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Mill Industries: A Generic ERP Challenge
Mills are factories where value is added to raw material by processing it into a form suitable either for further manufacturing, or for immediate end-use

duct insulation  as for metals, or production of thermally extruded and formed plastics. Paper Bulk products are usually not delivered directly to printers and packaging manufacturers or to wholesalers and distributors. Paper mills usually produce rolls of paper or card, which are used as rolls by relatively few companies. Thus, mills supply to converters, that cut the rolls into sheets, and sell these sheets to printers, publishers, packaging manufacturers, and so on (there are also similar converter businesses for cut Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » duct insulation

The Seven Types of Power Problems
Many of the mysteries of equipment failure, downtime, software, and data corruption are the result of a problematic power supply. Compounding the problem is

duct insulation  describing power quality problems. Introduction Our technological world has become deeply dependent upon the continuous availability of electrical power. In most countries, commercial power is made available via nationwide grids, interconnecting numerous generating stations to the loads. The grid must supply basic national needs of residential, lighting, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, and transportation as well as critical supply to governmental, industrial, financial, commercial, medical and c Read More
Case Study: Best Foam Fabricators
As a supplier to the automotive industry, Best Foam Fabricators often needed to expedite parts to customers to fill orders. This meant the company was spending

duct insulation  shows finished foam insulation products destined for use in automobiles. For Hasty, on-time delivery to their customers in the automotive industries is paramount- both in terms of customer relations and in terms of profit. Global Shop's One-System ERP Solutions™ helps Best Foam Fabricators consistently meet these all-important delivery due-dates, as well as customer expectations of quality. Our on-time delivery has improved from the mid- 80's to 99%, and this is the rate that our customers really deman Read More
BigIdeas 2011: Of BigMachines’ Quantum Leap - Part 1

duct insulation  and pride in their product, but there was also plenty of camaraderie and even silliness during the 2012 roadmap keynote presentation (let alone during the late-night party at the House of Blues in Chicago downtown). “All work and no play makes…”--but I digress. I wasn’t the only one to attend BigIdeas 2011 for the first time, since in May 2011 the company’s financial backers brought David Bonnette, a seasoned Oracle executive in the customer relationship management (CRM) realm, as the new Read More
The Advantages of Row- and Rack-oriented Cooling Architectures for Data Centers
The traditional room-oriented approach to data center cooling has limitations in next-generation data centers. Next-generation data centers must adapt to

duct insulation  the rack level and duct it directly back to a room-oriented cooling system. This system has some of the benefits of a rack-oriented cooling system but can integrate into an existing or planned room-oriented cooling system. An example of this equipment is shown in Figure 5. Benefit comparison of cooling architectures To make effective decisions regarding choice of architecture for new data centers or upgrades, it is essential to relate the performance characteristics of the architectures to practical issue Read More
Llamasoft Keeps Supply Chain Design Relevant
It used to be (and it might still be the case in many companies) that supply network design and optimization would be run yearly (or maybe every six months) by

duct insulation  largest manufacturers of brand-name products for the home improvement and new home construction markets, as well as a variety of installed products and services, including insulation for homebuilders. Some of Masco’s major brands include Behr paint, Delta and Hansgrohe faucets, bath, and shower fixtures, KraftMaid, Merillat, and Quality cabinets, and Milgard windows and doors. Given that any supply chain design is only as good as the underlying data, Llamasoft announced a new reference rate tariff Read More
Cart32 in Need of Duct Tape
With a gaping security hole, anyone using Cart32 can buy all kinds of stuff for free, or whatever price they feel like paying.

duct insulation  in Need of Duct Tape Cart32 in Need of Duct Tape L. Taylor - August 28, 2000 Event Summary With well over 300 websites using Cart32, it's rather shocking that the big security hole that was reported by Bunny69 back in May still exists in Cart32. Bunny69 reported this hole on May 22 to the SecurityFocus Bugtraq security bugs list, and as of today, we have found Cart32 sites still using this blatantly insecure product. To change the price of a product being sold using Cart32, on the page that has the p Read More
Sense and Respond
Predictive control, reactive control, and passive insulation enables enterprises to predict and adapt to fluctuations in customer demand. Ultimately, adaptive

