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ERP Modules for Different Business Types
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a mature segment of the software market. Most features are standard across solutions, and you can expect vendors to offer

different types organization  Modules for Different Business Types Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a mature segment of the software market. Most features are standard across solutions, and you can expect vendors to offer software for managing financials, supply chain and inventory, human resources (HR), and business intelligence (BI). Some vendors also offer specialized modules for vertical industries. Use this checklist to find the ERP modules that are right for your organization. Read More
Document Management System (DMS)
Document management systems (DMS) assist with the management, creation, workflow, and storage of documents within different departments. A DMS stores documents in a database and associates importan...
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Documents related to » different types organization

An Interview with WorkForce Software: Why Your Organization Needs Fatigue Management
Does your organization believe it can “do more with less”? You need to realize that this is ultimately an unsustainable model. Employees working beyond their

different types organization  to different jobs and different states of operation within a power plant, etc. because there could be a substantial risk to the safety of the general public. The aviation industry similarly has high risk associated with employee fatigue. In fact, there have been some recent, high-profile cases of pilot fatigue leading to tragic accidents. And, of course, the recent examples of air traffic controllers falling asleep in the tower. It’s important to note, however, that the ill effects of employee fatigue Read More
Six Success Factors for Building a Best-run Marketing Organization
To address evolving market demands, companies must take new approaches to marketing activities and integrate all company functions. Customer relationship

different types organization  auto company had 10 different customer databases across its organization; by consolidating these into a single database, the company realized substantial gains in terms of its accuracy of customer information. This contributed to better-targeted customer communications and helped to secure internal alignment around programs that would truly benefit customers. Disseminate the right information to the right people Once you have collected and analyzed the information, your marketing organization needs to Read More
Podcast: What the Revolution in ERP for Distribution Means to Your Organization
Today, globalization is becoming a way of business. With big-box retailers, supplier relationship management (SRM) has become an important component in how

different types organization  a half a dozen different companies, and you're really quarterbacking it as final point of either assembly or redistribution of it. So your systems really have to be a supply chain system at heart that does the balance of the enterprise, that's an expectation of it with the ability to do business orchestration, and what I call business synchronization, be that with the external systems. DP: It's good that you mentioned that. I've noticed [this] even within the supply chain for [radio frequency Read More
The Alignment-focused Organization: Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Execution
Aligning your business plans with your method of execution requires more than a peek at financial metrics. Initiatives, tasks, people, and metrics must be

different types organization  on multiple metrics across different dimensions of performance. Executives can use dashboards designed specifically to gauge the progress of a team or a project. Figure 7: The Fashion Retailer's Dashboard In the example shown in Figure 7, the company uses role-based dashboards for the chief operating officer and VPs of sales, marketing, and customer service to make it easy for them to monitor what's most important to them. In addition, department-specific dashboards display data for use by sales, Read More
Rethinking Payroll Outsourcing in a Healthcare Organization
Outsourcing payroll can seem like a great idea, but giving control of your payroll data to an outside organization can cause more headaches than it takes away

different types organization  healthcare,payroll,outsourcing payroll,StarGarden,StarGarden white paper,payroll system Read More
Rising to the Challenge: Productivity in Accounting and Finance Organizations
During these challenging times companies need to do more with less. This need extends throughout the organization-and companies' accounting and finance

different types organization  accounting,financial,accounting and financial,accounting challenges,financial challenges,accounting principles,CFO organization,CFO,CFO organization challenges,performance scorecards,top accounting software,account software,corporate accounting software,accounting software programs,project accounting software Read More
Why Performance Management? A Guide for the Midsize Organization
In Why Performance Management?

different types organization  performance management guide midsize organization,performance,management,guide,midsize,organization,management guide midsize organization,performance guide midsize organization,performance management midsize organization,performance management guide organization,performance management guide midsize. Read More
Human Capital Financials: Understanding the Value of the Human Assets within Your Organization
Many companies are still not fully realizing the ROI on their human capital. While people are often spoken of as assets, they are generally treated as costs

different types organization  There are two very different schools of thought among companies: those that view employees as a liability and those that view employees as an asset. For those companies that view employees as an asset, activities such as training, learning, developing, and transforming the workforce have become a top priority for the HR department. But in an attempt to hold down expenses, many companies (those that view employees as a liability) are cutting into the muscle of their firms, instead of investing in their Read More
Elevating Your Procurement Organization from Knee-jerk Reactions to Predictive Analytics
For most companies, chief procurement officers (CPOs) need to maximize savings, focus on sustainability, manage supplier performance, and minimize supplier risk

different types organization  procurement analytics,supplier performance,srm,supplier relationship management,supply chain analytics,customer relationship management,customer relationship management software,customer relationship management system,crm customer relationship management,customer management software,customer relationship management crm,customer relationship management systems,customer relationship management definition,customer relation management,customer relations management Read More
How to Embrace CRM and Make It Succeed in an Organization
Customer relationship management (CRM) software systems not only empower companies to manage effective relationships, but they do much more. A CRM software

different types organization  specifications,integration,Syspro,CRM,guide,implementation Read More
Why Performance Management? A Guide for the Midsize Organization
Midsize companies must rapidly grasp the issues influencing business performance, and secure the resources to deal with them efficiently and effectively

different types organization   Read More
Choosing the Right Electronic Medical Record System for Your Health Care Organization
Health care organizations have special needs to consider when deciding what type of electronic medical record (EMR) system to implement. This article examines

different types organization  systems come in two different models: on-demand and on-premise. An on-demand EMR solution is a Web-based application that the health care provider accesses through the Internet. The solution is administered remotely by a third-party vendor that oversees data management, software upgrades, and security functions. An on-premise EMR application resides in house, whereby an internal IT department administers and maintains all software, hardware upgrades, and all actions pertaining to the support of the Read More
Why Your Organization Needs Succession Planning
Succession planning is not a new concept—so why are so many companies not actively planning for the replacement of key positions, and risk losing valuable

different types organization  succession planning often means different things to different people within the same organization. As such, succession planning initiatives often become more “talk” than “walk.” Without a combined commitment from top executives to the succession planning effort, many organizations fail to take the first steps to tackle the problem, and instead waste much time and effort on tackling short-term challenges. Rather than being proactive, they take a reactive approach—often scrambling to find the Read More

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