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Key Product Delays Take a Toll on Oracle Users
Amid the hoopla of strong earnings projections and a record-high stock price, Oracle Corp. is letting the release of a pair of highly touted applications slip

datamatics  applications suite and a data movement and warehouse design tool called Warehouse Builder, have led some customers to consider alternatives. Market Impact It is apparent that Oracle's overly ambitious and visionary R&D program is wearing its new product delivery capabilities thin. We believe that management should take a deep breath and make every effort to prioritize its short-term new product release schedule adequately. Yet another CRM product suite delivery delay would all but annihilate the Read More...

Collaborative Commerce: ERP, CRM, e-Proc, and SCM Unite! A Series Study: IFS - Part 1 of 2
IFS arrived over five years ago on U.S. shores, with a Christmas-bag full of software components that run from the front-office to back-office and back again

datamatics  first layer is the data source, or database that stores and manages the data; the second tier consists of Business Entities that know how to store, retrieve, and modify their own data, but contain no logic for how the data is to be used; the third tier contains Business Activities that contain the actual business logic for workflow; the fourth tier is the Business Process layer, which represents the link between business practices and the corresponding system configuration, and; at the top is the fifth Read More...
Discrete Enterprise Resource Planning (Discrete ERP) RFI / RFP Template
Financials, Human Resources, Manufacturing Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, Sales Management, Product Technology
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What's With Oracle's And SAP's Differing Clairvoyance?
Regardless of whether Oracle is cautiously pessimistic or SAP is unrealistically enthusiastic about the immediate future, both vendors will quite likely weather

datamatics  (NASDAQ: ORCL), the largest database provider and one of the largest providers of software applications for e-business, announced its Q1 2002 quarterly results without comment or elaboration, as the company had seven people missing in the World Trade Center, and one person lost on United Flight 93. Oracle recorded first quarter 2002 income of $511 million on revenue of $2.2 billion, which is a 2% increase compared to $501million net income on almost the same revenue of $2.26 billion in Q1 2001. Earnings Read More...
'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Proc, and SCM Unite! A Series Study: Oracle
There are two ways to build enterprise application solutions: link together disparate, best-of-breed solutions, in which vendors embrace open architectures and

datamatics  in the areas of data management, transaction processing, and data warehousing. Built directly inside the database, Internet features such as Java Server, an Internet File System, Internet Directory services, and Internet Security allowed companies to build Internet applications while blurring the definition of what a database means and represents. In June 2001, Oracle introduced Oracle 9i , which further extended the database's functionality, and, as well, continued to blur the lines between database Read More...
Why Database-agnostic Enterprise Applications Are on the Way Out
Middleware agnosticism is the wave of the future, and the database platform is becoming part of the application. It has therefore become increasingly important

datamatics   Significant query functionality and data management tools are packaged with the database itself. As enterprise application vendors work to add Google -like enterprise search features, development organizations that rely on the text indexing and query functions of their underlying databases will find it easier to bring this functionality to market. However, database-agnostic applications must be developed and then redeveloped to adjust to each database. This adds cost that customers must absorb through Read More...
Classic Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Shifts Over
About two-thirds of SoftBrands' revenue comes from its manufacturing division, which includes the Classic Fourth Shift solution and Fourth Shift Edition for SAP

datamatics  warehousing facilities (including electronic data interchange [EDI] functionality that can be integrated with barcodes, automatic generation of all advance shipping notices [ASN] and containerization data, etc.), as well as its automatic data collection (ADC) capabilities for near real time operation (see The Why of Data Collection ). The Visitools include VisiBar , a data collection and workflow application that incorporates bar code data collection, real time data access, serial-device control, and a Read More...
What's Ahead for Users on the Enterprise Infrastructure Battlefront?
The battle between Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and IBM goes far beyond applications -- it goes right into the technology stack or the enterprise infrastructure. As

datamatics  which high volumes of data and peak performance are required, as well as for less demanding mySAP All-in-One and SAP Business One installations. IBM and SAP will offer worldwide support for DB2 8.2.2 through jointly staffed integration and competency centers and support will include the extension of IBM maintenance to complement the SAP maintenance plan. To extend compatibility and optimized performance to these developers and customers, IBM and SAP pledge to collaborate on future enhancements and Read More...

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