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Classic Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Shifts Over
About two-thirds of SoftBrands' revenue comes from its manufacturing division, which includes the Classic Fourth Shift solution and Fourth Shift Edition for SAP

danet gmbh  SAP Business One. The danger is that Classic Fourth Shift, which still has the largest install base, could be neglected. Having said this, SoftBrands expects Fourth Shift Edition for SAP Business One to be its top breadwinner—first in North America, and then in other geographical regions as those versions are released. To this end, in October 2005, SoftBrands unveiled its plans to make the solution commercially available in seven additional manufacturing markets around the world during the next two Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » danet gmbh

The Automotive OEMs Might Soon Contract “BRAIN” Damage Part I
While BRAIN North America may have created a notable customer base due to its products’ functional appropriateness for the lower tiers of the automotive

danet gmbh  brain,supply chain,automotive industry,automotive suppliers,supplyweb enterprise,edi,erp,enterprise resource planning,Automotive OEMs,BRAIN International AG,BRAIN Automotive Solutions GmbH,BRAIN Industries Solutions GmbH,BRAIN North America,web-based Supply Chain Management,scm procurement Read More...
QAD Pulling Through, Patiently But Passionately Part Five: Challenges
QAD still has to create greater market recognition and additional revenue. QAD admits it has been struggling to offer complete

danet gmbh  that it was in danger of losing. This concludes Part Five of a six-part note. Part One detailed the events. Part Two presented the company background. Parts Three and Four discussed the market impact. Part Six will make user recommendations. Read More...
Dassault Systèmes Acquires SFE
The integrated conceptual engineering trend is taking hold.Autodesk’s Simulation 360 cloud software would be one example. The concept phase is critical and

danet gmbh  
The Changing Face of the Holiday Season
It seems that Santa will need to relocate to China! When traveling abroad (with the exception of low wage countries) it is becoming increasingly difficult to

danet gmbh  about supply chain management,benchmarking supply chain management,logistic and supply chain management,logistic supply chain management,logistics & supply chain management,logistics and supply chain management,logistics supply chain management,outsourcing supply chain management,purchasing supply chain management,supply chain,supply chain integration,supply chain inventory management,supply chain management analysis,supply chain management articles,supply chain management business Read More...
Digital Signatures Good from Arctic to Rio Grande
The U. S. Congress passed a bill making digital signatures legal in commerce. Canada's provinces are in the midst of taking the same action

danet gmbh  drawings, they run the danger that a contractor will make changes before passing the documents to a subcontractor. Whatever the architects' liability, the end result might be a building that differs in look, function or quality from the one that their clients signed off on. This kind of thing is generally not good for business. The IT executive may be put in a difficult position. Verification technologies are somewhat esoteric to begin with. Furthermore, the details of the use of electronic signatures Read More...
Don’t Let Wireless Detour Your PCI Compliance
The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has published a PCI DSS Wireless Guideline which acknowledges that wireless is a clear and

danet gmbh  a clear and present danger to network security and those who collect, store or transmit card holder data must take steps to assure that it is secure, whether or not wireless is deployed in the cardholder data environment. Organizations that handle payment card data must take steps to secure the CDE against wireless threats including unmanaged and unknown wireless devices in the environment and must scan all locations. This white paper helps organizations understand how the PCI DSS 1.2 wireless Read More...
Talking to (and Learning from) a Retail Store Execution Software Leader - Part 1
My recent post (Software and Human) Help Wanted in Overwhelmed Retail Stores talked about how much attention (and IT investment) retailers pay to their

danet gmbh  If stores are in danger of being overloaded, Reflexis Task Manager enables corporate planners to shift lower priority tasks to less busy times.  Store managers can manage by exception in Task Manager, while HQ management can view task completion levels in real-time in all stores and focus only on the areas that are not in compliance. Regional, district, and store managers can conduct compliance audits/store walks using handheld computers and smart phones, instead of relying on time-consuming and Read More...
Software Selection for Organizations: Are We Becoming Too Web-biased?
Web-based software has come of age: it is more robust and stable, and combined with the increased speed of the Internet, businesses have reaped tremendous

danet gmbh  they are in constant danger of succumbing to new classes of malware, spyware, and worms. Sadly, their operating systems are not equipped to handle these external and unwelcome threats, and we need to install additional software to protect our computer assets from these virtual predators. Unlike with mainframes, the performance of PCs is unpredictable in terms of the unknown actions of malware and the software that is supposed to protect the PC from the malware. A new virus or spyware is released, and Read More...
What Can Manufacturers Do in a Tough Economy? - Part I
According to the proverb “calamity is the touchstone of a brave mind,” in these tough times some supply chain management (SCM) vendors have been trying to take

danet gmbh  are significantly raising the danger of prolonging the downturn. The JDA PR asserted that “this kind of news can rock the nerves of even the toughest chief executive officers (CEOs) and chief financial officers (CFOs) who are responsible for managing some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Besides developing deep circles under the eyes from sleepless nights, what can manufacturers do to win in such a tough and volatile economy?” To that end, David Johnston, JDA Software’s senior vice Read More...
SAP Coming to Your Next Sports and Entertainment Event
SAP has announced plans to acquire Ticket-Web GmbH @ Co. KG, a provider of ticketing solutions and niche customer relationship management (CRM) software for

danet gmbh  
PC Market Figures Show Compaq, Dell, and HP Lead
The desktop PC market is turning from a five-way fight into a three-way horse race, led by Dell, Compaq, and HP.

danet gmbh  Compaq is in no danger of going under, their recent market weakness should cause potential customers to ask some tough questions, and perhaps try to improve the terms of any deal. Read More...
Extended Enterprise Resource Planning Vendor Shows Its Lean Side
About two-thirds of SoftBrands' revenue comes from its manufacturing division, which includes evolution, a platform neutral, extended enterprise resource

danet gmbh  Otherwise, there is the danger of inefficiencies slowly creeping back into processes and bringing continuous improvements to a halt. This is where DemandStream comes into its own. DemandStream supports the demand-driven factory from the shop floor through the entire supply chain. While Fourth Shift 's VisiTools and GlobalNet modules are impressive (see Classic Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Shifts Over ), DemandStream belongs to a group of new and innovative software products that are addressing Read More...
Stemming the Loss of Knowledge Capital: A Business Fix for Manufacturers
The clock is ticking for manufacturers to come up with a solution to the ongoing loss of knowledge capital. Their best hope lies in introducing knowledge

danet gmbh  Manufacturers Manufacturers are in danger of losing significant knowledge capital. Natural employee attrition, such as departures or layoffs, inevitable retirement, and the brain drain are contributing to an exodus of knowledge. Manufacturers should introduce efficient and effective knowledge management strategies across the enterprise before it's too late. By creating a repository of knowledge capital, manufacturers can increase productivity by leveraging past discoveries, maintaining competitive Read More...

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