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Portal Strategy: One Vendor's Story and What It Means to You
Epicor is working with Microsoft so that portal adopters can benefit from SharePoint's models and access to other enterprise data.

draw flowchart freeware  application suites, which will draw additional R&D resources. Like its current portal brethren products, Epicor Portal 8.2 will require customers to pay an additional software license above the core application. Those customers who have purchased previous portal applications from Epicor will receive an upgrade path from their current product. Pricing for new customers is per processor for the Epicor Portal Server, but it remains to be seen how the vendor will set the pricing for Epicor Portal Content and Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » draw flowchart freeware

The Wizardry of Business Process Management - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series provided a lengthy discussion about business process management’s (BPM's) necessary parts-and-parcels, and the software category’s

draw flowchart freeware  technologists especially like to draw pictures and diagrams, and the brain needs to understand how the business should use those intertwined data. The brain needs to easily espouse the business intent and know how to use the data to that end, especially when times are tough and users are under pressure. Businesses need to do this team exercise quickly and on the fly. In reality, the competition has never been darker, and those ominous flying monkeys in the movie represent today’s competitors that will Read More...
HP “Medals” In U.S. PC Olympics
In the U.S. desktop PC market, Hewlett Packard and Gateway have been closely embroiled for the #3 position in the market. This trend will not continue. TEC

draw flowchart freeware  buyers. HP needs to draw attention to its deep technical advantages via aggressive marketing to avoid becoming an also-ran - in the minds of buyers, service providers, and software vendors. Battletested in the price wars of the retail market, HP has the potential to offer the business user a winning mix of low price and technical superiority. Gateway Gateway takes the lead in direct sales over HP - it's bested only by Dell Computer Corporation. Gateway has little in the way of R&D. Gateway does have a Read More...
How a Paper and Packing Company Grew with a Scalable ERP System
Joshen Paper & Packaging needed to update its enterprise resource planning (ERP) distribution system. Joshen partnered with Vormittag Associates Inc. (VAI) and

draw flowchart freeware  scalable erp,erp system,erp software,business units scalable erp,web development erp solutions services,enterprise resource planning erp,inventory management erp,asset management solution Read More...
Voice Self-Service Leverages the Knowledge Base to Improve Customer Interactions
Deploying voice self-service (VSS) is undeniably attractive to enterprises because it improves the speed, consistency, and convenience of information sent to

draw flowchart freeware  knowledge base,top knowledge base software,knowledge mgmt software,knowledge base usage,knowledge base software,dynamic knowledge bases,database for knowledge management,creating knowledge bases-free Read More...
Wintel Tries to “Embrace and Extend” the English Language
Intel and Microsoft are getting into the server appliance game, only this appliance is really a small server. But if they want to misuse the term, who are we

draw flowchart freeware  base configuration. Users can draw their own conclusions regarding how streamlined the OS really is. We also question the wisdom of having the product bounded at 64MB. In addition, we note that Windows refers to these appliances as Windows Powered , which was going to be the new name for Windows CE. Is this Windows CE under a different name? No, but it certainly gets confusing after awhile. Finally, this announcement points up that Microsoft is increasingly trying to control the hardware market. This Read More...
The Wild, Wild Web—Conquering New Sales Tax Frontiers in the Cloud
When it comes to sales tax revenue, states are striking out to conquer new frontiers. Tech firms are breaking new ground with online software and services, yet

draw flowchart freeware  vendor, where do you draw the line on sales tax? Read More...
How to Start a No-fail Project, Part 3: Planning for Success
An estimated two-thirds of IT projects aren’t completed on time or budget, while 15 percent are cancelled entirely. But your IT project doesn’t have to be a

draw flowchart freeware  project management,project management application,project management approach,project management articles,project management association,project management best practices,project management certification Read More...
BoldFish’s Opt-In E-Mail Delivery System ~ ‘Oh My That’s Fast!’
BoldFish will deliver the message faster and more reliably than any other opt-in mail delivery system on the market today.

