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Dell's 8-CPU Intel Servers Increasing Its Enterprise Focus
Dell began shipping its eight-CPU Intel server, the PowerEdge 8450, in late September. This comes on the heels of Compaq's shipment of its ProLiant 8000 and

dell cpu  In late September, 1999, Dell Computer Corporation began shipments of its eight-CPU Intel server, the PowerEdge 8450. The PowerEdge 8450 is part of the next generation of Intel servers (along with offerings from Compaq, HP, IBM, and others) which utilize the Profusion chipset. (This chipset allows servers to break through the previous limitation of four CPUs for the Intel architecture.) The PE 8450 is based on Intel's OCPRF100 server (also known as Saber ), which Dell has modified to improve its Read More

Quote-to-Order (Q2O) Systems
Quote-to-order (Q2O) solutions (sometimes known as configure, price, and quote or CPQ) enable manufacturers to mobilize their mass customization initiatives. These systems can reduce time-consuming...
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Will Intel Take a Loss on Each CPU, but Make It Up in Volume?
There are reports that Dell may buy AMD’s Spitfire chip. If the reports are true, then look for competition to produce lower prices.

dell cpu  of price reductions. If Dell goes with AMD, the CPU will most likely be less expensive than current Celerons. No matter who the vendor, we expect the result to be lower prices. If AMD can generate enough volume from Dell, this should drop the Spitfire price even further. (As with many commodities, CPU prices are largely volume-driven: as volumes increase, prices decrease.) On a less pragmatic note: people who view Intel as being too powerful in the chip business will be rooting for AMD to succeed, if for Read More
HP's Four-CPU Wintel-Based Rack Servers: Focusing on Reliability and Expandability
Hewlett-Packard's four-CPU rackmount products, the NetServer LH4r and LXr 8000, are aimed at customers who want reliable, expandable server installations.

dell cpu  GB of RAM, then Dell and Compaq should be considered for more cost-effective solutions. Finally, the upgrade path of the LXr 8000 to the 8500 (eight-CPU) is a potentially valuable feature, but customers should review this in the context of their overall needs. Long Term Outlook Despite the shortcomings mentioned above, HP's power/packaging designs are very good easy to service with good ergonomics. We expect HP to continue providing well-designed enclosures, and to overcome the significant deficiencies Read More
Linux Laptops from Dell
Dell now has begun selling two models of its laptops with Linux preinstalled.

dell cpu  chip supply problems, and Dell would be justified in cultivating a backup CPU source (a/k/a Advanced Micro Devices). However, Michael Dell has made it quite clear that he has no plans to change from Intel. This is in contrast to Dell's willingness to load Linux (i.e., the anti-Windows ) wherever it thinks it reasonable. We realize the situations are not exactly the same, but the parallels for the two dominant players in their respective fields cannot be ignored. User Recommendations In our attempt to Read More
HP’s LT 6000r Six-CPU Server
HP has re-entered the enterprise computing race with the release of its LT 6000r, a six-CPU server with improved performance and excellent transactional price

dell cpu  than competing offerings from Dell and Compaq (where $15-$18 was considered a good range), and only IBM's Netfinity servers (of the Big Four) cost more per unit transaction. With the LH 6000 (the LT's sister server), HP blew past the competition, racking up an impressive $13.95/tpmC. Although this number was later bettered by a Compaq 8 CPU server figure, it shows a renewed interest in providing cost-effective performance. We have discussed HP's relatively poor price/performance in the past; we are Read More
Impact of HBA Performance on Server Virtualization
Server consolidation is the reason enterprises deploy server virtualization technologies across their data centers, improving server and processor use. As more

dell cpu   Read More
Network Engines, Inc. - Double the CPUs for Web Serving
Network Engines, Inc. is a leading vendor of extremely thin rackmount servers used in the rapidly growing area of web serving. In this note, we examine the

