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KXEN, An Important New Asset in the Evolution of SAP Analytics
A couple of weeks ago when I was on briefed on KXEN, the predictive analytics technology provider, I was completely unaware of the deal that was being struck

deal scoring  completely unaware of the deal that was being struck behind the scenes between KXEN and the German software giant SAP, which culminated in KXEN’s acquisition by SAP . The more I think about it, the more this seems to me to be another impactful acquisition by SAP, with KXEN serving as a key driver in the success of SAP’s analytics strategy. KXEN—Not Your Father’s Predictive Analytics Application In a space ruled by powerful and long-time players in the market, such as IBM’s SPSS , FICO , SAS , Read More
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Documents related to » deal scoring

Netpliance’s 4X Price Hike - Will It Spell Boom or Doom?
Netpliance, Inc., whose i-opener could be considered the first Internet appliance, recently added functionality, but also decided to raise its hardware

deal scoring  falls into the great deal category. Given the price pressure from Ellison's NIC, as well as product pressure from Gateway/AOL and MSN Web Companions, we expect Netpliance will rethink their pricing strategy. Business users will find little use for this, even with the improved functionality , and should stick with a mainstream PC (with Internet access), or a more flexible appliance if money is exceptionally tight. The added negative is the (in our opinion) cloudy corporate future, which might mean a Read More
These are the Times of CRM Vindication and Validation - Part 3
Part 1 of this series analyzed two white papers entitled “Customer Relationship Management: The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy” and “Maximizing CRM

deal scoring  better identify their ideal deal size and type. Sales organizations can use that information to hone in on their sweet spot (deal mix and profitability) and jointly work with marketing teams to create more effective  lead scoring  criteria. That data can then be leveraged by  sales force automation (SFA)  capabilities to help ensure that sales resources are optimized. For example,  workflow  tools could be leveraged to intelligently score leads and assign them to the most qualified resource. Read More
Enterprise Applications Battlefield Mid-Year Scoreboard Part 3: IBM
IBM still needs to convince users that it is nimble enough to handle the smaller projects prevalent in today’s cost-conscious market, which may be a concern

deal scoring  were flaunted when the deal was unveiled in 2000 (see Meiosis, Mitosis: Cap Gemini's Mating with Ernst & Young ). IGS brand is still not as well-known as the IBM brand, and IBM will not be able to make use of the well-known PwC brand. As a result, the new organization's brand will remain completely IBM. There are few low-cost, pre-integrated solutions, causing IGS to still struggle with small/midsize business market. IBM must find a way to drive out costs by operating large-overhead PwCC within the IBM Read More
Business-to-business Price Segmentation-Outlined and Explained
The central premise of price segmentation, especially in business-to-business environments, is that pricing should be consistent for similar deals. The process

deal scoring  in negotiated sales environments. Deal scoring is a pricing best practice that involves the comparison of transaction business terms in order to score or rank them against a predefined set of criteria. The process of deal scoring can help create an objective set of measures to compare similar or dissimilar transactions to determine value, profitability, or goodness against a set of objectives. Setting refers to the establishment of pricing targets and policies for price lists, contracts, agreements, Read More
They Know When You Have Gas
A deal with the American Petroleum Exchange will allow members to have “up-to-the-minute” inventory data on their petroleum storage tanks.

deal scoring  Exchange's website (www.apexchange.com). The deal enables Exchange members, which include many of the nation's largest fuel purchasers, to have desktop access to up-to-the-minute inventory data on the petroleum in their storage tanks. Veeder-Root's Fuel Management Service provides remote monitoring, automatic data collection and fuel inventory management. With this service, Exchange customers will be able to perform up-to-the-minute inventory checks before they make a decision to buy fuel on the Read More
Manhattan Partnership With E3, MarketMAX Strikes Compromise
Manhattan Associates has struck a deal with E3 Corporation and MarketMAX that symbolizes the eternal struggle between best-of-breed and ERP vendors.

