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Operational Business Intelligence and Performance Management: Key Differentiators
The distinction between business performance management and operational business intelligence is sometimes unclear. Many vendor offerings overlap in terms of

differentiators  and Performance Management: Key Differentiators Originally published - August 8, 2006 The key differentiators between business performance management (BPM) and operational business intelligence (OBI) are unclear. In the past few years, vendors have been moving away from traditional business intelligence (BI) to position themselves in one of two areas: either BPM or OBI. Although there are in fact differentiating factors, many vendor product offerings overlap in terms of features and functionality, making Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » differentiators

UltiPro Is Now TEC certified
Ultimate Software's human resources (HR) solution UltiPro is now TEC Certified. Learn about the product's main differentiators in the market, and more.

differentiators  Some of top-three product differentiators that Ultimate unveiled by interviewing its customers are listed below: unified nature of UltiPro as core HR, payroll, and benefits are integrated with talent management strength of payroll functionality due to Ultimate’s seniority in the payroll market cloud technology due to the increased demand in this technology Read More...
BI and BPM: It’s Not as Blurry as You Think
There seems to be a blurry line between business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) applications. Some software vendors offer solutions

differentiators  are some—certainly not all—key differentiators between BI and/or BPM functionality that could help you have a better understanding of BI and BPM tools. The Defined Line Between BI and BPM BI : BI tools enable organizations to analyze high volumes of information in order to have effective support during the decision-making process. In a way, BI tools are meant to be used as analyzers of historical and daily operations data. BI can deliver valuable information regarding the current status of a Read More...
Deltek Remains the Master of Its Selected Few Domains Part Four: Deltek's Differentiators
Deltek has focused on addressing the unique business needs of project-oriented organizations. Its product line has expanded from applications for managing the

differentiators  Domains Part Four: Deltek's Differentiators Event Summary Deltek Systems, Inc. ( www.deltek.com ), the leading provider of enterprise software and solutions for project-based businesses and professional services firms, remains committed to a potentially unique, high level of investment in product development as compared to other software companies. According to Kenneth E. deLaski, Deltek President and CEO, the average public software company only invests approximately 14.5 percent of its revenue in Read More...
Solomon Stands the Test of Time Despite Changing Masters Part Two: Market Impact
MBS Solomon, due to its distinct differentiators and weaknesses has been blessed in disguise with possibly the most distinct niche and the least overlap (gray

differentiators  that have remained its differentiators till nowadays, such as Solomon Desktop (a portal application providing 100 percent Internet access anytime, anywhere), Service Series (featuring Field Service, Service Dispatch, Equipment Maintenance, Service Contracts and other modules), E-Commerce Gateway — EDI Edition , Advance Shipment Management , and Web Order (a B2B e-commerce component). As a result, the product now comprises the following series of modules: Foundation, Financial, Project, Service, Read More...
Deltek Remains the Master of Its Selected Few Domains Part Two: Product Announcements 2002
Several notable milestones achieved in 2002 set the stage for Deltek’s achievements in 2003.

differentiators  Four will detail Deltek s differentiators. Part Five will discuss major Deltek s product lines. Part Six will present challenges and make user recommendations. Product Announcements—2002 The above achievements have not happened overnight. They follow on several notable milestones reached in 2002, which would include 1) Transition from a publicly traded company to a privately held company on May 31, 2002. According to deLaski, the time and energy management spent on being a public company has since been Read More...
TEC Spotlight Report: Pronto Software
In this spotlight report, David Clark examines Pronto Software. Learn all about the product’s history and marketing positioning, as well as its strengths, competitors, and challenges. Also featured in this Spotlight Report: a high-level overview of PRONTO-Xi Functionality.

differentiators  of PRONTO-Xi innovations and differentiators in the context of his Certification Report: • New features : Alert intelligence and task intelligence features allow for quick response to events and transactions. • Security : The multilevel authorization control mechanism allows various authorization settings according to user, group, or department. • Scalability : The solution has excellent scalability, and is used by customers with users numbering from 5 to over 3,000. It offers the ability to set up Read More...
Why Software Selection Projects Fail
Why do so many software projects fail? Lorne Goloff, TEC's VP of selection services, talks about the common mistakes organizations make when selecting enterprise software and how best to avoid them.

differentiators  answers questions about RoamBI differentiators, the challenges of designing mobile BI, and the limitations of mobile BI. Read Interview with CEO of iPhone/iPad BI App Vendor MeLLmo 1 2 3 Audios Per Page: select 5 10 20 50 Read More...
Success Keys for Proposal Automation
Proposal writing has become a common requirement throughout the entire business world. And for many sales people, they are a necessary evil. If you're thinking about automating your proposal process, there are ten critical success keys to a successful implementation.

differentiators  solution based on your differentiators and value proposition. At a simpler level, they may just want to compare prices, clarify complex information, and gather information so that the decision team can review it. And let s face it, sometimes they just want to slow down the sales process and they figure that asking for a proposal will keep the sales rep busy for a few weeks. Whatever the customer s motivation, the fact is that proposal writing has become a common requirement for closing business Read More...
Can Your Product Development Move Closer to Consumers Now?
Half a year ago, I wrote about the need to include customer input in the design process in What Brings Customers Closer to Your Product Development? Recently, two pieces of Web content caught my attention and made me revisit this topic. The first one, The Path to Successful New Products, from the recent issue of McKinsey Quarterly, outlined three principles of making product development more

differentiators  is one of the differentiators that separate top performers from the rest. The second one, a press release from First Insight on January 10, 2010 , announced the availability of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that allows retailers and brands to have better visibility of consumers’ voices through social media marketing and sales channels. Although Virtual Customer Viewpoint (VCV) (name of First Insight’s solution) mainly targets retailers in helping them “know better which products are going Read More...
TOTVS Protheus ERP Is Now TEC Certified
The most recently certified enterprise resource planning (ERP) software product by TEC analysts is offered by the Brazilian company TOTVS and is called Protheus. Although the vendor is not very well known in the North American and European markets, it is extremely well represented in the corporate solutions market of Latin America, particularly in Brazil, where the vendor holds nearly 50% of the

differentiators  the vendor’s major competitive differentiators are the following: Consistent target market focus—focus and leadership on SMBs with lower fragmented competition, along with a diversified client base. As small businesses mature and begin to formalize their processes, they tend to express an interest in ERP class software. This market segment is still continuing to demand affordable and flexible software. Proprietary product and technology —flexible, independent technology that is hardware agnostic Read More...

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