for software to support the critical functions of your company. Unfortunately, you can't go to your local Software'R'Us. This article

cti rfp vendors  The Pro’s and Con's Introduction The most frequently asked follow-up question to my article, Software Selection: An Approach , was How do I find potential software vendors? Obviously, this is a critical question if the objective is to identify the best software solution to satisfying the business requirements of your company. The good news is that, before the Internet, you could go blind performing a search of the literature. The bad news is that, even with the Internet, you could still be searching Read More...
Top 10 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Vendors
The global ERP market has been seeing an average of about 10% growth year on year since 2006, and while the current global economic slowdown is bound to cause a

cti rfp vendors  need to consider when selecting an ERP system. Read More...
Shortlisting EAM Vendors: A How-to Guide
TEC analyst Alex Hankewicz was positively purring after his certification of the IFS Applications EAM functionality a couple of weeks ago, thanks to what he

cti rfp vendors  the IFS Applications EAM functionality a couple of weeks ago, thanks to what he called its comprehensive functionality and well thought-out and scalable architecture. He’s not normally very effusive, so when he described it as “one of the best I’ve seen,” I thought it was time to offer readers a walkthrough of TEC’s EAM Evaluation Center, which you can use to generate a free shortlist of EAM solutions. For an overview of EAM, its benefits, and the dangers of a poorly selected EAM system, check Read More...
6 Ways Vendors Are Talking At You Instead of To You

cti rfp vendors  it’s neither memorable nor effective. Shouldn't the same rule apply to other communications? Apparently not, it would seem. Vendor Web sites are chock full of unsupported claims that sound good, but don't mean much. For example, almost every vendor's site claims that the vendor is an industry leader. But what does that mean? How is it measured? Who decides? And more to the point, if every vendor is an industry leader, is that claim really going to help you decide? What you want to know is what sets Read More...
BI Hits the Road III: Two Niche Vendors Considered
As I’m writing this post, more software vendors are launching their mobile business intelligence (BI) solutions. So I’ve decided to hurry up and start talking

cti rfp vendors  BI solution can run. Connectivity and integration . Many organizations need to connect the new mobile solution to a pre-existing BI platform or other types of systems. Can you connect or integrate your mobile BI application with other traditional BI applications? Architecture . How is the BI platform installed: is it hosted, or on-premise? And how is information being visualized on the mobile phone: with a thin client, or using a specific app? Security . This is how the BI application applies security Read More...
Marquee Vendors Partner for Deepening Inherent CRM and BI Links
Despite the logic behind combining customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) elements, the implementation of marketing automation

cti rfp vendors  Event Summary The strong connection between business intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM) is being recognized by companies and vendors alike. In order to extend the customer life cycle and meet customer needs, enterprises are looking beyond mere call lists and focus group information. They are seeking to exploit the vast amounts of information they already have on their customers, in order to build more effective marketing strategies, retain profitable customers, and let go of Read More...
ERP Buyer's Guide: Top Vendors Reviewed - 2012
This brief ERP buyer's guide gives an overview of the major features of ERP solutions, reviews some of the main vendors in 2012 in the three major tiers - the

cti rfp vendors  criteria to consider when selecting a vendor. Read More...
Examples Of How Some Mid-Market Vendors Might Remain Within The Future Three (Dozen)?
While the ongoing consolidation frenzy is by no means the end of smaller vendors, the number of survivors will certainly be only a few dozen. Amid these ongoing

cti rfp vendors  Parallax Capital Partners in conjunction with Future Three's investor Summit Partners . The Future Three acquisition too seems consistent with Agilisys' stated growth strategy of acquiring niche vendors with deep vertical expertise and long-term direction. To that end, this acquisition should expand Agilisys Automotive's (a future name for Agilisys' division comprising former BRAIN AG and BRAIN North America and soon to include Future Three) market share in North America and allow the vendor to further Read More...
ERP Vendors, Are You Green Enough?
Disclaimer: The idea behind this post is strictly based on an assumption that has no scientific proof—and an approach that is very simplified. Thus, the results

cti rfp vendors  adjustments were made while collecting the green counts. For Microsoft, I narrowed down my search to microsoft.com/dynamics/ instead of the company’s homepage, and for Sage Group, I included both sagecrmsolutions.com and sageaccpac.com . Here are the results. FIG. 1 For the next step I combined the green counts with the application revenue of each vendor and produced a chart (see FIG. 2). Each dot represents each vendor’s position on the revenue/green count quadrant. A linear trend line (instead of Read More...

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