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IT Project Management Tools: MS Project and Its Alternatives (Part 1)
In a previous blog post, I wrote about the Project Manager’s role and some of the constraints that affect the daily life of a PM, namely: scope, time, and cost.

department hierarchy  in almost every IT department I have worked over the past 15 years, in my various roles as a business systems analyst, to project manager for both SMBs and large corporations, the MS suite of products was used as the primary tool for documenting project management. MS Project was used to manage project scope and milestones, track deliverables, and manage resources. MS Visio was used to document and flowchart process models. MS PowerPoint was used for end-user training, as a tool to make presentations to Read More...
PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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Documents related to » department hierarchy

How Project Management Can Help Manufacturers
Recently there were two great articles published on our Website touching the interesting problem of interactions between traditional manufacturing management

department hierarchy  are traditional functional or department managers, and at the same time there are product managers assigned for for the development and management of particular products or product families. The functional chain of “purchasing, planning, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping” will be our horizontals , and product managers with their teams will be the verticals . Our matrix is the intersection of the horizontals and verticals (see fig.1). A product manager can assign different people for the Read More...
The Fuzzy Logic Between Lead and Lag Indicators
Analog Devices was the first company to implement a balanced scorecard company-wide on an Executive Information System. In fact, it has been running for 13

department hierarchy  are made at the department level, this information is passed up to the core process in a second performance feedback loop. Adjustments are made to inventory to satisfy external financial reporting needs and the information is fed back into the goal setting process (i.e., the goals are set more aggressively). The time span of decision-making at this level is longer and executives should resist micro-managing and leave that to the responsible workgroup. Managers at the core process level need only enough Read More...
Why Most Balanced Scorecards are Subverted
Business and IT managers have failed to get at the root cause of Balanced Scorecard ineffectiveness. Getting the most from corporate data will continue to be

department hierarchy  level; causing companies, divisions, department, and work teams to become interdependent. More than likely, this will put a strain on functional leaders not experienced in solving cross-functional problems. Failure to address the IT issues related to the quality and availability of non-financial data, forces companies to rely only on the data they have and/or trust (hint: the financials). Lead indicators of performance such as customer, organization, and employee metrics take the back burner or are Read More...
The TEC Quick Case for Tero Software
Tero Software specializes in maintenance and asset management solutions for small and medium businesses. This Quick Case for Tero Software provides concise

department hierarchy  Washington's police department. The department is responsible for maintaining approximately sixty buildings and facilities, as well as overseeing inventory that includes a fleet of about 1,600 vehicles. To complicate this, the WSP has several divisions, including a supply division and an electronic services division, and had to deal with the inefficiencies of maintaining separate databases for each division. Tero helped solve this problem through a series of meetings that got the divisions working as a Read More...
How the Mining Industry Benefits from ERP Systems
Integrated enterprise resource planning software normalizes the reporting requirements for a mining company’s various departments. This article loosely shows

department hierarchy  a mining company, each department has its own way of measuring outputs, which often is incompatible with legal or shareholder requirements. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system allows each department to use its own reporting measures. The ERP software transforms data bidirectionally to the standard (legal) business reporting. However, it is this use of disparate methods by departments that causes confusion within the mining company. The manufacturing industry has learned that integrated Read More...
Case Study: Johnson Controls International
Johnson Controls International, a global leader in the automotive industry, needed a solution to drive the performance of its customer care department for its

department hierarchy  of its customer care department for its European Refrigeration division. The project would affect approximately 200 users, including some managers. Learn how the company chose a solution that allowed it to deliver key performance indicators (KPIs) in a personalized, Web-accessible dashboard. Read More...
eMaint X3
eMaint's state-of-the-art X3 CMMS system can be tailored to meet the exact specifications of any maintenance, facilities or operations department and saves

department hierarchy  maintenance, facilities or operations department and saves companies valuable time and money by better organizing, planning and managing maintenance activities. The results: less equipment downtime, greater return on assets, and improved efficiency, productivity and profitability. Read More...
SAS Financial Intelligence
SAS financial intelligence provides capabilities for the finance department, built on a single platform. Capabilities include integration and cleansing of

department hierarchy  capabilities for the finance department, built on a single platform. Capabilities include integration and cleansing of all financial data, budgeting, forecasting, scorecarding, simulation, risk management, and more. Read More...
The Oxford Princeton Programme
Since they implemented Maximizer Enterprise, the sales people have found it easy to learn, and the marketing department has taken advantage of its flexibility

department hierarchy  learn, and the marketing department has taken advantage of its flexibility to customize it to their business and marketing needs. Having recently upgraded to Maximizer Enterprise 7 with the implementation, installation, and training services of Certified Multiactive Business Partner, Wintec Group, the users and administrators have seen increased reliability and speed in the daily use of its customer database. Read More...
Factors Inhibiting the Widespread Adoption of Business Performance Management
Business performance management (BPM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions are at a crossroads. Vendors from each domain compete in the same market. BPM

department hierarchy  the information technology (IT) department represents a significant obstacle to BPM vendors. One of IT's goals is the creation of a stable and manageable environment. BI standardization involves the use of a common BI platform to meet the needs of an entire organization. It also allows BI vendors the advantage of expanding their installed bases to generate more revenue and to align themselves more closely with the IT department. This means that once a BI environment stabilizes, the expansion of that envir Read More...
How to Find the Right Virtualization Solution for You
Is scrambling to consolidate and virtualize your information systems department frazzling you and your hardware? Are management and infrastructure costs not as

department hierarchy  with an Information Systems department has begun some form of consolidation and virtualization effort with the goal of increasing asset utilization while reducing management and infrastructure costs. The virtualization marketplace is filled with solutions from just about every traditional vendor and a bevy of startups, but the company that is universally acknowledged as a leader in the virtualization space is VMware. With the release of the VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.0 Suite, companies can decouple Read More...
A product of Universal Mind, SpatialKey is a collaborative location intelligence solution for decision makers. Web-based, the application is deployed

department hierarchy  cost effective—easily attainable with department-level funds.
A CFO's Guide For Managing IT
In the post Y2K era, many companies have turned to the CFO to oversee the IT function with the CIO or head of IT reporting to the CFO. IT may look

department hierarchy  the finance and accounting department. Find out what kind of a job your subordinates think IT is doing and evaluate your IT projects against the organizational goals you have set for your own department. In other words, find out what kind of user of IT resources you have been. Your credibility with the IT organization and the rest of the company will be influenced by the way you have used IT in the past. Find out what the big issues are from the IT staff. Determine what they consider to be deal breakers Read More...

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