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'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Proc, and SCM Unite! A Series Study: J.D. Edwards
J.D. Edwards believes in the possibilities (both in terms of technology and sell-ability) of Collaborative Commerce. How far have they gotten in that vision

disappearing taskbar  least, and won't be disappearing any time soon. If you're a current user, you really don't have too much to fear, but you do have some work keeping up with the shifting strategies and multitude of integrated, semi-integrated, and not-so-integrated solutions that are woven into OneWorld Xe. If you're a potential buyer, keep in mind J.D. Edwards' core: ERP, and their plan to develop CRM as another part of their core around YOUcentric's CRM components model. If you're looking for a Tier 1 ERP vendor, it Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » disappearing taskbar

Novell to Play Catch-Up with GroupWise 5.5 Internet Enhancement Pack
Novell is positioning GroupWise to compete head to head with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange by enhancing its Internet and administrative functionality.

disappearing taskbar  issues, spell check issues, disappearing folders and various administration concerns. We spoke to one of Novell's reference sites, supported by Jaime Shifrin. Mr. Shifrin has not as of yet implemented the enhancement pack and does not expect to do so for several quarters, indicating that the present web access release is functional but needs help. When asked if the firm makes use of either the integrated document management or imaging features, Mr. Shifrin said As we do not use them I would like to Read More
ToolsGroup-Going Back to Its SCP Roots
What has ToolsGroup, the expert in demand-driven SCP, been doing to address demand and supply variability? Read P.J. Jakovljevic’s article and see how

disappearing taskbar  market that is slowly disappearing as an independent niche (while SCP/forecasting is also highly contested)? JB: That's a good question. By bringing unique statistical skills to SCP, we offer capabilities that appeal to many types of companies. Here are a few examples: A statistically-based solution is ideal for addressing supply chains with a mix of intermittent or “lumpy demand” items alongside fast movers . As we discussed, intermittent demand is very typical not only in aftermarket parts and slow Read More
Concerted Disruption, Climb Aboard
Labeled a disruptive technology, it's changing the landscape of enterprise software development, distribution, and consumption. Open source software is grounded

disappearing taskbar  to the point of disappearing. When the open source project is started by a company as a focal point around which it builds business, it cannot afford to alienate any part of its community because that implies the risk of also losing its clients. This can even include its competitors, since they may be just as much a part of the community. It will be in the competitors' interests to contribute in a like manner to the project—their interest toward its improvement is as great as anyone else's. This would Read More
TradeBeam Keeps on Rounding Out Its GTM Set
TradeBeam strategic expansion, which covers the entire life cycle of global trade across order, logistics and financial settlement activities, seeks to improve

disappearing taskbar  point solution providers are disappearing. The leaders seem understand that to truly improve global trade, one must be able to manage both the physical and financial supply chain. Across the entire trade transaction export/import compliance, document management, SCEM, security and contract issues must be managed along side purchase order processing, LC management, pre- and post-shipment financing, reconciliation, invoice presentment, foreign exchange, and insurance management. Product integration between Read More
Microsoft Dynamics AX: The Chosen One Among Microsoft Dynamics ERP Equals? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series positioned all four Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) product lines and concluded that Microsoft Dynamics AX

disappearing taskbar  Dynamics AX: The Chosen One Among Microsoft Dynamics ERP Equals? - Part 2 Part 1 of this blog series positioned all four  Microsoft Dynamics   enterprise resource planning (ERP)  product lines and concluded that Microsoft Dynamics AX [ evaluate this product ] has been selected as the ace and  global “platform” player in selected industries in the Dynamics ERP lineup . In other words, the product has been providing an industry-enabling layer upon which certified partners can build their Read More
Dealing with Global Trade Management Complexity
To optimally complete the global trade cycle, a business must automate, track, and provide visibility to the entire global trade management process to optimize

disappearing taskbar  point solution providers are disappearing. Leaders like JP Morgan Chase and TradeBeam understand that to truly improve global trade, one must be able to manage both the physical and the financial supply chain across the entire trade transaction. The physical supply chain consists of export/import compliance, document management, shipment tracking, supply chain electronic management (SCEM), inventory management, global parts management, security management, and contract management. The financial supply Read More
Managing the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain
Recent uncertainty in the global economy is not only having a negative impact on international economies, but an equally deleterious effect on global supply

