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Top 10 Risks to a Configuration Project and How to Avoid Them
Companies producing and selling complex and configured products can achieve a major competitive edge by successfully implementing product configurator software

curly caterpillar  hoping that time will cure the resistance risks, or that momentum will sweep along any dissenters. It will take a proactive approach by the project team to gain user acceptance of new processes and responsibilities. In fact, the project team must relentlessly work to eliminate any potential organizational potholes and landmines that can undermine expected project benefits. Additional actions: Maintain constant contact with all affected users through both formal communication means and informal methods Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Managing Transaction Tax Audit Risk: How to Protect Precious Cash Flow by Proactively Addressing Audits
Even in the best economic times, businesses must be vigilant against unnecessary costs and risks. But not just businesses need to be vigilant@states and other

curly caterpillar  expect repeated audits. A cure worse than the disease? The recommendations for avoiding these top ten pitfalls are commonsensical: deep domain expertise; automated processes; relying on systems, not people; real-time tax rate and rules tracking; thorough documentation; and specialized expertise and counsel will all ensure you get sales and use tax compliance correct up front. But for companies operating in a challenging economy, following through on these recommendations is not always economically Read More...
Supply Chain Management Systems for Service and Replacement Parts: Players, Benefits, and User Recommendations
Improved service management boosts revenue from both service offerings and new product sales, while improved customer service and enhanced offerings increase

curly caterpillar  , a provider of secure extranet portal solutions, in 2004, and Allegis , a data center and hosting PRM provider, in 2003 (see Click Commerce Acquires Allegis ). In addition to Xelus' forays in leveraging radio frequency identification (RFID) in tracking and analyzing service parts, Click Commerce hopes to hereby broaden its footprint with the service parts planning and reverse logistics expertise of Xelus. Xelus should eventually manage the entire gamut of operations, from ordering, moving and Read More...
Configurability Strategy: A Competitive Advantage
To gain a competitive advantage, manufacturing companies that sell complex products are implementing a configurability strategy that provides more options using

curly caterpillar  configuration,configurator,configuration project,configurability strategy,strategic thinking,strategic planning,configurability
WorldCom SPRINTs, Nokia/Visa Pays Bill, & Service Providers Gear for Wireless Tsunami
Ready for another Internet Tsunami? Broadband and Wireless ubiquitous infrastructures are coming into place at a rapid rate. Digital Business Service Providers

curly caterpillar  worldcom mci,free broadband,broadband,wireless internet service,wireless tv,wireless isp,wireless internet,wireless internet service providers,wireless broadband,wireless broadband access,internet backbone,wireless internet service provider,hi speed internet,cable isp,t3 internet Read More...
Enterprise Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide
Implementing or upgrading an enterprise phone system is a strategic investment for any large enterprise. To reach an informed decision, you should understand

curly caterpillar  is to have a procurement plan in place that lists all the assumptions, benefits, cost considerations and other influencing factors that are important for your business. Use the checklist below to guide you. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your telephony/networking infrastructure - Answer the following questions defining your system: How many employees are there in your organization? How many sites or regional offices are there in your organization? What are your existing phone system details? Read More...
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy their Workdays (more)? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series described the genesis and current state of affairs of Workday – a novel company that was founded in March 2005 and launched in

curly caterpillar  school” competitors and a cure for their unhappy customers. In fact, given that David’s article is a bit dated, the gnat reference is no longer the case: Workday currently has over 240 customers, two million workers under contract, and over 950 employees. For more information on the company’s recent Workday Rising 2011 conference, see the Enterprise Irregulars blog post by Naomi Bloom . Dear readers, what are your comments, thoughts, suggestions or individual experiences with global talent Read More...
Fault Meets Performance -- Comprehensive Infrastructure Management Part 1: The Problem
Customers, suppliers, partners and other business needs dominate IT decision making, so when these business partners complain about slow applications or

curly caterpillar  uptime, but it doesn't cure long-term problems nor does it help find slow performance. Most fault technologies on the market today bombard IT staff with too many alarms, creating more noise then information. Often, these systems generate one alarm for each time a device exceeds a set threshold. So if a CPU registers that it is more than 80 percent busy, an alarm may be generated each time it exceeds 80 percent, which can occur multiple times per second. An IT manager looking at some topology map of his Read More...
Evaluating Enterprise Software-Business Process or Feature/Function-Based Approach? All the above, Perhaps? Part Three: Knowledge Bases and User Recommendations
RFPs and selection tools typically focus on features and functions. The business process protagonists consider this focus old fashioned. However, users want and

