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Enterprise Resource Planning Vendors Address Lean Manufacturing
Intentia, Fujitsu Glovia, QAD, and SSA Global's solutions supporting lean manufacturing are examined. Which areas the extended enterprise resource planning (ERP

does axapta run on iseries  used. When a customer does not take title to material until it is actually used in manufacturing, raw material and purchased parts inventories are, in effect, eliminated. As a result, inventory turns typically increase and the use of capital assets is maximized. Nonetheless, the SV functionality described heretofore really applies to organizations using traditional scheduling techniques. It is the Kanban Visualization ( KV ) component of SV that is important in terms of lean manufacturing. This Read More

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
A content management system is a software package designed to manage an organization''s entire collection of documents, records, and other information assets. Content mana...
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Documents related to » does axapta run on iseries

On-demand ERP in the Enterprise: A Practical CIO Guide to Implementation
Discover a framework for crafting a software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategy in your company. Examine key concerns such as data integrity, maintaining compliance

does axapta run on iseries  and orders. How often does data need to be exchanged with each separate application? A weekly, daily or hourly batch job is simpler to implement than real-time integration-especially to older systems that may not have been engineered for a service-oriented environment. Will integrations need to accommodate other on-demand applications? Consider mediation via an integration-as-a-service platform rather than a simpler but less adaptable point-to-point architecture. Robustness. Security and reliability are Read More
Focus on Process to Reduce Your Recruiting Costs
Need to reduce recruiting costs in your organization? This executive brief provides several ideas on how to reduce those costs while still driving exceptional

does axapta run on iseries  talent, talent management, hiring, Oracle HCM, HCM Oracle, talent Oracle, Oracle talent, recruiting, recruitment, Oracle, staffing, recuiting costs, recruitment costs, recruitment strategies, e-recruiting Read More
xTuple xChange, Add on to Your ERP
In a call yesterday with xTuple's Ned Lilly, we had a chance to catch up on the open source ERP vendor's current business. I wanted to say a word about the

does axapta run on iseries  works properly. Finally, xTuple does review what goes in its xChange so that ought to help reassure people that the items listed are applicable for their system. It remains to be seen whether xTuple will be any good at generating controversy the way Apple does when rejecting apps in its store. Then again, I don't suppose many people will develop a baby shaker application for an ERP system. A lot has happened since the interview I published with Ned in 2004 (note: xTuple was named OpenMFG at that time). Read More
Does Your MRP Spell Profit?

does axapta run on iseries  Your MRP Spell Profit? Read More
Why IT Does Matter in BPO
IT plays a critical role in any outsourcing effort. Organizations engaged in or pursuing business process outsourcing (BPO) must ensure that they truly

does axapta run on iseries  IT Does Matter in BPO IT plays a critical role in any outsourcing effort. Organizations engaged in or pursuing business process outsourcing (BPO) must ensure that they truly understand the capabilities of their existing software environment, as well as the capabilities of candidate BPO service providers. Embedding IT requirements and capabilities from the start will thus improve the likelihood of success for any BPO endeavor. Read More
Hiring on Assumptions Is Not Cost-effective
The importance of resource selection is undervalued in the software industry. But in fact, the resource selection process is directly related to software

does axapta run on iseries   Read More
A New Look on the Horizon for TEC
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has announced that it will be launching its redesigned web site on February 14, 2007. The announcement comes after months of

does axapta run on iseries   Read More
Jaspersoft on Amazon Web Services Marketplace
Jaspersoft has decided to take the JasperReports Server Community Edition and make it available on Amazon’s recent offering called AWS Marketplace, free of

does axapta run on iseries   Read More
Fighting Cybercrime on the Internet
Excerpts from a presentation on cybercrime by Laura Taylor, TEC Director of Security Research for the E-Gov 2000 Conference sponsored by SAIC on July 10, 2000

does axapta run on iseries  mitigating these dangers. How Does This Relate to Web-hosting Providers? If we take a look at Section 2252A of Title 18, it becomes clear that a web-hosting provider who knowingly possesses child pornography on a company owned hosting server, even if it is by contractual arrangement with a customer, can be held liable. From having worked at several web-hosting companies, I can assure you that today, most web hosting companies do not realize their liabilities in this area. 2252A states that accountable Read More
Jumping on the Cloud - A Measured Approach
There’s a lot of hype about companies moving to the cloud, but are they actually doing it? Cloud adoption is not as rapid as some providers might lead you to

does axapta run on iseries  consumer of the services does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure. It is the cloud providers who support the management of software, platforms, and infrastructure. One way to look at it is that cloud providers can manage commodity computing services like disk storage in much the same way a utility company provides electricity to a consumer. How is cloud deployment different from on-premise deployment? As we can see from the description above, the technology being provided by cloud Read More
IBM Taking on Sun in Web Infrastructure?
IBM has decided to take on Sun in the Internet infrastructure arena. What do they bring to the table? And who will win the war of words?

does axapta run on iseries  cage match , but it does make for interesting reading. Market Impact On the hardware side, IBM has made a point of going after Sun, especially in the Web infrastructure area. First it was the RS/6000 S80 blowing the doors off of Sun's E10000 Starfire performance on the TPC-C benchmark, especially when price/performance is included in the equation. Then it was IBM's trumpeting the sales figures exceeding those of Sun's Starfire . Although Sun is trying to minimize the impact (what some might call spin Read More
Act-on offers a cloud-based marketing automation platform.@Act-On@s technology features a database for accelerated campaign implementation; an easy, intuitive

does axapta run on iseries  marketing automation, e-mail campaigns, marketing automation platform, marketing campaign management Read More
Compaq to Halt NT on Alpha Development
Compaq Computer Corp. this week laid off roughly 100 engineers responsible for developing Windows NT/2000 on the Alpha platform, several informed sources said.

does axapta run on iseries  compaq,compaq laptop,compaq laptops,compaq pc Read More
The Power of Cloud ERP on the Food Processing Plant Floor
For food processing companies, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution offers a clear view of what is happening on the plant floor so they

does axapta run on iseries  erp on the food processing plant floor,what is erp,erp for,the erp,erp and,what is a erp system,what is an erp system,what is erp system,resource planning,software for erp,erp software,what is erp software,food industry companies,resources planning,erp software system Read More

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