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Business Case - Dunkin Donuts
Daniel Mourand, CEO, chose Microsoft Great Plains sofware and, today, he does not regret his decision.

daniel boulerice  Great Plains . When Daniel Mourand, Chief Executive Officer of the Dunkin’ Donuts Canadian Distribution Centre, decided to change platform, he was looking for a more technologically advanced solution that would enable him to increase the Centre’s efficiency through the integration of different systems. He chose Microsoft ® Great Plains Great Plains software and, today, he does not regret his decision. At the head of a cooperative comprising 250 restaurants franchised under the Dunkin’ Donuts, Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » daniel boulerice

TEC Joins Forces with SIRIUS Services Conseils to Help Clients Reduce Risk When Choosing Enterprise Software
SIRIUS Services Conseils and Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) announce the launch of a new alliance designed to assist companies with comparing, evaluating

daniel boulerice  or enhance strategy, says Daniel Elkouby, senior business development manager of TEC. TEC maintains alliances with impartial IT consultants via its Professional Services Provider program. The purpose of this program is to leverage TEC's enterprise software evaluation tools to execute the most accurate quantitative assessments of enterprise software systems, in considerably less time and with less effort than is possible using other means. About SIRIUS Services Conseils Founded in 1999, SIRIUS Services Co Read More
Yet Another Crumby Cookie Story
Take a company with a simple and honest business model but without all of its privacy policies clearly stated and a second company which a gift for hyperbole

daniel boulerice  the Biblical Book of Daniel. This phrase is generally used in modern English to mean the handwriting is on the wall, and under the headline Interhack founder Mathew C. Curtin is quoted as warning Today we tell the industry that when it comes to invading our privacy, it will get away with nothing. (We can't keep our selves from noting that Mr. Curtin's biography on the company website reads, Consummate hacker. Java, Perl, C, Lisp, Unix, anything internet. Have XEmacs, will code. Also geeks out on Read More
How to Use Technology to Redefine Today’s Economy
Daniel Burrus examines how using technology can not only help organizations lower costs and become more efficient, but also redefine today’s economy. Learn the

daniel boulerice  before.  About the Author Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and business strategists, and is the author of six books, including the highly acclaimed Technotrends, which has been translated into over a dozen languages. He is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Burrus Research , a research and consulting firm that monitors global advancements in technology driven trends to help clients better understand how technological, social, and business forces are Read More
ATM Machines Hacked in Moscow
Recently Moscow's ATMs have fallen victim to cyberfraud. How does ATM hacking take place? Has it happened in the United States? What can you do to safeguard

daniel boulerice  An Israeli computer expert, Daniel Cohen, had obtained the codes and assisted with the magnetic stripe manufacturing. Magnetic stripe writers, and readers, can be purchased for about $300.00. There are sometimes three, but usually two tracks on a magnetic stripe and many fields within each track. Though most banks typically ignore track one, they sometimes put the card holder's name in the fifth field. The account number is usually stored in the second field of track two. The PIN verification field is Read More
What Does Vendor Consolidation Mean To The End User?
End-user companies should track the financial health of their vendors to see if the vendor will be a collector or one of the collected. If the end-user company

daniel boulerice  continue. The Big Five Daniel, keep on same page with preceding topic The Big Five The Big Five (or maybe it will be Six or Seven) will have a business model that focuses on the customer base. They will depend upon support revenues as a primary stream. They will also try to sell additional software and services to the base. A large customer base also gives the surviving vendors economy of scale for support, services, and technology investments. How large of a customer base will prove large enough? SAP Read More
Lectra First PLM Software Vendor to Achieve TEC Certification for PLM for Fashion and PLM for the Distribution of Fashion Products and Accessories
Paris, January 4 2011 — Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions for industries using soft materials—textiles, leather, industrial fabrics

daniel boulerice  the fashion industry, said Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO. The report provides a key to understanding PLM that will enable fashion companies to explore it without trepidation and to save time and gain confidence in identifying the ideal partner to support them in their project. TEC: Internationally Recognized Certification Tools and Methods Founded in 1993, TEC helps organizations evaluate and select software solutions tailored to their needs by providing decision-makers with the tools, studies, and expert Read More
Solomon Stands the Test of Time Despite Changing Masters Part Three: Product Differentiators
Of all the MBS' products, Solomon is apparently the purest in terms of a standard Microsoft technology stack, and without any proprietary additions. Furthermore

daniel boulerice  with most peer products. Daniel, do not break the page here, keep the next two sub-head groups on this page Inter/Multi-Company Accounting A particular differentiation would be Solomon's inter/multi-company accounting capabilities, which are pervasive throughout the entire product's functional footprint (even in the AR module, which is not easily encountered within other accounting products including MBS Great Plains), and the Inter-Company Export/Import tool takes information from multiple databases and Read More
Vendors Beware! It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It.
A study from Iowa State University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering suggests that the format and organization of a proposal can significantly

daniel boulerice  most Associate Professors, Dr. Daniel Berleant has to apply for funding to support his research and graduate students. So he writes proposals. Naturally he wins some and he loses some. Being a scientist, after all, he wondered whether there were factors beyond the content of the proposals that affected the chances of success. So he did a study, which was published in the Communications of the ACM , a leading professional journal. His conclusion is that simple choices in formatting and organization do Read More
Data Governance: Controlling Your Organization’s Mission-critical Information
Controlling your company’s key information through data governance is more than just good practice—it can make the difference between success and failure at

daniel boulerice  Lyndsay Wise chats with Daniel Teachey, DataFlux director of corporate communications, about the benefits, business drivers, and implementation challenges of data governance. Click here to download this podcast now. This podcast examines the following questions: What is data governance, and why is it so important to your organization? How can data governance help your organization meet compliance standards while improving organizational performance? What are the special challenges of implementing a data Read More
Now Just Where Did I Put My Search Engine?
Barraged with terms like

daniel boulerice  near. About the Author Daniel Oldis ( doldis@metatrieval.com ) is cofounder and chief technology officer of MetaTrieval Software, LLC. He has worked as a software consultant, teacher, and author for twenty-five years, and has been published in Software Development and Enterprise Systems Journal. Read More

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