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Enterprise Asset Management Systems: Your Manufacturing Organization’s Underrated Superstar
For all you baseball fans living in the US and Canada, you can probably appreciate that we are quickly approaching what is referred to as “the dog days of

dog cursors  referred to as “the dog days of August.” This is when the pennant races are close, and almost every game has added significance for a team’s chances of making it to the playoffs. As I was enjoying one of those rare idyllic days lying in the backyard hammock and reading the sports page, it occurred to me how the good teams are not just about one or two great players. Rather, they are comprised largely of players whose natural athletic ability may not necessarily match that of the few superstars on Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » dog cursors

It’s About Process (or The Ability to Be Responsive)
Because business processes are often communicated in an ad hoc and unregulated manner, it can be difficult to standardize processes across organizations

dog cursors  Webcom - Eating Own Dog Food It might be interesting to note that Webcom, as a software developer itself, has since late 2006 been using ResponsAbility internally for its older sibling WebSource CPQ product's bug tracking and new product features introduction. The traditional model, whereby the dedicated product/project manager and support staff were the only bidirectional conduit between the client's team (i.e., WebSource CPQ users and administrators, local project manager, application owners, Read More
The Art, Science, and Software behind (Optimal) Retail Pricing - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog post series expanded on some of TEC’s earlier articles about companies’ need for better pricing management and optimization practices. This

dog cursors  the demand for hot dog buns may be impacted as much by the demand for hot dogs as it is by the price of the hot dog buns themselves. Thus, pricing hot dogs correctly is critical to both hot dog and hot dog bun sales. To effectively set promotional prices, retailers need to have a thorough understanding of the uplift of demand. As an apparel example, non-promoted accessories such as bracelets, earrings, bags, or belts could also see a lift in sales if paired and displayed wisely with a promoted dress. Read More
Innovative Approaches in the Free-for-all World of Value-added Resellers
The universe of existing applications partners is relatively stable; some occasional movement from dropping one product in favor of another occurs naturally

dog cursors  and perform their flashy dog and pony shows, the companies should unequivocally insist on vendors showing how their proposed system will help achieve the desired user objectives (see Demonstration Post-mortem: Why Vendors Lose Deals ). Only by a diligent process of evaluation that includes a plethora of other factors, such as scripted scenario demonstrations, outcomes for reference site visits or calls (see Client References—Still a Valuable Part of Vendor Selection? ), and product flexibility Read More
The Yin and Yang of Electronic Commerce
This note identifies the major corporate functions that engage in E-Commerce activities and the kinds of information flows that result from E-Commerce

dog cursors  tail that wags the dog. Customer Service: Like Web Management, the departmental location of this function is less important than its unique nature. Its uniqueness reflects its dual role as a technical help desk and the first line of customer relation management. It has strong ties to Web Management, Strategic Customer Relationship and Operations, but its function is separate from each. Back Office: Certainly not a single function, but grouped together in this chart to reflect that its functions are Read More
Ask the Experts: So, This ERP Thing… How Does It Work?
TEC reader Martin K. recently wrote in with these questions:What kind of data is handled by ERP systems and how it is done? How does the interface work? Which

dog cursors  Clouseau : Does your dog bite? Hotel Clerk : No. Clouseau : [bowing down to pet the dog] Nice doggie. [Dog barks and bites Clouseau in the hand] Clouseau : I thought you said your dog did not bite! Hotel Clerk : That is not my dog. The moral of the story: Your ERP system will bite you unless you ensure your entire organization takes ownership. Of course, you’ll need to choose a project team leader to steer the selection process through the various pitfalls and minefields, as well as a project Read More
Mainstream Enterprise Vendors Begin to Grasp Content Management Part One: PCM System Attributes
Enterprises are becoming painfully aware of the need to clean up their structured data and unstructured content acts to capitalize on more important efforts

dog cursors  Mainstream Enterprise Vendors Begin to Grasp Content Management Part One: PCM System Attributes Introduction SAP 's recent acquisition of the former catalog management vendor A2i and IBM 's acquisition of the former product information management (PIM) vendor Trigo might indicate some enterprise-wide product content management (PCM) approaches of the mainstream enterprise platform and enterprise applications or enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors, as their responses to the need for an effective Read More
Pet Industry Finds Fresher Air in NetSuite Cloud
NetSuite has long achieved tremendous success in the distribution and retail sectors, with recent forays in manufacturing, and a total of 16,000 customers. With