curly caterpillar  Worth A Pound Of Cure , Selecting PLM Software Solutions and Facing A Selection? Try A Knowledge-Based Matchmaker . Should you start at the top (business processes) or the bottom (functions)? You can start at either. If you know certain functions are very critical to your business (fatal flaws) then look at those functions first because without them, business processes are of no use. If you think your needs are covered by most products, start at the key business processes then investigate the key Read More...
Are Software Vendors Messing with Your Head? (The Art of Reading White Papers)
If you're researching a software selection project, you need to take full advantage of the white papers available to you. Find out about the top 10 white paper

curly caterpillar  is “We've got the cure. Now all we need to do is hype the disease.” Your challenge is to go beyond the hype and understand not only the disease and cure, but also the symptoms, treatment side effects, alternative approaches, and the potential for relapse. Doctor, It Hurts When I Do This Full disclosure: I read, evaluate, and publish white papers for a living. On average, fifty white papers cross my desk every week. And out of fifty, at least forty of them will inform you that today's business climate Read More...
Summarizing PTC’s Decades of Fervent In-House Innovation (and Acquisitions) - Part 1
Needham, Massachusetts (US)-based Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC, NASDAQ: PMTC) is an over USD 1 billion large software company that develops

curly caterpillar  be managed and shared securely with others for reuse and regulatory compliance. Parametric and Direct Modeling Reconciled In 2007, PTC acquired CoCreate for its direct modeling 3D CAD capabilities, primarily to add its existing customers and history-free, dynamic modeling capabilities. To put things into perspective, PTC’s historical strength comes from its pioneering parametric (thus the company’s name), history-based modeling tools in the mother Pro/E product, which really captured the market first Read More...
CRM Selections: When An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure Part Two: Using A Knowledge Base To Reduce The Time, Risk And Cost Of A CRM Selection
Using a knowledge base in the selection process can reduce the time, risk and cost of procuring technology. Well constructed knowledge bases that are used in a

curly caterpillar  Worth A Pound Of Cure Part Two: Using A Knowledge Base To Reduce The Time, Risk And Cost Of A CRM Selection Mitigating Drawbacks Through The Use Of A Knowledge Base Using a knowledge base in the selection process can reduce the time, risk and cost of procuring technology. With regard to technology selections, TEC describes a knowledge base as having three components: First , a comprehensive set of functional and technical criteria covering every functional area of an enterprise application (in this case, Read More...
Study Reveals Top 10 Requirements for Improving Event Resolution in IT
A survey of existing IT event resolution processes suggests organizations are unsatisfied with current processes, despite the importance of ensuring that severe

curly caterpillar  help ticket), attempt to cure at that moment in time (e.g., allocate more memory to a server having a utilization issue), etc. The solution must allow for any device to be used. This requirement seems to be seeded in two issues. The first is moving away from a fixed device or duty pager which is highly inflexible. The second is to help remove some of the manual dispatch (i.e., a human can dial a phone and dispatch someone). Devices cited as important included Paging, Text Phones, Voice to Phone, Cell Read More...
Mega-vendors Warming Up to the Cloud - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series depicted the three evolutionary phases (or waves) of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing adoption. The article ended

curly caterpillar  products are not the cure-all for every business in all industries. Finding the right path to customers will be one of the most significant challenges to success in the remainder of 2009 (and in 2010) due to the current cash-starved state of the economy, in which SaaS deployment is a viable alternative. No One Said It Would Be Easy However, SaaS and cloud computing endeavors are not for fainthearted  independent software vendors (ISVs), since SaaS changes every aspect of an ISV’s operations. Indeed, Read More...
Bullet-proofing Instant Messaging
As more corporations adopt instant messaging (IM), chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers are learning that it can be a serious source of liability

curly caterpillar  better than applying a cure after the fact. Formulating company policy on IM use is essential, but it cannot protect an organization to the same extent as a dedicated IM security service, such as IMSS. IMSS proactively prevents wrongdoing by controlling who uses IM and how they use it. The fact that some kind of monitoring is in place will, in many cases, provide a defense against actions brought on as a result of use of public IM systems. For more information about how the MessageLabs hosted IM Security Read More...

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