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GMAC Web-Enables Legacy Data With NEON Systems Shadow Direct
GMAC is pushing for enterprise-wide web enablement of existing IT assets to support customer self-service platforms. NEON Systems’ Shadow Direct product gives

direct request examples  the best of Shadow Direct and Java write-once-run-anywhere technology by allowing developers to produce Web applications that transparently incorporate System/390 data and transactions using the Java JDBC data access interface. The Shadow JDBC driver supports leading Web application servers, including BEA WebLogic Enterprise , which was chosen for the GMAC project. NEON Systems' iWave Solution for GMAC Insurance allows a GMAC customer to access information using any Web browser. The request flows Read More...
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...
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Documents related to » direct request examples

Major Vendors Adapting to User Requirements
SAP and Microsoft have finally realized that their products will increasingly be evaluated by how well they interconnect, how flexible they are, and how

direct request examples  worker performance by allowing direct access and use of business processes and data from business management solutions back-end applications like Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta ) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, all from within certain Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft points to this as another example of its strategy of delivering business management solutions that fit with customers' existing information technology (IT) systems. As recently reported, the Read More...
Improving Organizational Performance Management through Pervasive Business Intelligence
You’ll increase your chances of business intelligence (BI) project success and overcome technical and other challenges if you follow a methodology. To begin

direct request examples  deploy BI solutions without direct business end-user input, they find that these technology deployments remain idle or substantially underutilized. Asking end users for their BI system requirements usually results in a question from end users about what data is available, a wish list of all possible information, or simply a request for electronic versions of previously available paper reports. Leading organizations evaluate end-user decision-making processes, not simply data requirements. In other words, Read More...
Are Spend Management (or SRM) Apps Suited for the Mid-market? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced common supply chain challenges and resulting spend management opportunities for companies of all sizes. The article then

direct request examples  direct or indirect materials. Direct materials are materials that become part of the final product in measurable quantities. These are raw materials for manufacturers, and finished goods and components for distributors. Conversely, indirect materials are materials used in manufacturing that are not normally charged to finished production, such as cutting and lubricating oils, machine repair parts, glue, or tape. Indirect materials also include maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO ) supplies, or items Read More...
The Necessity of Data Warehousing
An explanation of the origins of data warehousing and why it is a crucial technology that allows businesses to gain competitive advantage. Issues regarding

direct request examples  developed to give end-users direct access to the data in the warehouse. As time went by, the query tools became user-friendly, and many now have a parser that can turn plain English questions into valid SQL. These end-user tools are now loosely referred to as business intelligence tools. In addition, there are other database constructs used to assist business intelligence tools in multi-dimensional analysis of data in the warehouse. These databases are referred to as hypercubes (also known as cubes, Read More...
The Complexities of Quote-to-order and Possible Solutions
It is becoming necessary to go beyond the direct sales force to sell complex products. With the advent of personal computers and the Internet, new possibilities

direct request examples  More Complexity beyond the Direct Sales Force Although the traditional call center is not often used to sell and handle customer inquiries (or complaints) about very complex products, there will still be times when information needs to be given or received by phone. Some manufacturers of configured consumer products, such as personal computers (PCs), or Internet service providers may use telephone sales and support quite extensively, in addition to the web chat and self-service options of late. Internal Read More...
How to Buy an Enterprise Software Thingy
Laws a’mercy, now that’s what you call a flame war.The White Paper Pundit has taken direct aim at our Top 10 Most Ambiguous White Paper Buzzwords, decrying

direct request examples  Paper Pundit has taken direct aim at our Top 10 Most Ambiguous White Paper Buzzwords , decrying our use of the word “tool” to refer to so-called software “solutions.” I won’t address his characterization of TEC bloggers as “fashionably unique.” (Software selection? Fashionable? Whatever. Can’t wait for the catwalk.) I’ll just point out that TEC’s mandate is to be an advocate for the end user when it comes to buying enterprise software. That’s why we aim to clarify and simplify the Read More...
Frankie Does ERP, Part 1
[Editor’s note: Frank is not a composite character. He is a real person, employed at a real company. I’ve changed certain identifying particulars at his request

direct request examples  A. I have four direct reports, all of whom want my boss’s job after they’ve digested and shat mine out. Thanks to the latest round of layoffs, there are only 300 of us left at Scrotchets, Inc., so upward mobility is at a premium. I’m a little older than I thought I’d be at this stage of my career. My boss is an asshole. He likes to call me Frankie when I screw up. My home life is, well, frayed is the word. Financial pressures will do that to a family. My boss, on the other hand, comes from a Read More...
Cabela's Selects PTC's Fashion PLM Product
Cabela's, the world's largest direct marketer of hunting, fishing, camping, and related outdoor merchandise, has chosen PTC Windchill FlexPLM software, PTC's

direct request examples  Cabela's, the world's largest direct marketer of hunting, fishing, camping, and related outdoor merchandise, has chosen PTC Windchill FlexPLM software , PTC's product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for retail. The company will be using PTC’s PLM solutions to manage the entire life cycle of its apparel products from conception, through design, technical design, sourcing, and manufacturing, to commercialization. Cabela’s reportedly considered Dassault Systèmes, TradeStone Software, and Centric Read More...
Analysis of HP and Notable Solutions Inc. decision to Integrate Paper Documents Into Microsoft Knowledge Management and Messaging Applications
System integration is relatively painless due to the 9100c's ability to connect to the network with a HP Jet Direct card and a simplified installation user

direct request examples  with a HP Jet Direct card and a simplified installation user interface. ABMSync is expected to be available in Europe and the US as of February 1st 2000. In addition to ABMSync, Nsi and HP have announced AutoStore. The AutoStore product automatically indexes paper documents that are sent from the HP Digital Sender, administrators can configure AutoStore to route documents to the Exchange Database of choice. User Recommendations Companies dealing with large quantities of outbound physical documents, may Read More...
Oracle Enhances JD Edwards EnterpriseOne at Its Partner Summit
Perhaps the best examples of continuing innovation in the existing Oracle ERP product lines were some announcements at the Oracle JD Edwards Partner Summit 2013

direct request examples  
Meeting Request Regarding PLM Research/PLM Buyer Behaviour Report
The PLM user landscape is changing

direct request examples  Request Regarding PLM Research/PLM Buyer Behaviour Report The PLM user landscape is changing : TEC has tracked the selection criteria of over 400 PLM initiatives over a two-year period, and observed significant changes in the expectations and objectives of PLM solution buyers. Backed by benchmarking data derived from thousands of enterprise selection projects conducted by TEC's user community, we are currently creating a report entitled The TEC PLM Software Buyer Behavior Report . Invitation : We Read More...
Examples Of How Some Mid-Market Vendors Might Remain Within The Future Three (Dozen)?
While the ongoing consolidation frenzy is by no means the end of smaller vendors, the number of survivors will certainly be only a few dozen. Amid these ongoing

direct request examples  vertical expertise and long-term direction. To that end, this acquisition should expand Agilisys Automotive's (a future name for Agilisys' division comprising former BRAIN AG and BRAIN North America and soon to include Future Three) market share in North America and allow the vendor to further concentrate on its customers' distinctive automotive requirements. The merging of the two automotive industry prominent mid-market providers should create a comprehensive suite of global solutions that should meet t Read More...

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