dog cursors  included fast-growing companies such as  Dog is Good, Happy Jack, Pup-Pee Solutions, Ruffwear , and Pet Lifestyle And You (P.L.A.Y) . These companies have replaced disparate and/or outdated legacy on-premise systems with NetSuite's single integrated suite of business management software, providing omnichannel business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales, financials, inventory and order management, manufacturing, and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, allowing these Read More
Data Mining: The Brains Behind eCRM
Data mining has emerged from obscure beginnings in artificial intelligence to become a viable and increasingly popular tool for putting data to work. Data

dog cursors  learning. When training a dog to roll over, the owner will say roll over (the input), then grasp Fido on either side and physically rotate him laterally over the ground to simulate the desired response: a roll (the output). Eventually the dog will respond automatically to the roll over command with the appropriate action. The analogy fails, however, when extending it to data mining. In data mining, the trained model needs to respond to more than just known inputs, but must give meaningful results Read More
Oracle Applications - An Internet-Reinvented Feisty Challenger
It is startling how much has changed in Oracle’s applications business during the last two years. Oracle is indisputably the most reformed applications vendor

dog cursors  Demonstrating Eating Its Own Dog Food Example : Oracle has also undisputedly succeeded in its declared objective of saving internal costs by deploying its own eBusiness and CRM products. It has unified many of its sales and administrative processes and has reduced overhead by over 44% as a result. While the aim was to reduce cost by $1 billion, the actual savings have almost reached double that figure. Would anybody need a better proof of what Oracle products could possibly do for another similar Read More
Evaluating Enterprise Software-Business Process or Feature/Function-Based Approach? All the above, Perhaps? Part Three: Knowledge Bases and User Recommendations
RFPs and selection tools typically focus on features and functions. The business process protagonists consider this focus old fashioned. However, users want and

dog cursors  and show you their dog and pony shows, insist on vendors unequivocally showing you how their systems will help you achieve the desired objectives (see Demonstration Post-Mortem: Why Vendors Lose Deals. RFPs and selection tools typically focus on features and functions. The business process protagonists consider this focus old fashioned. However, users want and need an inventory or check list of the functions to understand if the business process will work. One always has to start from somewhere, and Read More
IP Phone Buyer’s Guide
Long-term cost savings and extensive feature sets make voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems an attractive option for many businesses. But with

dog cursors  The average American pet dog is likely to outlive your company's high-priced traditional telephone system. In fact, analysts estimate that the average life expectancy of a legacy phone system is just seven (human) years. There will come a time, probably sooner rather than later, when every business will have to consider trading in its age-old desktop phones for IP equivalents. Hybrid IP PBX vs. Pure IP The key to selecting an appropriate IP phone hinges on developing a proper telephony migration Read More
In August 2011, TEC Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic experienced the 11th Vendor Shootout for ERP first-hand. Plex Systems, IQMS, and abas-USA presented

dog cursors  to swooning over vendors’ dog-and-pony shows and falling for distasteful competitor-bashing. Quite to the contrary—these folks had only limited patience for each vendor’s introductory corporate slides, and they were eager to dive deeper into the prescribed demo script. Many of the attendees were looking to replace their outdated/outgrown legacy ERP systems ( Intuit QuickBooks , Exact JobBOSS , Infor Point.Man , PRMS , and Baan IVc were some names that I heard, but there might likely be many more), Read More
What’s New in Microsoft SQL Server 2000
SQL Server 2000, the next major release of SQL Server 7, is Microsoft’s SQL 7 release of its database both re-architected and re-written. Microsoft has high

dog cursors  as eating your own dog food , and their commitment to the product is clear. The product is based on Microsoft's Windows DNA (Distributed Internet Architecture), and includes many interesting components, some of which are also present in SQL Server 7.0 and many of which have been enhanced: Web Related Internet Information Services 5.0 (IIS): Web services integrated with the operating system to allow web hosting. Active Server Pages (ASP): A web server scripting language. HTTP Connectivity: A DLL is Read More
Manugistics: An Old Dog Learns New Tricks
One year ago, Manugistics appeared to be on the brink of disaster. With the help of new management and an e-business product launch, the timeworn supply chain

dog cursors  An Old Dog Learns New Tricks Manugistics: An Old Dog Learns New Tricks S. McVey - April 17th, 2000 Event Summary Manugistics Group, Inc. recently announced its fourth quarter and fiscal year-end results. License revenues grew 51% over the third quarter to $22.0 million, while services and maintenance revenues remained largely flat at $21.7 million, a 2% rise over the third quarter. The company signed a substantial number of new clients, an effort that resulted in a 17% increase in sales and Read More

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