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PeopleSoft's CEO Steps Down
On September 21, PeopleSoft founder David Duffield stepped down as chief executive of the struggling business software maker. The 12-year-old company announced

david duffield  s CEO Steps Down Event Summary On September 21, PeopleSoft's President and Chief Operating Officer Craig Conway, 44, took full operational control of PeopleSoft, as its founder Dave Duffield, 58, stepped aside from the day-to-day operations of the company. Duffield is credited with creating an employee- and customer-friendly company, and will remain chairman of the company. Conway came to PeopleSoft in May of this year from OneTouch Systems (San Jose, California), which dealt with broadcast Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » david duffield

PeopleSoft - Catching Its Second Wind From The Internet Part 1: About PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft, once a high flyer owing to its congenial culture and slick ERP product, has invested two years and over a half billion dollars to develop a number

david duffield  Founded in 1987 by David Duffield and with headquarters in Pleasanton, CA, PeopleSoft is the third-ranked applications vendor with $1.74 billion in revenue in 2000 (approximately 8.5% of the global ERP market), behind SAP and Oracle. PeopleSoft grew at a breakneck pace with a number of consecutive years of doubled sales until 1998, when its sales all but stalled due to increased competition and a saturated market. Consequently, the company posted its first losing year in 1999 (see Figure 1). Figure 1. Read More...
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy Their Workday (More)? - Part 1

david duffield  bios here ). Indeed, David Dobrin, Naomi Bloom, Ray Wang, Vinnie Mirchandani, Dennis Howlett, Dana Gardner, Nick Carr, Mike Krigsman, Jason Busch, Phil Wainewright, and Brian Sommer are only a few of the renowned market observers that have been talking, blogging, tweeting, and whatnot about Workday as possibly the best invention since sliced bread. Naturally, the skeptic in me has wondered what all this fuss and adulation was about. For some flavor, here are the  blog posts on Workday by Dennis Howlett Read More...
'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Proc, and SCM Unite! A Series Study: PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft has risen from its relatively humble origins in the Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) arena, its sole focus as it begun life in 1987. Over

david duffield  was being run by David A. Duffield, who built a friendly culture for both employees and customers. The company peaked financially in 1998, when it was, for a brief time, second only to SAP in enterprise software sales. But the walls came tumbling down in 1999, as the market for giant software packages that handled corporate internals from Human Resources to Supply Chain Management dried up, and the lure of dot-com riches danced in departing employees heads. In May of 1999, Craig A. Conway was brought in Read More...
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy their Workdays (more)? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series described the genesis and current state of affairs of Workday – a novel company that was founded in March 2005 and launched in

david duffield  day, I will paraphrase David Dobrin’s statement in one of his past write ups that Workday is a gnat compared to the gorillas and elephants in the market, but the buzz is catching up. I would perhaps add that this software's metaphoric “insect bite” might even carry some nasty “West Nile viruses” for its “old school” competitors and a cure for their unhappy customers. In fact, given that David’s article is a bit dated, the gnat reference is no longer the case: Workday currently has over Read More...
Web 2.0 --
Another buzzword (albeit not another three letter acronym [TLA]) that has slowly (or not) but surely crept into our collective mind is certainly Web 2.0

david duffield  as Richard MacManus or David Berlind ), it is most likely that 10 different folks will provide 10 different interpretations (albeit most of these will revolve around mentioning wikis, blogs, AJAX, mashups, JavaScript, podcasts, social networking and so on). Generally, I would venture to say any website that uses a little more interactive and dynamic technology (i.e. not just publishing flat HyperText Markup Language [HTML] pages) and supports some kind of online commerce, community, or other Read More...
Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of February 18, 2013
Snippets of recent supply chain news... Quintiq, dually headquartered in the Netherlands and Philadelphia, announced this week that Republic Steel has selected

david duffield  map of Apple’s suppliers. David Barreda and David Wertime advise that of the 748 listed suppliers, 600 are in Asia, and 331 of these are in China. But the map tells so much more . Read More...
TEC Talks to the Compiere ERP/CRM ProjectFree and Open Source Software Business ModelsPart Three: Compiere/ComPiere
Compiere project leader, Jorg Janke, reveals to TEC the advantages and difficulties in developing an ERP solution as Open Source software. Jorg explains some of

