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Process PLM Vendor Sequencia Adds Portfolio Management
Sequencia extends its Process Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offering with portfolio management, leading the impact of the solution into the executive suite

des listes d index  team (projects, collaboration), through design (R&D, collaboration), all the way to the plant floor. The power of PLM is in the integration of the business processes across the different levels. Giving greater visibility within management, we expect this to increase the acceptance of PLM in the Process Industries (see Process PLM series). Sequencia competitors Formation Systems ( www.formationsystems.com ) and SAP ( www.sap.com ) have not entered into the area of portfolio management. Formation is strong Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » des listes d index

A Clear-cut Approach to Collections Is Essential for Profitability
In 2002, US suppliers wrote off more than $18 billion (USD) in bad checks. And the bankruptcy picture has certainly not improved since then. Companies that act

des listes d index  This trend has continued despite a pick up in economic conditions. Customers, it would appear, are reluctant to give up lengthy pay cycles. The Collections Module identifi es overdue invoices, assigns (or reassigns) the invoices to designated collectors, monitors debt collection efforts and retains account collection history, tracking the number of times the account goes into the collection phase and number of days to pay. The software offers several levels of security to maintain the confi dentiality of Read More
The Myths and Realities of Product Development and Outsourcing
Recent years have shown a dramatic boom in outsourced product development, and it seems most companies are changing and adapting this practice. However

des listes d index  product development outsourcing,product software development,software product engineering services,knowledge process outsourcing,outsourced business developmentengineering product development,r&d product development,practicing outsourcing Read More
Early Lean Adopters Embrace Technology
Many aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers are enjoying a competitive advantage because of early adoption of lean manufacturing tools. However, considerable

des listes d index  business process improvement,process improvement metrics,business process improvement certification,define process improvement,business process improvement bpi,business process improvement consulting,process efficiency improvement,process improvement lifecycle Read More
Smaller Vendors Can Still Provide Relevant Business Systems Part One: Event Summary
If Relevant Business Systems deliberately wanted to maintain its astute enterprise system as one of the best-kept secrets in the A&D and government contracting

des listes d index  are separately geared towards design and engineering or manufacturing. Namely, as it will be described in more detail later on, Relevant's multidivision capability that supports divisions with diverse geographies or entirely different operational environments on a single Relevant installation. The software enables separate financial statements, different costing models, and varying operational structures, all within the same database capable of rolling up to a single consolidated view. Relevant's proven Read More
Is J. D. Edwards’ xtr@ Ordinary?
J. D. Edwards’ supply chain messaging architecture may make life easier for xtr@ users, but offers questionable benefits for collaboration partners.

des listes d index  approach would be to design and build applications using an open messaging architecture. This would be all but impossible in practice, however, as a truly common architecture would effectively expose fundamental information about a vendor's applications to its competitors, a move that would limit the vendor's ability to differentiate its products and discourage innovation. Most packages use application program interfaces or APIs for sharing data with other applications that may have different Read More
Intuit and LinkedIn Team Up to Help Small Businesses Find Talent
Per Intuit’s most recent Small Business Employment Index, the employment rate is gradually improving. Intuit and LinkedIn have agreed to host the first “Hire

des listes d index   Read More
Aras Selected for Dow R&D Program Management
Dow recently selected the Aras Innovator product lifecycle management (PLM) solution suite for project and program management in one of its core research and

des listes d index  track, and coordinate valuable design and engineering resources. The company's more than 6,000 products are manufactured at 201 sites in 36 countries across the globe.   Project management (and program management, which deals with groups of related projects) is about project scheduling, project collaboration, milestones and deliverables, tracking and progress, etc., all of which supports new product development and introduction (NPDI)/R&D across thousands or tens of thousands of people (depending on Read More
Event: TEC's Jorge García to Speak at Salon BI Montreal
TEC's business intelligence analyst, Jorge García, will be presenting at Salon BI 2012 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, this Tuesday, November 6 (9:35 am)

des listes d index  2012 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, this Tuesday, November 6 (9:35 am). Jorge will be talking about three areas that are receiving a lot of research and development attention and dollars—augmented reality, motion-based technology, and voice-recognition technology—and their applications to the BI space. Read More
Sterling Commerce, an AT&T company
Sterling Commerce, a subsidiary of AT@T, Inc. (NYSE:T) is a provider of business-to-business (B2B) commerce solutions, with more than 29,000 companies using

des listes d index  at&t and sterling commerce,business integration software,d & b rating sterling commerce,edi electronic data interchange,order processing software,sterling commerce,sterling commerce, an at&t inc. (nyse:t) subsidiary,sterling leather e commerce inc,supply chain execution software,tms solution ratings sterling commerce,transportation facility at sterling commerce,transportation management and sterling commerce Read More
Deloitte & Touche Alliance with SynQuest Largely Symbolic
Deloitte & Touche recently named SynQuest, Inc. a preferred advanced planning and scheduling (APS) partner. Under the terms of the agreement, Deloitte & Touche

des listes d index  will provide supply chain redesign services in conjunction with SynQuest supply chain suite implementations. Immediate plans call for Deloitte & Touche to install the SynQuest supply chain software at the Solutions e-Business Center in Cincinnati and roll out the solution to demo environments throughout the U.S. In addition, Deloitte & Touche associates will be trained on the SynQuest Optimal Performance Path methodology, an implementation roadmap that identifies supply chain improvement opportunities Read More

IFS Defence Ltd., a joint venture between BAE Systems and IFS, recently acquired iSC, a British custom software firm. However, some product integration issues

des listes d index  generation—whose component architecture provides solutions that are easier than most to implement, run, and upgrade. IFS Applications is available in 54 countries and 22 languages, and the vendor has over 600,000 users across seven key vertical sectors: manufacturing; automotive; process industries; utilities and telecommunications; construction, contracting, and service management; aerospace and defense (A&D); and retail and wholesale. For information on IFS’s more recent state of affairs, see Two Read More
Strategies for Profitable Growth: Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing
The aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing industry is always changing. That’s why A&D manufacturers are constantly seeking better ways to manage complexity,

des listes d index  , evolution strategy , provides corporate strategy , sustainable corporate strategy . WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? CHARTING THE BEST COURSE The Aerospace and Defense (A&D) manufacturing industry is always changing. What worked yesterday might not work today. That's why A&D manufacturers are constantly seeking better ways to manage complexity, cut costs, and boost productivity. In pursuit of these objectives, A&D manufacturers are looking beyond standard practices to new business strategies that promise Read More
Spinnaker Support Announces New SAP Third-party Maintenance Customer
Spinnaker Support, a a provider of third-party maintenance for JD Edwards and SAP products, announced D+M Group as its latest customer. This win has multiple

des listes d index   Read More
At Last-A Complete (and Successful) RFID Implementation
A radio frequency identification implementation is a major undertaking for any organization—a project with ample risk of failure. This entire series is a step

des listes d index  are complementary. While bar codes offer a means of identification, 2-D optical recognition RFID offers specific information on the contents of a package through radio waves. Following is the anatomy of an EPC product, taken from http://www.EPCGLOBALna.org : Header code: This is the first component (3 digits) of the EPC that tells the reader or interrogator how to parse the bits (decode the remainder) of the EPC number. EPC manager number: This is the second component of the EPC which describes what compa Read More

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