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Powering Marketing Success
Marketing organizations are often the first to face spending and resource cuts—even as they face increased pressure to contribute to revenue goals. These organizations need to drive demand more effectively and support sales efforts. They must also prove their value to the organization. Learn about customer relationship management (CRM) applications that can help align your organization to increase marketing success.

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Calgoo In-Calendar Marketing
The increasing number of marketing messages consumed by the average person every day is making it harder for businesses to reach their target audiences. Lack of calendar interoperability has made it impossible to place advertising in the calendars of desktop calendar and web calendar users. Find out how delivering in-calendar content, on a purely opt-in basis, can be an effective alternative to e-mail marketing.

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Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) RFI/RFP Template
Marketing Automation, Resource Management, Digital Asset Management, Financial Management, Reporting and Analysis, Configuration Points, Integration Points, Platforms, Security, Administration, Lea...
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Documents related to » direct mail marketing

A Marketing Survival Guide
Find out in the white paper data quality: a marketing survival guide.

direct mail marketing  
Amdocs Overhauls Its Marketing
Amdocs believes its ICM strategy resonates with its customers, who, facing increased competition and price commoditization, realize that they need to differentiate customers' experiences from the competition, to enhance customer loyalty and increases profitability.

direct mail marketing  the customer, and change direct marketing via the Xchange 9 platform. This development is in sharp contrast to using traditional data mining tools or writing complex structured query language -based (SQL) queries to leverage historical information and to produce predictive models long after the marketing opportunity has past. Nevertheless, the former Xchange applications have since hardly promoted Amdocs as an integrated OSS for CSPs. The reason being that within the marketing automation (MA) market, Read More...
Improving CRM Investments: Optimizing the Customer Life Cycle with Intelligent Marketing Automation
Building customer relationships requires six key elements to be in place and working together to maximize your customer relationship management (CRM) investment. Because these strategies are synergistic, one missing piece can have an impact on the effectiveness of the other parts. Find out about the six components that can lead you to having—and using—a profitable CRM system that includes a marketing automation solution.

direct mail marketing     Campaign Management,   Direct Marketing,   Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)/Marketing Resource Management (MRM),   Lead Distribution Management,   Sales Force Automation (SFA),   End-User Query and Reporting,   E-mail Management,   Brand Management Related Keywords:   Engagement Systems,   crm,   crm investment,   crm system,   crm systems,   crm application,   crm applications,   crm software,   customer life cycle,   marketing automation,   intelligent marketing automation,   Read More...
Positioning Makes Your Marketing Budget Go Further-and Hit the Target
Many business-to-business (B2B) software companies don't have a formal positioning process, and it's costing them time, money, and much more—a marketing message that misses the mark. This article explores the benefits of implementing a business process for positioning.

direct mail marketing  too long—forever—to create brochures, direct mail pieces, Web content, etc. Everyone has their own favorite product benefit, usually based on nothing more than gut feeling. There s no internal belief in the current message to your market. Your target audience response to your marketing message is lukewarm, at best. You might wonder why I refer to positioning as a company-wide process. After all, isn t marketing—specifically product marketing—responsible for creating the product message? Sure, but Read More...
A Positioning Process Helps Product Marketing Managers Do More
Because product marketing managers constantly juggle competing priorities, companies should consider implementing a formal positioning process as a way of cloning their product marketing managers. Rationale documents and message strategies become vehicles that transfer product knowledge to marketing and sales.

direct mail marketing  create a brochure, a direct mail piece, or an advertisement. They have relationships with the right people who can tell them what they need to know. Other companies, naturally, lean on product marketing. But product marketing doesn t always get optimum cooperation because of conflicting priorities. It s pretty hard for product marketing managers to justify devoting a lot of time to a marketing project when they face product-related deadlines. The right time to lean on product marketing is when the Read More...
Delving into the Facts Behind the ERP Vendor Market’s Self-Ascribed Answer for ‘Businesses Living I
Rather than pursuing the usual route of writing analyses of major market trends, I’ve decided to ask vendors about their opinions and approaches. UNIT4 has joined the discussion on the topic of its current state of affairs.

direct mail marketing  on UNIT4 s moves and directions, we decided to pose a number of provocative questions to the vendor. The answers were provided by Ton Dobbe, Vice President (VP) of Product Marketing for UNIT4’s international flagship products except for FinancialForce.com (which is the joint “cloud accounting” venture between UNIT4 and Salesforce.com ).   TEC’s Questions and UNIT4’s Answers : Q1 . How is Agresso Field Force doing (see here for more information on the product)? At the conference, your chief exec Read More...
When Customer Relationships Meets Business Intelligence Marketing Analysis and User Recommendations
For many reasons, SAS's alliance with Amdocs and partnership with Aprimo might be some of a few vendor partnerships where customers and the vendors benefit.

direct mail marketing   and justify its new direction to its current customers. For more information see Amdocs Overhauls Its Marketing series , Part Three. This is Part Three of a three-part note. Part One profiled SAS. Part Two discussed alliances, partnerships, and acquisitions. Challenges To compete with leading BI and data warehouse companies and enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors that are moving into these markets, SAS needs to further open its products to make it easier to employ third-party tools. Also, like Read More...
Benefits and Pitfalls of Gamification for Consumer Marketing
Companies are always looking for ways to attract new customers and retain existing ones. One way to spur interest in their offerings is to apply the principles of games to their sales and marketing strategies. But this is can be tricky. In his article, TEC CRM analyst Gabriel Gheorghiu walks you through the benefits and pitfalls of “gamification,” and offers up some guidelines for ensuring that it brings you the desired results.

direct mail marketing  as a company, thus indirectly affecting sales. Engagement will provide influencers with the information they need to accurately talk or write about your products or services—when that happens, their followers or readers will want to know more about you products and services. But any type of engagement would not be effective if the quality of your offerings is poor—gamification cannot and should not be used to cover your weaknesses, but to highlight your strengths as a company.   Benefits of Read More...
Global Trade Hits Home at MegaResistCap-Part I: You’ve Got Mail
Jim, information technology (IT) director of MegaResistCap Inc., was finally getting back to a reasonable schedule 3 months after the “go-live” date of the company’s new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. He was hoping to spend the weekend in the garden, and was looking forward to checking messages on Sunday to get ready for a productive week. That was, until he saw the memo from the

direct mail marketing  Jim, information technology (IT) director of MegaResistCap Inc., was finally getting back to a reasonable schedule 3 months after the “go-live” date of the company’s new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. He was hoping to spend the weekend in the garden, and was looking forward to checking messages on Sunday to get ready for a productive week. That was, until he saw the memo from the company’s chief legal counsel, forwarded by his chief information officer (CIO), Mike. ____________________ Read More...

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