deal scoring  Associates has struck a deal with E3 Corporation and MarketMAX that symbolizes the eternal struggle between best-of-breed and ERP vendors. The joint initiative, named Retail Dimensions, will leverage solutions from each partner to deliver a collaborative best-of-breed retail solution for optimized multi-channel customer fulfillment. Retail Dimensions is already available in Europe and encompasses key parts of the planning and sales cycle including range planning, supply chain optimization, warehouse manag Read More
How One Provider's Solution Covers the Bases of Price Optimization and Management
What are the solutions that enable Zilliant's customers to gain a better understanding of their markets' price response and translate this into more profitable

deal scoring  and pricing exceptions, the Deal Manager module can (and it is often best to) work hand in hand with the other ZPPS applications, such as Optimization and Analytics, to achieve optimized pricing out in the field. Scoring KPIs not only take into account such margin drivers as discounts and other pricing variables, but also non-price factors such as freight, payment terms, product availability, and historical contract compliance. Ultimately, the sales representatives and pricing analysts can evaluate deals Read More
i2 Will Come Out Ahead In Kmart Deal
While many retailers acquire advanced technology for their supply chains in order to stay ahead of competition, Kmart is doing it just to stay in business.

deal scoring  Out Ahead In Kmart Deal i2 Will Come Out Ahead In Kmart Deal S. McVey - October 24, 2000 Event Summary During its recent Planet 2000 user conference, B2B supply chain collaboration software market leader i2 Technologies announced a deal with a venerated symbol of American discount retail, Kmart Corporation. i2 is vested with the task of transforming the retail company's inefficient fulfillment operations and enabling it to become a viable player in the Internet economy. By leveraging i2's expertise in Read More
Ring the Bell: Novell Is Acquired by Attachmate for $2.2 Billion
According to a recent news item in Computerworld, Attachmate will acquire Novell in a $2.2 billion deal. Novell also agreed to sell some intellectual property

deal scoring  in a $2.2 billion deal. Novell also agreed to sell some intellectual property assets to CPTN Holdings, a consortium led by Microsoft . With this deal, Attachmate , a company known as a provider of terminal emulation and enterprise fraud management software, will expand its reach by offering   networking and virtualization software, as well as providing the SUSE Linux operating system. The article cites Ron Hovsepian, president and CEO of Novell: After a thorough review of a broad range of alternatives Read More
Return on Investment for Automatic Time and Labor Management
Card auditing and calculating takes a great deal of time, particularly for companies using full-time time-keepers to calculate and audit time cards. If the time

deal scoring  calculating takes a great deal of time, particularly for companies using full-time time-keepers to calculate and audit time cards. If the time cards are handwritten, it takes even more time to review, calculate, edit, and (typically) re-enter the data into a payroll system. However, automation reduces audit time by pre-processing punches against rules defined within the system. Read More
Wine Producer Selects Vistaar to Manage Distributor Pricing
The Terlato Wine Group has announced that it selected Vistaar Technologies’ pricing solution to optimize distributor price management throughout its

deal scoring  Vistaar reportedly closed the deal based on demonstrating a pricing solution configured to specific industry needs, very good references from existing customers, and deep knowledge of the industry. This is Vistaar’s fourth beverage alcohol deal closed in less than six months (see the  news analysis on one recent deal ), and there might be some more upcoming news releases. The vendor’s objective is to leverage its successes in other industries in order to expand within those industries, just as it Read More
Best Manufacturing Scheduling Systems
The market place is awash with many kinds of manufacturing scheduling systems. Due to the dynamic nature of the manufacturing shop floor, it is of utmost

deal scoring  While static systems cannot deal with changing conditions prevalent on shop floors, dynamic systems are able to deal with them to varying degrees, depending on the system's inherent capabilities. Static scheduling systems can be deployed at manufacturing sites where orders are repetitive and there are minimal variations among the products and different quantities ordered from one planning period to another. Generally the manufacturing site is either small or the number of products being manufactured is Read More
Aligning Java-based Application Strategies
In announcing their merger plans, Lawson and Intentia will not only have to grapple with the usual issues, but will have to deal with the nuanced differences in

deal scoring  enterprise resource planning,ERP,supply chain management,SCM,Java,applications,Web services,merger,legacy Read More

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