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Descartes Extends Its Logistics Tentacles to Japan

customs softwaree  Center) to electronically file customs documents to Japan Customs in compliance with the country’s newly enacted Advanced Filing Rules. On March 30th, 2012, a bill to amend part of the Customs Tariff Law was passed through the Diet legislature in Japan. This amendment enacts the Advance Filing Rules, which require a vessel operator or non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) to electronically submit to Japan Customs the information on maritime container cargo intended for a port in Japan. In principl Read More...
Engineer-to-Order (ETO ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » customs softwaree

Fighting Terrorism with Global Trade Management
The challenge for government and industry is to secure trade without impeding growth. Therefore, there is a greater need for timely information updated by

customs softwaree  would mean that US Customs would receive cargo data only after the ship had sailed. Now most work needs to be completed before the ship even sails. For example, the new 24-hour Automated Manifest Rule from December 2002 requires ocean carriers to provide the Department of Homeland Security's Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with a cargo manifest, twenty-four hours before a ship sails from its original port for a US port. As a result of this new rule, there are significant ramifications on a Read More...
GTM Solutions--Always Watch Out for SAP
For global trade management solutions (GTM) one should never overlook the enterprise applications leader SAP, which in most cases opts for in-house product

customs softwaree  now required by US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and to comply with C-TPAT, the CBP program requiring importers and their suppliers to document processes to ensure an acceptable level of security. ERP Backbone Cannot Be Ignored Importing and exporting are intimately connected with the enterprise's internal finance, and the ease of integrating GTM with ERP is a top priority for many companies. Many shippers are using import/export software to create uniform, global information infrastructures and Read More...
Managing Global Trade Flows
In global trade, the flow of information must support the tracking and management of the goods to enable the secure and compliant entry and exit to and from

customs softwaree  to manage commercial and customs invoice creation and presentation, and manage outstanding invoices. Letter of credit (LC) management has to manage the flow of letters of credit from their creation through to their final presentment. The process needs to synchronize between LC data and critical supporting documents, including bill of lading (BOL), invoice, and packing list. Dispute management has to flag issues and manage the resolution flows between multiple trading partners Trade financing requires Read More...
Global Trade Solutions: Competition, Challenges, and User Recommendations
The global trade management market is competitive, rapidly evolving, and highly fragmented, and competition will only increase in the future. While each GTM

customs softwaree  financial institutions, logistic companies, customs brokers, forwarders, and third-party development efforts will strive to increase their market share. In addition to the changing role of banks, third-party logistics (3PL) providers are also focusing predominantly on the management of the shipment booking through proof of delivery process and the management of logistics costs. As user companies continue to embrace the value of broader GTM solutions, logistics providers will be looked upon to provide Read More...
Descartes Systems Acquires Two European Companies, Strengthens Logistics Network
Descartes Systems has recently acquired Compudata, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) supply chain integration and e-invoicing solutions in

customs softwaree  leading provider of electronic customs filing and freight forwarding solutions in the United Kingdom (UK), for about $8.3 million (USD).   Compudata has 500 customers, most of which are in Switzerland. Its B2BNet network serves a diverse community of trading partners, helping them connect, collaborate, and seamlessly exchange electronic data. Compudata also provides e-invoicing and e-archiving functionality essential in international trade and transportation transactions.   Impatex brings more than 200 Read More...
Global Trade Management Software Vendors Under-Perform, But Were Predictions Overly Optimistic?
After 9/11, the analyst community optimistically predicted a sharp rise in the demand for global trade management (GTM) software. While initially vendor shares

customs softwaree  today. By late 2001, customs officials made it clear that as far as cross-border trade was concerned, it would not be business as usual. As a result of increased security measures, compliance and risk management has become paramount to safeguard national interests, and the need for flexible systems and processes characterized by change management that can react to global trade regulations, has grown (See Fighting Terrorism with Global Trade Management for more information). Consequently, within the Read More...
Reference Guide to Supply Chain Management (SCM) Features and Functions
This guide to supply chain management (SCM) functions/features will help you determine which SCM features are a high priority for your organization. Learn about

customs softwaree  applicable. Tables related to customs duties and tariffs as well as associated rates of exchange and transportation costs should be available as part of the system functions. This will enable the user to obtain an estimated total cost of goods sold as well as a final cost of goods sold, to highlight any variances or discrepancies. This implies a data model that includes an understanding of all the data exchanged and processed at the product and item level, between order management systems, as well as the Read More...
RedPrairie to Spread Across Europe through LIS Acquisition Part One: Event Summary
A consolidation within the warehouse management systems/ supply chain execution market, which many pundits had long been predicting, but had hardly taken place

customs softwaree  solutions for excise and customs warehousing. The company, based in the northeastern English city of York, employed thirty-five people at the time of the acquisition, and was the UK market leader in duty management systems, with over one hundred companies using its applications to manage their bonding and customs requirements. The acquisition has expanded LIS' customer base in key areas such as retail, 3PL, and food and beverages, and has allowed both companies to provide new and existing customers with Read More...
Experiencing a Different Corporate Culture at QAD Explore 2008
No, my intent here is not necessarily to provide a typical analyst alert after attending a vendor's annual user conference, in this case the QAD Explore 2008 in

customs softwaree  more efficient filing of customs information and a reduction in the number of days Filtrair's goods are in transit. QAD .NET UI Configurator and Manufacturing Execution Workbench ( QAD MEW , primarily for repetitive manufacturing environments) would be two of the latest products that are worth a deeper look with regard to the perfect lean vision. Tough Market Still Remains Certainly, life at QAD is not quite a bed of roses, in light of the difficult economic milieu and the constant replacement threat Read More...
Processing Complex Events (During These, oh well, Complex Times) - Part II
Part I of this blog series introduced the concept of complex event processing (CEP) and possible needs for CEP software applications. One such broad CEP

customs softwaree  authorities, port state control, customs, seaport police, and coast guard. Private sector customers are ship owners and agents, terminals, and service providers (pilots, tugs, maintenance crews, etc.). One of the business issues for the company has been to integrate berth planning for terminals and employee planning for authorities and service providers into its customers’ business processes. Another issue for Dirkzwager has been the globalization of customers and its geographical coverage expansion. Na Read More...
Challenges and Future Plans of a Product Inventory Disposition Vendor
Despite FreeFlow's success at helping organizations regain some margin of profitability for excess inventory, the company still strives for expansion and

customs softwaree  provide details of their customs clearing agent or house on each individual purchase order (PO). A PO is required to be submitted directly to FreeFlowAuctions prior to the dispatch of the inventory. The manufacturer does not cover all door-to-door expenses, but rather charges for all freight expenses excluding import duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees. These excluded fees remain the sole responsibility of the member. The US dollar is currently the only accepted currency by the portal, which is not Read More...

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