draw flowchart freeware  on a Web site draw customers to track response rates of the campaign Seamless integration with web site, shopping carts, e-commerce systems and databases to let customers complete transactions immediately. Detailed campaign reports track e-mail delivered, opened, bounced and unsubscribed for each campaign sent. Click-through tracking lets marketers identify and measure each recipient click for particular offer links (URL). Product Challenges Name Recognition - BoldFish must make more strides to develop Read More...
Corel and PC Chips to Accelerate Mass Desktop Deployment of Linux
Corel Corporation today announced its first major Linux(r) OEM alliance, which will see its Linux operating system, Corel(r) LINUX(r), bundled with every

draw flowchart freeware  Corel's applications as a draw to Linux will gain sufficient notice throughout the PC-buying community. One final concern for potential users: who is selling these systems? Since the large PC manufacturers - Dell, Compaq, Gateway, et al. - do not advertise that our motherboards our manufactured by Company XXX , it will be difficult to determine which vendors actually use PC Chips' motherboards. The risk here is that a customer may be forced to purchase these from a relatively unknown vendor, which Read More...
Poor usability leads to irritation and fatigue and it has an adverse impact on the usage experience. In an on-line shopping web site, it can lead to loss of

draw flowchart freeware  painful it was to draw a table in WordStar or WordPerfect . Microsoft Word made it simple, intuitive and fun to draw tables. The same goes for text formatting, mail merge, envelope printing, and so on. Extra wide screens in many software packages force users to scroll horizontally. As a result, speed suffers because users need to lift their hands from the keyboards and keep reaching for the mouse. On the other hand, some packages have thoughtfully laid out their screens in such a way that horizontal Read More...
Enterprise Resource Planning for Services, and Professional Services Automation: Where Do You Draw the Line?
Since the late nineties, enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors have developed functionality for vertical markets in the service industry. Simultaneously

draw flowchart freeware  Automation: Where Do You Draw the Line? Introduction Since the late nineties, it has been evident that the enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors that originally serviced the needs of manufacturing organizations have slowly extended their functionality to service the needs of non-manufacturing industries also. By the year 2000, when many of the major ERP implementations for the manufacturing industry had tapered off, tier one ERP vendors, such as SAP and Oracle , had refocused efforts to market their Read More...
Silverpop Buy Affirms IBM’s Commitment to Marketing
IBM recently announced its intent to acquire Silverpop, Atlanta-based provider of cloud marketing automation software. The giant software vendor values

draw flowchart freeware  real-time customer profiles that draw from permission-based data streams inside and outside the organization (such as social, Web, e-mail, and mobile activity). The solution creates and automatically maintains a single identity for each customer including Universal Behaviors across platforms and devices.   Universal Behavioral Marketing Silverpop provides an intuitive engagement engine that aims to help reduce the complexity of omnichannel marketing, making it easier to personalize the customer Read More...
Salesforce.com Unveils Service Cloud SOS Button for Mobile In-app Support
Salesforce.com recently launched the Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS feature that aims to revolutionize customer service and support by putting an SOS button

draw flowchart freeware  mirror-image view and can draw on the screen to provide personalized step-by-step guidance.   Salesforce1 Service SOS is planned for private beta the second half of 2014 and pricing will be announced at the time of general availability. The solution is specifically for use with native mobile apps with support for iOS and Android. Read More...
Who’s That Knocking On Your Web?
Coremetrics’ approach to visitor tracking is a hosted service that incorporates industry best practices to provide profiling of site visitors to support media

draw flowchart freeware  and product line managers. Draw the graphs you want to see from your software, describe the scenarios in which you think analysis will be most useful, and write hypothetical reports giving the conclusions that you'd like to get from your visitor analyses. Take these to the vendors and invite them to demonstrate how their products will meet these essential requirements. If Coremetrics, or another ASP vendor, ends up on your short list then you may well want to give them a try first. If the cost of Read More...
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