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Workforce Diversity: Meeting the Challenges Head On
Diversity is an important part of the change that today’s businesses are experiencing. Many organizations are working on an international level and, as such

diversity  as technology and globalization. Diversity is an important part of this change. Many organizations are working on an international level and, as such, need to understand the meaning of diversity when managing an increasingly growing and diverse group of people. What Is Diversity? Diversity refers to the mix of qualities that are different from our own and those of the groups to which we belong—both socially and within our work environments. Diversity encompasses (but is not limited to) personality, Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » diversity

Remote IT Management
Businesses of all sizes must manage an increasing diversity of remote users and devices. The tasks involved range from keeping systems running to ensuring

diversity  must manage an increasing diversity of remote users and devices. The tasks involved range from keeping systems running to ensuring security, compliance, and more. Under this sort of pressure, IT managers and managed service providers must have flexible access to powerful tools and an ability to share the data those tools rely on. Software as a service (SaaS)-based tools can help—find out how. Read More
Discussing Leadership and Management with HCM Provider Lumesse’s Daniela Porr
TEC’s Raluca Druta spoke with Lumesse’s Daniela Porr, head of product management for the company’s talent management solution, about diversity and balance in

diversity  acknowledgement and support of diversity both internally and with its range of customers around the globe, I thought it would be suitable to discuss the topic of leadership with Porr. Her main responsibility is to ensure that the Lumesse team supports its diverse global customers, from strategic compensation management to core human resources (HR), performance and development, and learning. Lumesse’s product team is formed of people coming from many regions of the globe, as is the case with most teams Read More
Case Study: Customer and Data Management System Helps Maintain Growth, Increase Revenue
During a period of rapid growth, MSI—an IT solutions provider—found its business software applications couldn’t keep up with the amount and diversity of

diversity  with the amount and diversity of information pouring into the company. The lack of a centralized customer relationship management (CRM) system also caused problems with MSI’s partners. Learn how MSI found a solution that integrated its CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes and information. Read More
Ramco Systems - Diversity Marshaled Through Flexibility Part 2: Market Impact
In the fiscal year 2000-01, Ramco transformed from a predominantly core ERP provider to a complete solutions company with a broader portfolio of products (e.g.,

diversity  Systems - Diversity Marshaled Through Flexibility Part 2: Market Impact Ramco Systems - Diversity Marshaled Through Flexibility: Part 2: Market Impact P.J. Jakovljevic - December 17, 2001 Market Impact  The market is bound to hear more about Ramco Systems in the future. Although India-based ERP solutions provider may be only slightly more than a decade old and not well known outside the Asian market, it might have found a winning market tackling strategy in delivering a new agile component-based Read More
The Value of a Learning Management Compliance Solution
Companies spend millions each year conducting mandatory training. Whether triggered by an audit, the risk of non-compliance, bad PR, or internal training requirements, achieving compliance can be difficult and costly. One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is reducing costs from fines and lawsuits. Download this white paper to find out how a learning management compliance solution can help manage your compliance requirements.

diversity  Capital Management (HCM),   Diversity and Compliance Reporting/Management,   Classroom Training,   Human Resource Management (HRM),   Training and Development,   Information Management and Collaboration,   Training and Education,   Assessment,   Testing,   and Certification Management,   Library Service,   Competency and Performance Management,   Courseware,   Courseware Development,   Web Based Training (WBT),   Distance Learning,   E-learning Management,   Learning Content Authoring, Read More
An Indian’s view on the Chindian software outsourcing condition
I was positively staggered to read the article “Should North Americans Send More Software Development Work to China?” Perhaps my opinions are underlined with a bias of the South Indian (you’ll find Bangalore in those parts) variety, a fierce one at that too (which is why I have long abstained from writing the article “Why Indian outsourcing is the next best thing to sliced bread”). Nevertheless, I

diversity  this concept. In short, diversity is one of the things that make the world beautiful. I believe India and China won’t be enough to take over all the software outsourcing business. In fact, countries such as Ireland and the Ukraine also have good presence in this area. However, the 4 countries don’t make an exhausted list. There are other players. The Chindia idea was amazing and I really liked it. Josh Chalifour on 18 November, 2008 at 1:49 pm # Funny, I’d have thought this post might inspire some Read More
How Bar Codes Can Optimize Data Recording and Information Analysis
Bar code technology allows users to analyze information to develop more accurate maintenance, personnel, and financial planning. In particular it can hasten the data recording processes in a maintenance system, as seen in its use in the aircraft maintenance process.

diversity  is reliable, has equipment diversity, has brand and provider diversity, is well known, and is affordable. Further, it will be available in the market for some time, so users will be able to obtain equipment, parts, and service from several providers. Conclusion Bar code technology is very useful in monitoring the performance of the aircraft maintenance process and in tracking components and operations in the technical warehouse. This technology speeds up the data recording processes in a maintenance Read More
Peoplefluent® is transforming Talent Management through best-of-breed technology and expertise. With a deep focus on business intelligence and analytics, the company's mobile and SaaS technology gives clients the actionable insight required to make strategic decisions that drive better business results.

diversity  and Workforce Compliance and Diversity solutions to manage salaried, hourly and contingent labor across their organization. These solutions manage the entire talent lifecycle from recruiting to onboarding and through the ongoing management of each individual s career while helping organizations measure, analyze and empower their existing workforce. The Company s solutions currently support more than 5,000 organizations ranging in size from large, global corporations to small and medium-sized businesses, Read More
Is SSA GT Betting Infini(um)tely On Acquisitions? Part Two: Market Impact
Like the previous two acquisitions, this one too seems aimed at enlarging SSA GT’s customer base, market share, and, more importantly, its predictably recurring support revenue and consequently larger R&D pool.

diversity  manufacturing-centric, Infinium should add diversity in terms of new market opportunities (competing rather with the likes of PeopleSoft , Lawson Software or Geac in certain service-based industries), while also expanding functionality and customer base, which has become important possibly more than ever nowadays for all software vendors in a shrinking economy. SSA GT s current staff members have known as much about gaming and healthcare industries as mere hotel/casino/hospital visitors in the past. This Read More
IBM Presents Social Business Tools Future Releases at IBM Connect 2013
The IBM Connect 2013 Opening General Session peeked into what the future will bring for IBM's clients and partners. The company will launch a new suite for human resources (HR), and new versions of the IBM Connections social business platform and the Customer Experience Suite. A series of applications meant to create collaborative work environments (i.e., community builder, video conferencing

diversity  facilitating exchanges on a diversity of tasks. In addition, the solution will include predictive hiring analytics that help candidates and HR professionals understand who makes a good fit for available positions. The solution will include workforce analytics meant to ensure that learning is a continuous process that anticipates organizational needs rather than being reactive to emergency situations. The IBM Employee Experience Suite will combine IBM’s social and communications technology with the Read More

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