david duffield  part we talk with David E. Jones, project leader of the Open For Business (OFBiz) project ( www.ofbiz.org ). OFBiz is an e-commerce and enterprise automation (ERP, CRM, EAM, etc.) solution developed through open source methodologies. The second part focuses on a discussion with Edward L. Lilly, Jr., CEO of OpenMFG ( www.openmfg.com ), an ERP solution geared toward small and medium-sized manufacturers. While OpenMFG itself does not strictly fit the definition of Free or open source software, it is based Read More...
Ask the Experts: Approaches to Data Mining ERP
From one of our readers comes this question:I am a student of IT Management; I have an ERP course and I am supposed to write an article to review new

david duffield  to eliminate ineffective ones. DAVID BOURQUE In regards to data mining for ERP, many firms are turning to what is known as manufacturing analytics. What this represents is a BI solution layer on top of traditional manufacturing technologies, enabling users to extract data from their manufacturing environment. What does this mean exactly? Let’s say, for example, that a manufacturer produces cars and that it must procure car parts from multiple suppliers. If these components do not arrive on time, this Read More...
Deltek and Maconomy: Gearing Up for the Global Service Economy?
Both the “old” Deltek (pre-2005) and “new” Deltek (from 2005 on) have not been strangers to acquisitions, but these were largely well thought-out and

david duffield  SPI Research ’s principal David Hofferberth ,  Forrester ’s Margo Vistacion ,  IDC ’s Michael Fauscette , and Altimeter Group ’s Ray Wang . Rather than parroting these folks’ statements and opinions, I have asked Deltek a few clarifying questions about the acquisition itself. Up Close & Personal with Deltek The questions below were answered by Deltek’s Senior Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications, Patrick Smith: PJ : Is this move complementary or competitive to Deltek Vision? Read More...
@Home Scans Own Customers
@Home has been scanning their own customers to see if they are running news or webservers. If you're one of their spam happy customers, cut it out. If you've

david duffield  the newsgroup news.admin.announce by David Ritz and stated Currently there is still a huge volume of EMP spam originating both directly from @Home's @Home grown spammers and through the countless open proxies to their news servers. These open proxies present a very clear threat to the entire Usenet community at large. Because of this lack of response to serious, ongoing problems, even when they have been pointed out repeatedly, a full active Usenet Death Penalty will go into effect at the close of Read More...
To SaaS or Not, Is That a Question? - SaaSy Discussions (Part IIc)
The first part (Part II) of this blog series described the opportunities for software as a service (SaaS) or on-demand applications, especially in the current

david duffield  Word From an ERP-Veteran-Turned-SaaS-Newcomer David Turner, CODA ’s Group Marketing Director, outlined CODA’s thought process in delivering the CODA 2go SaaS product on Salesforce.com’s Force.com PaaS as follows: “For a 'pure SaaS' offering you can’t adapt old products – you need to develop specifically for the SaaS environment. A multi-tenanted design is essential – since volume is critical to success, you need a scale, and this can only be achieved by a multi-tenanted approach (that’s Read More...
TEC Spotlight Report: Pronto Software
In this spotlight report, David Clark examines Pronto Software. Learn all about the product’s history and marketing positioning, as well as its strengths

david duffield  inventory software,inventory systems,inventory control,warehouse inventory software,inventory control software,inventory tracking software,business inventory software,inventory tracking,inventory accounting software,inventory system,inventory control system,erp software,inventory control systems,inventory program,inventory programs Read More...
Maintenance Software--Plan Ahead to Maximize CMMS Vendor Web Site Visits
For those looking for a computer maintenance management system (CMMS) vendor, the Web is often the first place to start. There are a number of web site features

david duffield  Visits Featured Author - David Berger - February 21, 2004 Introduction For those looking for a computer maintenance management system (CMMS) vendor, the Web is often the first place to start. There are a number of web site features one should examine in order to maximize web site visits. The more you feel warm and fuzzy about a company through its web site, the more likely you're going to explore it further. Unfortunately, not all computer maintenance management system (CMMS) vendor web sites are the Read More...
Increasing the Value of Your Enterprise Through Improved Supply Chain Decisions
Improving the decision process around inventory and supply chain flexibility will drive sustainable, measurable benefits in the near term that are

david duffield  Robert S. and Nortan, David P., The Balanced Scorecard, (Harvard Business School Press, 1996) 2 - EVA is a registered trademark for Stern, Stewart & Co. Benefits of Improving the Decision Process Consider the challenge faced after a merger or acquisition. The challenge of rationalizing warehouses, distribution centers and even production facilities is a decision in the supply chain flexibility space. The rationalization exercise is non-trivial, but can drastically impact cash flow, as well as balance Read More...

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