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Firewall RFP Templates
Firewall RFP Templates
RFP templates for Firewall help you establish your selection criteria faster, at lower risks and costs.

Healthcare RFP Templates
Healthcare RFP Templates
RFP templates for Healthcare help you establish your selection criteria faster, at lower risks and costs.

Outsourcing RFP Templates
Outsourcing RFP Templates
RFP templates for Outsourcing help you establish your selection criteria faster, at lower risks and costs.

Documents related to » digitenne rfp

Become an ERP Sleuth: Do Your Due Diligence When Selecting a New ERP Vendor
If your company is investing time and money in a new manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to increase competitiveness and operational efficiency, you’ll need to research ERP vendors to find the best fit for your company. This white paper offers six tips for evaluating potential ERP partners.

DIGITENNE RFP: enterprise resource planning, ERP selection, ERP vendor transparency.
4/1/2013 1:43:00 PM

Fashion PLM RFP Template Available » The TEC Blog

DIGITENNE RFP: fashion apparel, fashion industry, plm, RFI, RFP, rfp template, textile industry, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

When Shortlists Are Too Short, Who s to Blame? » The TEC Blog

DIGITENNE RFP: analyst firm, consultants, RFP, shortlist, Software Selection, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

5-step CRM Software Selection Guide: A Pragmatist’s Guide to CRM Software Selections
5-step CRM Software Selection Guide: a Pragmatist's Guide to CRM Software Selections. Read RFP Templates and Other Software Related to a CRM Software Selection Guide. Selecting a new enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) solution is an undertaking that requires careful planning and managed execution. And in fact, there are a number of common mistakes that organizations make. Failing to execute the selection process in an objective and structured fashion can be an expensive financial mistake—as well as a fatal hit to your professional reputation.

5/9/2007 4:05:00 PM

Why PLM Couldn’t Help You During An Economic Downturn? » The TEC Blog

DIGITENNE RFP: core PLM, discrete, PDM, plm, Process, product data management, Product Development, product lifecycle management, RFP, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Vertical Marketing, Inc

DIGITENNE RFP: Vertical Marketing, Inc. (VMI) is a privately owned company founded in 1985 and incorporated in 1987. We focus exclusively on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system implementation and support. Our core competencies are in CRM software, implementation and support. We currently represent best of breed technologies including CRMGold.net, Microsoft CRM, GoldMine, SAGE, Sant Proposal and RFP Master, and HEAT Help Desk among many others.Our entire company is focused on providing you with a successful CRM project. Few firms can match the depth of our staff, our level of experience and expertise, or the implementation processes that we have honed over decades of CRM implementations.VMI is the experienced vendor of choice for CRM Rollouts with a successful track record of helping clients identify system objectives and effectively implementing a system to meet those objectives in a well-managed, cost-effective project. Here are some points that differentiate us from our competitors:VMI is the vendor and producer of crmEZ a dot net application with zero foot print on client systems. It is a server based system and has been deployed in large organizations . A certified Microsoft CRM practice and Microsoft Solutions Provider with MCSEs and programmers on staff. Recognized as one of the first VARs certified by Microsoft along with a seat on the first VAR council. VMI developed many of Microsoft's online CRM training materials. Received every award and certification offered by FrontRange Solutions/GoldMine VMI's President, David Lee is the co-author of Microsoft CRM for Dummies #1 VAR (out of 2,400 world wide) in calendar year 2000, and a perennial top-10 VAR. A Certified Sales Process Consultant with formal methodologies perfected with over 2 decades in the business.We are proud of our national footprint across the USA and affiliates worldwide providing you with assistance wherever your employees are. Our office locations include Manassas, VA (Washington, DC); Atlanta, Visakhapatnam-India, with satellite offices in Indiana and Missouri and Massachusetts.

Deltek CRM & Proposals

DIGITENNE RFP: Deltek Vision CRM provides a complete business development and marketing solution targeted at project-based, professional service organizations. With Vision CRM, professional services organizations can manage and leverage centralized client, contact, opportunity data, and previous project history to make more effective business development decisions while increasing client satisfaction and revenue. In addition to a flexible configuration model for supporting a firm's unique process requirements, Vision CRM also delivers proposal automation functionality, which helps organizations to efficiently produce custom proposals, request for proposal (RFP) responses, and government proposals that include the firm's most recent and relevant experience.

SAP Starts Pushing – “Politely”
SAP and BackWeb Announce Strategic Alliance To Bring New Push Technology to mySAP.com™ Marketplace For Complex RFPs and RFQs.

DIGITENNE RFP: business software, mysap.com, backweb, information technology, sap solutions, request for proposal, request for quote, rfp, rfq, BackWeb Technologies , technology for e-business solutions, push technology, push platform , mySAP.com Marketplace, push-enabled services , backweb removal.

Best Practices in Extending ERP: A Buyer’s Guide to ERP versus Best-of-breed Decisions
Best Practices in Extending ERP : a Buyer's Guide to ERP versus Best-of-breed Decisions. Download RFP Templates and Other Software to Define Your Self-assessment about ERP and Best-of-breed Decisions. The trade-off between best-of-breed functionality and ease of integration is no longer so simple. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software continues to expand, blurring the boundaries of core ERP functionality. The three essential factors to consider in ERP versus best-of-breed decisions are functionality, integration, and the ability to upgrade. Find out the questions you need to ask when considering an ERP extension.

9/30/2008 12:28:00 PM

Thanks to a Smart Little Company called Lexias, CIOs Can Now Empower their Users to Assist in eBusiness Security
Despite advances in security technologies, securing confidential and proprietary information has become more challenging than ever. In an attempt to keep pace with the on-slaught of security woes, new technologies are often unleashed and implemented before due diligence and real understanding of these technologies occurs. New products are selected in haste resulting in the deployment of products that might not be the most optimal ones to get the job done.

DIGITENNE RFP: Lexias, eBusiness Security, security technologies, desktop security practices, network security, internet security, user security products, Lexias suite of products , Lexias eBusiness solution, firewall.


DIGITENNE RFP: ProductCenter™ PLM (product lifecycle management) solution delivers a combination of document management, design integration, configuration control, process management, and enterprise integration to help companies optimize product development across extended design and supply chains.

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