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Analyst Road Show with SYSPRO and UNIT4
Not as well known as the JRocket Marketing Grape Escape but still highly effective (and entertaining), the analyst road show organized by Judith Rothrock every

description famous  lead to a fundamental description of nature, SYSPRO could conceivably find similar positioning for its business capabilities. Watch for SYSPRO to try to solve the mysteries of enterprise black holes (those parts of a company’s budget from which no investment can escape and turn into ROI) or parallel universes that rarely collaborate within a company (such as sales, production, accounting, etc.). Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » description famous

Ambitious Plans and Promises: An Enterprise Software Provider Keeps Its Word
With its numerous new software license sales, new product deliveries, and its dedication to complicated technological rejuvenation (namely, an ambitious open

description famous  An even more detailed description of how Infor plans to deliver pragmatically on its multiyear SOA project deserves an entirely separate research article. Infor has kept its promise to some customers by rolling out the Infor Open SOA road map at Inforum 2007 . The road map gave customers insight into reasonably paced SOA-enablement plans and into the long-term direction of the vendor's existing solution. Infor has published statements about its direction and has held design reviews with many customers to Read More
Continuous Data Quality Management: The Cornerstone of Zero-Latency Business Analytics
No matter how well an enterprise implements a CRM, ERP, SCM, Business Intelligence, or Data Warehouse project, poor data quality can destroy its utility and

description famous  actual data match our description of the data? In other words, is our meta-data actually accurate? An unused field in a Cobol file is a good example of an integrity problem. Accuracy . It is often necessary to examine the degree of agreement between the data values and a source that is assumed to be correct. Comparing rollup tables to the actual sums generated from transactions often leads to unexpected results. Likewise, many data sources can be compared to external third party sources. Address matching Read More
Total Reward Management: Don't Leave Your Line Manager Alone
A total reward management system can help companies leverage their most complex and volatile asset: its human capital. Partnerships between human resources and

description famous  use Allow a dynamic description of policies Let's turn our attention to the last point. The HRline manager partnership is based on the acceptance of the policy-individual action relationship. The HR department is in charge of interpreting the strategic guidelines coming from the board and transforming them into rules, reference values, and guidelines that are more or less rigid, depending on the circumstances. The policies, if codified in a boring manual, risk discouraging even the most attentive and sens Read More
Who the Heck Needs ROI?
Ten common errors prevent return on investment (ROI) calculations from being used as much or as well as possible. Avoiding intuitive decision making and basing

description famous  case is a written description of the rationale for proposed approaches. Supporting the rationale are calculations showing the financial return, or benefit, relative to the investment cost of achieving the return—adding up to ROI. An approach's return is typically portrayed by contrasting the approach's cost and revenue cash flows with those that could be expected if there were no change (in other words, business as usual). A business case is not necessary in order to use ROI. Risk, Reward, and Payback T Read More
How to Buy an Enterprise Software Thingy
Laws a’mercy, now that’s what you call a flame war.The White Paper Pundit has taken direct aim at our Top 10 Most Ambiguous White Paper Buzzwords, decrying

description famous  to Buy an Enterprise Software Thingy Laws a’mercy, now that’s what you call a flame war. The White Paper Pundit has taken direct aim at our Top 10 Most Ambiguous White Paper Buzzwords , decrying our use of the word “tool” to refer to so-called software “solutions.” I won’t address his characterization of TEC bloggers as “fashionably unique.” (Software selection? Fashionable? Whatever. Can’t wait for the catwalk.) I’ll just point out that TEC’s mandate is to be an advocate for Read More
Architecture-Centered Information Systems In The Manufacturing Domain - Part II - The Architecture Process
Architecture bridges the semantic gap between the requirements and software. Application software systems must be architected in order to deal with the current

description famous  focused on 4+1 Architecture description are shown in Figure 3. This methodology is deployed in the context of: Commercial off the shelf (COTS) products integrated into a federated system. The external functionality of a COTS product is defined by the vendor. The behavior of the system is usually fixed in some way, with little or no ability to alter the internal functioning. External behaviors can sometimes be tailored to meet business needs, within the framework of the COTS product. Line of Business datab Read More
Taming the SOA Beast - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog topic introduced the notion of how complex and tricky it can be to manage and govern enterprise applications' service oriented architecture

description famous  (SOAP) and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) headers comply with the WS-I Basic Profile for Web services interoperability . Also, the feature checks whether the extensible markup language (XML) schema was formed properly, and whether the “contracts” between Web services are valid so that companies can ensure they won't break at run-time because of faulty logic. Another plug-in, called Load Check , provides a pre-test simulation of the system's performance. The underlying idea was to mitigate th Read More
MrTed Version 9 - Talent Acquisition in the Cloud
Recently, I had a briefing with Jerome Ternynck (MrTed’s chief executive officer [CEO]) about the company and Version 9 of its product TalentLink. One key

description famous  candidates for each job description, and classifying them based on pre-defined criteria. • Corporate branding allows customers to not only use their logo and a different color scheme, but also to automate single- or multi-company branding. Another thing worth mentioning is MrTedTalentLink’s reporting capabilities, which includes standard reports but also the option to create ad hoc reports, as well as its ability to integrate with many other software applications (MrTed recently forged its partnershi Read More
Mokum was founded in May 1997 and has an excellent reputation for delivering Oracle Applications consulting services through rigorous management processes

description famous  Mokum was founded in May 1997 and has an excellent reputation for delivering Oracle Applications consulting services through rigorous management processes and client focus. These attributes, combined with the practicalities of commercial know-how, competitive pricing, service specialisation and practise flexibility, create a compelling proposition. Our stated mission is not to become the biggest, the most famous or even the most profitable Management Consultancy in the ERP market place, but the most Read More
Insider’s Guide to Cisco VoIP Phone Systems
Communication in any business is key. Cisco, as one of the leaders in business voice over internet protocol (VoIP), offers a range of unified IP phone solutions

description famous  and provides a brief description of what features and services a variety of Cisco phone systems offer. Read More
BI Analysis in a Nutshell: Lyzasoft
In my previous post, Give BI to the Masses, I wrote about the strategies that have been implemented in some companies to empower more and more users to use

description famous  There is no business-oriented description for the data, so unless your database tables are well described, you might be in trouble when trying to identify table names like  “x,” “y,” or “wkid.” Also, because of the “one product” orientation of the solution, there seems to be no integration with the office applications tools that are sometimes necessary. Regardless of the pros and cons (which product doesn’t have them?), Lyza´s offer is an interesting proposal to close the gap between Read More

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