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PowerTrieve, A LEAP For CRM?
Although CRM applications, Portals, and Contact Centers are contributing to the improvement of customer relationships and the effectiveness of employees; in

different words for a  their effectiveness from a different angle. He has tapped into the complexity of generating reports by non-technical people. This is certainly an area of concern to most end-users. Today many Enterprise applications are offering preset reporting templates, but in reality they are not always suited to the user's need. Opportunities to take positive actions at the right time could be lost if the user has to wait for a programmer to create his special report. This could result in higher frustrations and Read More
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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Criteria for Selecting a Software Estimation Tool
A plethora of software estimation tools are available, each claimed to be better than the others, thereby confusing prospective buyers. An effective tool ought

different words for a  of an LOC bear different connotations to different perspectives. A vendor would like to count all, but a buyer would not. GUI programming, in which a significant code is predeveloped, adds one more dimension to the debate on LOC. This type of programming has moved away from procedure-oriented programming toward event-oriented programming. Now GUI controls are added to LOC, and there is confusion on how to measure the size of GUI. Several projects, such as those involving software maintenance and testing, Read More
CRM without Compromise: A Strategy for Profitable Growth
When implementing customer relationship management (CRM), organizations often lose sight of their customers and focus on efficiency gains instead of looking at

different words for a  CRM must have a different place in the value chain, enabling organizations to excel not only across, but also beyond customer touch points. IT needs to strengthen and hone an organization's capacity to identify sources of differentiation that are difficult to imitate and to discover opportunities to deliver value to the customer and get value in return. In addition, operational excellence and competitive agility are critical to securing long- term success and sustainable profitable growth. operational Read More
A Two-layer Model for Fashion PLM Functionality
To help fashion players achieve the most out of adopting PLM methodology and systems while respecting the uniqueness of fashion products and business processes,

different words for a  the fashion industry so different when it comes to applying the PLM methodology? A look at the product features of fashion goods and the business processes of the fashion industry may help answer the question. Product features In the past, PLM used to deal with products with complicated structure and configurations. However, this is not the case in the fashion industry, where product structure is quite simple and flat. For many fashion companies, although the structure of each individual product is not Read More
Top 10 Reasons For Having A Project Kickoff - Part III
You are about to embark on an important project. Whether the project is software or hardware related, it is a good idea to hold a project kickoff meeting. Don’t

different words for a  fairly typical to have different consultants on a project as schedules and priorities get changed. After you have determined the involvement levels of the resources, this information needs to be presented to the team and users. You must walk a fine line when delivering this message for fear of the how-am-I-going-to-do-my-normal-work backlash. The presentation format below can be an effective medium for a software implementation project. Click Here to View Larger Image Spreading the commitment across Read More
Q: Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Billionaire? A: Baan -- Foster Care for Its Orphans Needed As Well
Baan Co. interim chief executive Pierre Everaert said he could not rule out a takeover of the troubled Dutch business-management software group. We hereby

different words for a  today is something quite different to the Baan of two years ago. He said the company needs to cut costs, change its strategy and solve its problems in attracting shareholder equity. Everaert was confident he could achieve a speedy revival in Baan's fortunes and said it would take two to three months get the company on track. Formerly chairman of Baan's supervisory board, 60-year-old Everaert has a strong record. He served on the management board of Dutch consumer electronics giant Philips. But he has no Read More
It’s a Portal...AND It;s a Gateway
AOL has partnered with Gateway to develop a line of Internet-ready Linux desktop appliances based on the Netscape 6 browser.

different words for a  aol,desktop appliance,America Online and logo,Gateway,Instant AOL,AOL Time Warner,AOL's CompuServe division,AOL 5.0 CD,AOL Gateway desktop appliance,Internet appliances,remote desktop appliance Read More
A Firewall is Cheaper Than a Lawyer
eBay's motion for a preliminary injunction to limit Bidder's Edge online auction search engine from linking to their site, may set precedents for future

different words for a  Firewall,limit Bidder's Edge,online auction search engine,ebay lawsuit,auction aggregators,eBay Inc. v. Bidder's Edge,D. Calif. No 0-99,21-200,link to ebay,firewall technology,ebay security,firewall market,ebay firewall Read More
The Service Equation: 4 Keys for IT to Create Value for the Business
IT organizations struggle with the challenges of shrinking budgets, ever-changing technology, compliance pressures, and more. For greater efficiency, many IT

different words for a   Read More
App Development in a Mobile World: A CIO Handbook
As a senior stakeholder driving mobile initiatives in your organization, you may be lost in a sea of technologies and claims from vendors promising rapid

different words for a  enterprise mobility, enterprise mobility strategy, corporate mobility strategy, mobility opportunities, mobile apps, mobile commerce, mobile services, mobile security, mobile device management, MDM, mobile app deployment, mobile platform, SAP, SAP mobile solutions, MindShare Read More
Microsoft And Great Plains - A Friendship That Turned Into A Marriage
Software giant Microsoft treated itself with a $1.1B Christmas present; it announced an agreement to acquire its long-term partner Great Plains Software, a

different words for a  It may be somewhat different situation regarding product development and service & support strategy. While we believe that this merger will be successful in the long run, some growing pains and discontinuation of redundant products are quite likely. Consequently, until the merger is consummated, any organization evaluating Great Plains should keep itself informed, and consider existing functionality only. Users are advised to follow the company's new product introductions and keep a close eye on its Read More
Configuration Guide: Managing Virtual Servers Using a Virtual Machine Manager and a Clustered File System
Virtual data centers must enable increased physical server use and central management of virtual machine infrastructure. A clustered file system, with a virtual

different words for a   Read More
Selecting a PLM Solution: Addressing the Needs of a Small Business
Selecting a product lifecycle management (PLM) system can be a challenge if a company is not aware of the options available on the market. But if an

different words for a  Omnify,small business,smb,plm,small businesses,small business development,small business financing,product lifecycle management,product management lifecycle,small business entrepreneurship,small medium business,operational efficiency,plm software,small business entrepreneur,agile plm Read More
Case Study: How a Midsized Company Saved over $870,000 on a $3 Million Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, in Less Than Three Weeks
In 2004, Microsoft offered a midwestern-US-based financial services corporation a range of options to renew and replace its existing enterprise agreement. But

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How to Survive a Software Selection Project When Your Boss Is a Sociopath
Is your boss the main reason you call in sick on Monday mornings? Do you need to “manage” your boss in order to get any work done? Do you find yourself in the

different words for a   Read More

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