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QueryObject Partners With Cognos
On November 15, QueryObject Systems announced that it has partnered with Cognos Corporation to create and market a high-capacity analytical data mart accessible

distributed caching  handle both server-centric and distributed network caching Internet architectures. Cognos will provide and integrate the front-end business intelligence solutions in the form of its products PowerPlay and Impromptu, (market leaders in OLAP technology and query/reporting respectively), with the QueryObjects System. As partners, the two vendors will participate in selected joint sales and marketing activities worldwide. What they hope to provide is a single high-capacity analytical data mart that is Read More
ERP for Distribution Industries
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)—distribution software is designed for companies in the distribution and logistics industries. Traditional distribution businesses focus on moving goods t...
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Documents related to » distributed caching

Saba Software: All about People (Cloud) - Part 3

distributed caching  techniques including  clustering , distributed caching, virtualization, session failover management, and off-line processing for asynchronous processes. Configurability and Extensibility : The Saba platform offers a configurable application environment whereby business processes, system features, and user experiences can be easily configured to meet the needs of the vendor’s diverse customer base. Integration Ready : Saba solutions are deployed in complex IT ecosystems where integrations with other Read More
Informatica Morphs into Enterprise Decision Support Vendor
Informatica Corporation, long an established vendor in the Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) market space, has morphed themselves into a vendor of solutions for the

distributed caching  widely known as a distributed file system, was developed by Sun. It can be used to make files appear to be on the local machine when they are in fact somewhere else on the network. Metadata: Data that describes other data. Table and column names are examples of metadata. Metadata for a relational database system is stored in a Data Dictionary. Schema: The definition of an entire database. It defines the structure and the type of contents that each data element within the structure can contain. Schemas Read More
E-mail 101
The first e-mail programs were created in the late 60s/early 70s—simpler times, when everyone on the network was trustworthy. Even knowing what we know today

distributed caching  System (DNS) provides a distributed database for converting names to IP addresses. It uses caching to improve performance. There are different types of DNS records; two that control mail delivery are the Mail Exchange (MX) and Address (A) records. The MX record names hosts that will accept mail for a specific domain, and A records provide the IP addresses of named hosts. SMTP, the SimpleMail Transfer Protocol, is used to send email. It provides no authentication and any aspect of an email message can be Read More
Surf's Up at Akamai
Akamai has unveiled a killer IPO in a mere 14 months. Its innovative product called FreeFlow delivers website content at stellar speeds. Will it be able to

distributed caching  Size and Scope: Wide-area distributed content delivery capacity is a factor of a number of variables: cpu power, RAM/cache, routing algorithms, and number of distribution points. Having deployed over 1,700 servers globally, Akamai has a 25% lead on distribution points over Sandpiper Networks. The more distribution points a content delivery vendor has, the more accurately it can determine the most efficient connection for a website query. When comparing performance monitoring capabilities, Akamai has Read More
KMx is KMSI@s distributed learning platform that provides integrated e-learning content development, learning management, performance management, learning

distributed caching  KMx is KMSI's distributed learning platform that provides integrated e-learning content development, learning management, performance management, learning content management, and virtual classroom technologies. KMSI positions its KMx suite as a solution to accomplish all e-learning requirements via one integrated package. KMx is designed to help staff to take existing instructor-led materials and convert them into e-learning materials quickly, easily, and inexpensively, without requiring special Read More
Windchill is a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution that was designed from the ground up to work in an Internet-based, distributed design environment

distributed caching  work in an Internet-based, distributed design environment. Windchill technology forms the foundation of the packages PTC offers to address data, change, configuration, and process management; product development collaboration; project management and execution; and the release of product information to manufacturing management systems. Windchill PDMLink consolidates scattered islands of information into a single information source, which can help bring order to chaotic change processes and speed the Read More
Originally developed by Orisoft (acquired by Exact Software in January 2009) unifiedHCMS is a human capital management (HCM) suite for the East Asian market.

distributed caching  information, and tasks are distributed according to predefined rules set by the organization. Read More
Online Interactive Virtual Environment (OLIVE): A Multi-user, Virtual-world Software Platform
Virtual worlds are created for a range of purposes, including support for various industries and applications. These worlds require a distributed client-server

distributed caching  These worlds require a distributed client-server architecture allowing applications to scale from a single-user application to a large-scale environment. However, if your developers are going to concentrate on the application of virtual environments, the hard technology problems need to be solved in advance. Read More
Cambian C/3
Cambian C/3 provides 4 key capabilities: (1) Distributed Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment with customer-specific visibility into your product catalog and product

distributed caching  4 key capabilities: (1) Distributed Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment with customer-specific visibility into your product catalog and product availability, with automated order capture, commitment, and fulfillment; (2) Consensus-Based Demand Forecasting including automated collection, aggregation, and review of customer demand forecasts, with integration to decision support tools and historical records, as well as automated generation of replenishment plans; (3) Multi-Mode Replenishment with Read More
AGPL v3 Touches Web Services
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) issued a press release on its newly published Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3. This license affects the

distributed caching  Note, software is not distributed itself, it's delivered as a web service. In other words, the clients of the secondary companies benefit from the modifications and the code your company originally developed but the rising tide effect of FOSS development is neglected. As a Web-based service, the companies providing their own CRM service with the application aren't required to release their modifications back to the community, so the company that originated the application wouldn't benefit from the FOSS Read More
Supercharging SOA
IT managers realize that service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects are no longer an “if”@they’re a “when.” SOA can help achieve your number-one goal

distributed caching  an organization. SOA, a distributed software model that uses independent Web services to support business processes, answers this call. Respondents to the survey say SOA will positively affect a host of business initiatives throughout the enterprise. Chief among these are application development, automation of manual processes and customer service. Just over one-third of the IT managers surveyed say they are confident this transformation will take place within the next 12 months. Already, IT managers are Read More
The StoneGate security platform blends network security and end-to-end availability into a unified and centrally-manageable system for distributed

distributed caching  and centrally-manageable system for distributed enterprises. The StoneGate Management Center provides role-based administration through a single, centralized management system. StoneGate provides a layered architecture and correlated incident detection and response between firewall and IPS to help reduce response times and errors. Its Internet uptime and performance, gateway and Web server load balancing enhances business continuity. Read More

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