duct insulation  and Respond Predictive control, reactive control, and passive insulation enables enterprises to predict and adapt to fluctuations in customer demand. Ultimately, adaptive supply chain networks that exploit innovations to consistently improve efficiency and responsiveness are key to surviving a hyper-competitive environment. Read More
Contributing to the Rejuvenation of Legacy Systems in the Enterprise Resource Planning Field
With its focus on service-oriented architecture, SSA Global appears to be sticking to its pledge to protect the user's investment as much as it can, while still

duct insulation  of ownership (TCO). Sound product architecture is critical to enabling faster implementations, easier upgrades, easier integration to other non-native applications, and more flexibility to change processes on an ongoing basis. For acquisitive vendors, there is the benefit of lowering acquisition cost; they can assemble component pieces that are non-proprietary, with an upgrade path to greater functionality, while still maintaining the replaceable nature of these components (due to their standards-based Read More
What Makes a Green Supply Chain?
The Green PhilosophyThere has been so much hype about “green” that many organizations are adopting it, but what is “green”, really? We hear and see it

duct insulation  environmentally and socially responsible products or services which do not destroy nature or our planet. So to produce a green product, do we need to use a “cradle to grave to cradle” philosophy?  The answer is yes. By using this concept, a product can be designed in such a way that when it reaches its end state, it will be recycled or reprocessed to create a new product. For the Good of Our Planet How did we get to such a state that forces us to think this way? Are we destroying our planet by Read More
Meridian Systems’ “Catch Up” Challenge in the Capital Infrastructure Industry - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series covered the spectrum of Meridian Systems’ Proliance solution for Tier One, multi-billion-dollar global companies. It also analyzed

duct insulation  services-based platform, distinct PBO product breadth, and well-attuned business analytics (BI) tools for PBOs. Different Strokes for Different Folks This part will focus more on Meridian’s forerunner Prolog product for smaller organizations, and on the vendor’s upcoming fourth quarter of 2008 (Q408) release of Prolog Connect for the mid-market. Prolog was originally introduced in 1993 on a client/server platform, and is in use today by more than 4,000 companies that have revenues from $10 million to Read More
Creating a Winning Data Transmission Service
Today’s data transmission departments are battling for budget and relevance. Moving files and ensuring delivery is getting tougher every day. To successfully

duct insulation  value to your business Introduction: Take Your Best Shot I. Act Like A Business 2. Define Your Products 3. Be More Than A Provider 4. Differentiate Your Service 5. Know Your Customers Bring It All Together Final Words: Let s Get Busy Introduction: Take Your Best Shot Transform your data transmission department. When you grow into a Transmission Service as opposed to simply being an IT function your team gains new respect and influence as you bring increased value to the business. Understand what might be Read More
CRM: A Business Imperative during the Economic Downturn
The economic downturn means that businesses must capitalize on every opportunity to gain revenue. With the right customer relationship management (CRM) solution

duct insulation  cost savings and on-going productivity improvements. Introduction The global economic downturn has been swift, sharp and widespread across all industries. And while the timeframe for recovery is debated on a daily basis, one certainty remains true: companies today face the toughest economic conditions in several generations. The next steps they take over the coming months will determine their very survival. Winners and losers will inevitably emerge, but perhaps separated by only the thinnest of margins. T Read More
Never Was A Story Of More Woe Than This Of RJR And Nabisco
The complex maneuvers involved in RJR’s divestiture of Nabisco will prove simple compared to the efforts required to join Kraft and Nabisco in a way that

duct insulation  integration) tools can easily duct-tape these applications together, Holden and her team need to start from scratch and design a business process architecture that makes the best use of resources from each company. In addition to diversifying its product mix, Kraft-Nabisco will have expanded its distribution networks, inventory locations, logistics channels, production capacity, and supplier base. Without a thorough review of these new components, a redefinition of business processes that encompasses Read More
Agile ERP Vendor Ditches a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Alliance for, well, its own CRM Solution (Part I)
Writing about failed partnerships in the enterprise applications market is like writing about the sun setting in the evening and to the west, given almost daily

duct insulation  of its flagship ERP product line, Agresso Business World 5.5  [ evaluate this product ], which was released with advanced features in late 2005. Over 2,700 companies and organizations in 100 countries deploy Agresso Business World for both operational support and strategic management. The suite's role-based, Web Services and Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled solutions include: Financial Management, Human Resources (HR) and Payroll, Procurement Management, Project Costing and Billing, Read More

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