disappearing taskbar  down significantly! Discretionary spending disappearing. (Arts, Entertainment & Recreation) To illustrate the global vulnerability of the global supply chain, the World Economic Forum (an international think tank not particularly well known as a source for SCM information) in its 2008 global risk document cited supply chain vulnerability as one of the key global risks in 2008 . Additional Factors that Can Lead to Supply Chain Collapse If a supplier goes out of business During this economic downtown Read More
Deltek's Second Bite at the IPO Cherry (Part I)
In the last decade or so of covering the enterprise applications market, I've witnessed so many products and vendors disappearing and reappearing under a

disappearing taskbar  many products and vendors disappearing and reappearing under a different name, ownership, etc. , but it is for the first time now, at the end of 2007 that I saw basically the same vendor go public for the second time (and in a 10 year timespan). Namely, Deltek ( evaluate its flagship product ), the leading provider of enterprise applications software designed specifically for project-focused businesses (those with business processes revolving around the engagement, execution and delivery of projects), Read More
Identity-based Policy Enforcement: A LAN Security Best Practices Whitepaper
Disappearing network perimeters highlight the need for identity-based security. Open networks, mobile systems, and unmanaged endpoints have become overwhelming

disappearing taskbar  Security Best Practices Whitepaper Disappearing network perimeters highlight the need for identity-based security. Open networks, mobile systems, and unmanaged endpoints have become overwhelming obstacles—and cash drains. However, enforced identity-based policies within identity-blind systems have proven futile. Is there a solution? Yes. Make your policy enforcement layer identity-aware—build user identity knowledge directly into your network fabric. Read More
Desktop PCs: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss… (Dell)
This year, the market can be summed up as 3D: Dell Direct Desktop. In comparison, Compaq and IBM are looking a little flat.

disappearing taskbar  However, HP's message is disappearing from the landscape. They need to draw attention to their deep technical advantages via aggressive marketing to avoid becoming an also-ran - in the minds of buyers, service providers, and software vendors. Market Losers IBM. (NYSE:IBM) IBM is gradually retreating from the market. Late in 1999, IBM announced they would withdraw from the consumer/retail PC portions of the very market they created in the first place. IBM's consumer line, the Aptiva, has not been able to Read More
Customer Process Management: The Real-time Enterprise Depends On the Merging of CPM and BPM
Customer-facing processes are challenging to manage because they are always changing. Conventional workflow automation and stand-alone business process

disappearing taskbar  through other applications, never disappearing into a blind spot. Customer service agents always have up-to-the-minute status of every process that affects their customer. Events such as changes in a customer's status trigger notifications to processes that may be affected. Delays in one process raise alerts that inform other processes, as well as triggering appropriate communications to the customer. A flexible BPM solution for orchestrating cross-department customer-related processes is critical for s Read More
Concur Aims To Be Single Point Of (Purchasing) Access
Concur began as a vendor of shrink-wrapped travel and expense tracking software, but is now making a play to be a major provider of self-service Internet

disappearing taskbar  if the advantage is disappearing Concur should be careful about using it in presentations to technical people. Contrariwise, if Concur's openness does have a real and practical advantage they should be more precise about what it is than they are being at present. The move to having a significant portion of revenues come from ASP licenses has advantages and disadvantages. It may reduce the length of the sales cycle, which had been 6-9 months for single product sales but has risen to be in the 9-12 month ra Read More
Sendmail, Inc. and Disappearing, Inc. Team Up to Add Enhanced Security
Administrators of the sendmail system, coupled with Disappearing, Inc.'s product will be able to set specific

disappearing taskbar  new technology partnership with Disappearing Inc., creators of the Disappearing Email solution. Disappearing Email protects the privacy of email by automatically destroying each message after a certain length of time, as determined by corporate policy. The partnership will allow Disappearing Email to be deployed on Sendmail's powerful Internet Mail platform, including the new Sendmail Multi Switch - a next generation solution that unifies complex enterprise level Internet Mail systems into a single, Read More
The Blessing and Curse of Global Sourcing and Supplier Management
The appeal of global sourcing is understandable given the benefits of seemingly lower costs. But without discerning hidden challenges and eliminating potential

disappearing taskbar  other barriers have been disappearing (or are being significantly reduced) globally, while the expansion of the European Union (EU) eastward opens up new potential countries to source from as well new potential markets in which to sell. With the end of apparel import quotas, this sector is growing rapidly in India and the Far East, while the passage of the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) promises to bring additional activity into Central America as well. Today, consequently, retailers are, Read More

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