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Architecture-Centered Information Systems In The Manufacturing Domain - Part III - Steps in the Architecture Process
Architecture bridges the semantic gap between the requirements and software. Application software systems must be architected in order to deal with the current

describing verbs  3. UML notation for describing the enterprise-wide data objects for a sales company. When preparing the enterprise viewpoint specification, policies are determined by the organization rather than imposed on the organization by technology implementation choices. Information Viewpoint The information viewpoint identifies what the system must know, expressed as a model, emphasizing attributes that define the system state. Because ODP is an object-oriented approach, the models also include essential Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » describing verbs

13 Things a Customer Can Do to Avoid an ERP Implementation Failure
Have you ever wondered why every time you hear a story about an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation failure, the vendor gets the blame? The

describing verbs  to provide a document describing the implementation process, with objectives, milestones, resource allocation, etc. If a vendor doesn’t have it, it will probably do things on the fly. 11.    Training . Does your vendor have enough qualified people to successfully train your employees? If the vendor has three trainers working on ten large customers, they might not be able to take care of you as they should. Also, if the trainer assigned to you was just hired by the vendor, he/she might not be Read More...
MicroStrategy Goes PRIME
It is fair to say that Microstrategy is, aside from being one of the most important providers of business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions on the

describing verbs  recent European user conference, describing the technical challenges Facebook faced and the adoption of MicroStrategy’s in-memory solution to deal with those challenges. If you have a comment about the new MicroStrategy PRIME offering, please drop me a line below and I will respond as soon as I can. Read More...
Maintenance Software--Plan Ahead to Maximize CMMS Vendor Web Site Visits
For those looking for a computer maintenance management system (CMMS) vendor, the Web is often the first place to start. There are a number of web site features

describing verbs  the company The section describing information about the company will often present history, philosophy, policies, values, strategy, a general description etc.. If the CMMS vendor is a multinational, then multiple locations are provided, including contact information. In some cases, each country operates its own linked site. Any resellers or distributors should also be listed. Public companies often provide their annual reports. Products and services CMMS vendors use different approaches to present their Read More...
Infor Gains Financials Elite Club Status
What’s new at Infor? Besides the blockbuster acquisitions of late, the leading provider of business applications has continued to release innovative products

describing verbs  of understanding the metadata describing the Smart Transaction structure—i.e., it understands the transactions—and simplifying them for the end user. The combination basically provides OLAP-style analytics from the source ledger system. The Unified Ledger is similar to Smart Transactions—it is baked into the application design and architecture, but it does not rely on any special technology.   Getting Under the Hood with Infor’s Product Experts What follows is a question-and-answer discussion Read More...
Epicor 9: Delivering What Oracle and Others Are Yet to Achieve? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined Epicor 9 (aka Epicor ERP [evaluate this product]), Epicor Software’s next-generation converged product suite. A similar feat

describing verbs  is Epicor’s way of describing its approach to SOA. Namely, SOA should not just be a means to easier integration, but also an approach to enterprise business software development (just as client-server computing  was an approach per se ). Epicor calls its SOA approach True SOA, and the vendor referred to “100% SOA” in the Epicor Vantage 8 release a few years ago. What is the difference? Epicor Vantage offered a C# smart client and then a services-based middle-tier business logic. There were over Read More...
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy their Workdays (more)? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series described the genesis and current state of affairs of Workday – a novel company that was founded in March 2005 and launched in

describing verbs  system is configured by describing objects and the behavior/rules of these objects . But the question is: how much can it be configured by the end-users vs. by developers and power users in the system? In other words: can the end user/customer freely define and change the objects and these “rules”? Or are they depending on some form of system delivery? Over time and with continually delivered enhancements, all functionality is configurable in Workday by end-users and/or customers nowadays. The only Read More...
The Demo Crime Files!
This article is part of the continuing education all software demonstrators need to ensure their fundamental skills remain sharp. It points out three common

describing verbs  a good job in describing what your software does. For years, I thought they were giving me a compliment. In some ways they were. After all, I taught them a great deal about my software. They understood how it worked. However, when I would find out a few weeks later that I didn't even make the shortlist of finalists, I was always stunned. When I'd ask why, a typical reply went something like, Well, no specific reason. We liked you and your company. Your product was good, but the other products just Read More...
Social CRM-¡Viva la Revolución!
Customer relationship management (CRM) has had a great impact on the social media revolution. Or was it the other way around? Of the many types of software

describing verbs  of daily unstructured data describing not only the engagement of customers with their purchases, but also the general attitudes and beliefs of those customers. Classic CRM Software Does not Address Customer Attitudes Traditional or classic CRM deals with structured data and provides a limited view into customer experiences and habits. This data is typically collected by customer-facing professionals who essentially classify singular customer actions into fixed categories. Ultimately, the information that Read More...
Justification of ERP Investments Part Four: Replacing or Re-implementing an ERP System
An investment analysis focusing on enterprise resource planning (ERP) benefits frequently applies to those firms initially justifying an ERP implementation. It

describing verbs  desired results. The box describing Classifications of ERP success identifies situations where the ERP implementation falls short of producing desired benefits. *This is Part Four of a four-part article reprinted from Maximizing Your ERP System by Dr. Scott Hamilton. Bridging the theory and realities of current ERP systems, Maximizing Your ERP System provides practical guidance for managing manufacturing in various environments. Drawing on case studies from Dr. Scott Hamilton's first-hand experience in Read More...
PLM: A New World of (More) Collaboration and Innovation
It used to be the case that PLM was perceived as being principally about CAD tools and 3D drawings and complex technical specs that no one really understood

describing verbs  media, and mobile devices, describing them as major enablers but also disruptors in innovation nowadays. Oleg Shilovitsky, blogger and consultant at Beyond PLM , had a great session focusing on the consumer technology that is now used in the workplace and provides an important challenge to traditional enterprise IT, but also the opportunity for everyone to have access to technology previously available to PLM or ERP users only (e.g., you can now see a CAD drawing or collaborate on a project by using an Read More...
Mobile BI Market Survey
Take our mobile BI survey. The business intelligence (BI) space is finally seeing mainstream adoption of mobile capabilities, and increasing numbers of software

describing verbs  BI, in addition to describing vendor offerings and the types of technologies that are being used. If you work with BI—whether as a user or developer—or if you are exploring the possibility of deploying a mobile BI application, you can collaborate with us to create the necessary data spectrum for the report by answering this 3-minute survey. Take the mobile BI survey now! And let me know your thoughts below—I’ll respond as soon as I can. Read More...
SAP HANA-One Technology to Watch in 2012 (and Beyond)
Did you know that SAP HANA is much more than a high-speed analytic appliance? TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reveals how HANA is a universal database

describing verbs  to a single entity describing only one event from the real world, and vice versa. In contrast, OLAP data organization disregards the theories of normalization, and the data is rather kept in the so-called star or snowflake schema. In this way, one central (a.k.a., inner or fact ) table contains the primary keys for all other outer or dimension tables, whereby one entity can describe multiple real-world events and/or notions. Technically, an Analytic View or OLAP cube is a set of physical tables, Read More...
ERP Plus and Beyond
ERP Plus provides tools that metal fabricators need to streamline their quoting, order entry, inventory control, production, labor collection, shipping, and

describing verbs  ERP Plus work statements describing how the work is done. The organization charting feature also allows users to drilldown to workflows related to a selected job. All diagrams can be modified fairly easily, and administrators will likely appreciate the consistency and control, just as users will likely appreciate the intuitive drag-and-drop features. The module also enables process costing; job description reporting; bookmarking; data migration; consistent and verifiable implementation methodology; and Read More...

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