dell cpu  major vendors such as Dell or HP. A deal with Compaq is unlikely because it tends to keep development in-house. As the field becomes more crowded, it will be harder for Network Engines to differentiate themselves. Arranging OEM deals in the next 3-6 months will help NEI keep ahead of this trend. User Recommendations Users who are trying to build their web serving infrastructure and want maximum CPU density should seriously consider Network Engines. Although the price appears high, we believe its Read More
IBM to Make Cuts in PC Business Real Change, or Just Buying Time?
International Business Machines Corp. plans to cut as much as 10% of the workforce at its personal computer division, or as many as 1,000 jobs, in a cost

dell cpu  months ago, Michael Dell, Dell Computer's CEO, predicted that one of the Big Five would exit the PC business within a few years. IBM's problems may end up validating his comments, if the PC group cannot turn around the business. User Recommendations Users should be concerned with IBM's current state. If the losses continue, IBM faces three possibilities: (1) continue to accept the losses; (2) get their PCs from somewhere else, i.e. another vendor; or (3) exit the PC business. (1) is not viable, (3) is Read More
Hewlett-Packard’s NetServer Division - #3 to Get Ready, or #4 to Go?
Hewlett-Packard is one of the leading computer companies in the world, but they have fallen to fourth place in the Intel-based server market. Will they move

dell cpu  the market share, and Dell has the momentum. Status quo is not viable if HP wants to regain third place, or even increase its share percentage. HP must compete head-to-head if it wants to stay in the game. The excellent results for the NetServer LH 6000 indicate HP is trying to remedy this situation; we expect it to continue, but will monitor the situation. Investigate direct sales (and benefits) more thoroughly Investigate direct sales (and benefits) more thoroughly As Compaq has discovered (we think), e Read More
Dell and Red Hat Form Alliance
Dell and Red Hat have tightened their relationship, announcing new initiatives for products and services/support.

dell cpu  Red Hat Form Alliance Dell and Red Hat Form Alliance R. Krause - July 7, 2000 Event Summary Dell and Red Hat Inc. announced the One Source Alliance to accelerate commercial adoption of the Linux operating system and to support businesses building Internet infrastructures. Linux is now one of three strategic operating systems Dell factory installs and supports globally, along with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows and Novell Inc.'s NetWare . Red Hat and Dell offer customers a pure play for Linux development and Read More
PC Market Figures Show Compaq, Dell, and HP Lead
The desktop PC market is turning from a five-way fight into a three-way horse race, led by Dell, Compaq, and HP.

dell cpu  a slim lead over Dell Computer Corporation in worldwide (WW) PC shipments, while Dell extends its lead in the US PC market. Jumping into third place in both US and WW market shares is Hewlett-Packard, whose year-over-year growth rates led all of the major PC manufacturers by a significant margin. Although Gateway's sales and market share increased in the US space, they were leapfrogged by HP. IBM, which exited the retail market late last year, has dropped from third place to fifth. The growth rate of the Read More
Intel Chip Shortage Continuing
Intel Corporation has yet again been unable to meet the shipment requirements of a major PC manufacturer. This time it is Dell, one of Intel's strongest allies.

dell cpu  have been surprised had Dell announced it was going to second-source AMD after only one quarter of missed deliveries. Michael Dell, however, is too good a businessman not to consider the AMD alternative. Our only question is whether it will be two strikes or three before Intel has company as Dell's CPU supplier. AMD must certainly be happy about this, but obviously should not get complacent. In addition to capitalizing on Intel's woes in the present, they must also look to the future. The 300mm wafers to Read More
Dell's High-End Rackmount Servers - Challenging Compaq's Wintel Dominance
Dell Computer Corporation has shaken up the PC Server market, in three years moving from the #5 US market share position to a solid #2 (and #3 worldwide) - and

dell cpu  iteration of the 6350, Dell should improve the system's serviceability. Front-access hot swap power supplies are preferable to top-access, and ungrouping the hot-swap fans will give the customer greater flexibility. In addition, an increase in the number of hot-swap HDDs will allow greater flexibility for customers who want in-system RAID. PowerEdge 6300: The 6300 is a solid product, but needs more HDD space to compete more effectively with Compaq. In addition, serviceability, although better than in the Read More
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