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Sales Benchmark Index
Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) is a sales and marketing consultancy focusing on business-to-business (B2B) companies. SBI@s specialties include lead generation

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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » des listes d index

Detaysoft has provided customer-satisfaction focused and privileged services to over 200 global sector-leading organizations for more than 13 years. Starting

des listes d index  in R&D work. Detaysoft provides services on SAP HR, SAP Logistics, SAP Financials, SAP Netweaver, SAP Technology Consultancy, SAP Business Intelligence, Mobil Applications Consultancy covering all SAP product range and also provides R&D Consultancy Services. Read More
Lilly Software - Product Enhancements Remain Its Order 'Du Jour' Part Two: Market Impact
Lilly continues to invest uncompromisingly in R&D, and consequently espouses a convincing broad but compact product portfolio for its target market.

des listes d index  instance, VISUAL Manufacturing now includes the much anticipated MRP by Warehouse' capabilities, which should allow companies to set different planning policies for individual warehouses by individual part number. There is also a new VISUAL Plant Maintenance module, which should help an enterprise schedule and manage planned and unplanned maintenance activities, while VISUAL DesignLink now supports AutoCAD . Lilly has also developed a new Order Management window that makes it easier to check product avail Read More
Perfect Orders: Improving Customer Satisfaction and Financial Results
Manufacturers and distributors must keep two groups satisfied—customers and owners. They are connected—what improves the satisfaction of one group can impact

des listes d index  of improvements. Having the desire to improve is great, but what is the path to improvement? Customer service improvements come from increasing the effectiveness of business processes. To improve a metric (for example, damage-free deliveries), the business processes that impact the metric must be identified. The path to improvement also tells us what the best practices are to improve (in this case, damage-free delivery). Summary Manufacturers and distributors must keep two groups satisfied—customers Read More
Essential ERP-Its Underpinning Technology
In its simplest sense, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems create interactive environments designed to help companies manage and analyze the business

des listes d index  également de la gestion des commandes (prise, traitement et livraison de commandes) ainsi que la planification de la production. Au tout début, le terme ERP servait à décrire un logiciel intégré et sophistiqué utilisé par les entreprises manufacturières. Dans sa plus simple expression, un système PGI fournit un environnement interactif dont le but est d’aider les entreprises à gérer et analyser tous les processus de fabrication de produits. Ces processus couvrent généralement la gestion d� Read More
Case Study: Rich Products Corporation
Rich’s legacy IT systems could not interoperate with platforms and applications among departments, preventing a single, centralized view of the product

des listes d index  breads and rolls, finished desserts and cakes, pizza dough and sweet goods, beverages, Italian specialties, barbeque, seafood and appetizers. In the coming years, through new product development, strategic acquisitions, and a relentless commitment to excellence, Rich's will continue to grow and thrive as a global industry leader. Setting the strategy. To continue to drive toward aggressive growth plans, Rich's needs systems to support the processes that enable growth. However, Rich's older IT systems Read More
A Clear-cut Approach to Collections Is Essential for Profitability
In 2002, US suppliers wrote off more than $18 billion (USD) in bad checks. And the bankruptcy picture has certainly not improved since then. Companies that act

des listes d index  This trend has continued despite a pick up in economic conditions. Customers, it would appear, are reluctant to give up lengthy pay cycles. The Collections Module identifi es overdue invoices, assigns (or reassigns) the invoices to designated collectors, monitors debt collection efforts and retains account collection history, tracking the number of times the account goes into the collection phase and number of days to pay. The software offers several levels of security to maintain the confi dentiality of Read More
MRO and Spare Parts Management Considerations
The need for better service parts management is finally gaining top-level management attention in many aerospace and defense (A&D) and like complex

des listes d index  (MTFF) prediction. A&D companies design low-volume, high-cost products for high reliability, but still maintain stocks of complex and expensive spares, since in this industry, the impact of any failure is large and requires adequate stocks of parts at several locations for rapid replacement in case of repair. On one hand, minimizing the number of new parts introduced into the market—and subsequently into inventory—should be a major aim, particularly as parts face obsolescence from new finished Read More
A&D Power Connector Manufacturer Selects IQMS
IQMS, a manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) software provider for the repetitive, process, and discrete

des listes d index  For more than four decades, Rebling Power Connectors has been manufacturing high current battery receptacles and disconnectors for the aviation sector and defense land vehicles, in addition to its custom thermoplastic and thermoset moldings for the medical, consumer products, and automotive industries. In spite of its vast engineering experience, the company was struggling with too many disconnected and often outdated software systems. Using a mishmash of Microsoft Access database, an obsolete materials Read More
Layer 3 or Bust
Extreme Networks has once again seized the number one position in Layer 3 Ports shipped for the first quarter of 2000.

des listes d index  suite. This product suite includes top rated network devices; state of the art ASICS and a software management package that ties everything together in an integrated suite of technology. Extreme Networks market share is also a direct correlation to its 40 plus industry related awards and its growing worldwide presence. Extreme has shown the network world that your name does not need to have a C in it to be an industry leader. User Recommendations Extreme Networks is the leading provider in the Layer 3 S Read More
Mapcon Technologies, Inc
Located in Des Moines, Iowa (US), Mapcon Technologies, Inc. (MTI) has been developing enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions for more than twenty years.

des listes d index  Technologies, Inc Located in Des Moines, Iowa (US), Mapcon Technologies, Inc. (MTI) has been developing enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions for more than twenty years. MTI offers work order and preventive maintenance systems integrating equipment management, inventory, purchasing, human resource planning, and project management with optional Internet, wireless, and cellular PDA technology. Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning: Bridging the Gap between Product Vision and Execution
Why has Infor been successful at tacitly nurturing and growing acquired companies when many more noisy competitors have not?

des listes d index  typical after acquisitions), and includes winning back some departed customers, but excludes any brand new business. Why has Infor been successful at tacitly nurturing and growing acquired companies when many more noisy competitors have not? Its vertical focus makes solutions functionally richer than even those of its larger competitors; it is financially stable and has a global presence; and it does not rely on large deals to close the quarter (Infor's average deal is reportedly around $300,000 USD). Read More
Predictive Demand Supply
If you're in the supply chain business, right up there with Newton's law of gravity stands Murphy's other law stipulating that demand and supply, if left to

des listes d index  time and opportunity to design and implement corrective sales and operations solutions. The more time we allow for resolving forecasted imbalances, the greater the number of potential cost-effective solutions. So how do we design a system for identifying potential issues and expressing them via a commonly understood key process indicator (KPI) where the cause and effect of our actions can be readily measured? Step 1. Define the Indicator When and where will Murphy strike?! ChainLink's Parallax view Read More
Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) in Process Part 2 Process PLM Motivation
This part of the series on Product Life Cycle Management in Process explores the business motivations by review business strategies.

des listes d index  idea to final product design and the decision to commercialize the product to its availability on the market. Speeding Time-To-Market encompasses both time periods. Time-To-Market is not only important for new products. The Director of R&D of a leading food company tells us that 50% of her R&D efforts are for new products. The remaining 50% are on changes to existing products. These changes are demanded from a variety of reasons including cost reduction programs and reacting to changes in raw material Read More
What Are the Best Practices In Managing Outsourced R&D Projects?
Predictions about the growth of outsourcing have proven to be quite on the mark. According to Partnering Forum, by the end of 2010 it is projected that over 40

des listes d index   Read More

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