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The Whys and Hows of a Security Vulnerability Assessment
TEC outlines the reasons for having a Security Vulnerability Assessment done, how a security vulnerability assessment is performed, what can be gained by

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  your organization has taken due diligence and objectivity in working towards a secure infrastructure. Understanding Denial of Service Attacks Your systems are a global village of transactions, providing you with highly sensitive and confidential corporate and customer information. You cannot afford to allow inappropriate access to your backend systems, or to expose your customer credit card numbers, something that could lead to costly and time-consuming litigation. Security Vulnerability Assessments Read More...
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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Documents related to » due diligence mergers and acquisitions

Epicor's Mid-Market Pitch Becomes Higher For (One) Scala Part One: Event Summary
One should imagine Epicor has carefully thought out the rationale for the recent acquisition of its European counterpart Scala. The merger seems to have much of

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  the completion of Epicor's due diligence investigation of Scala, the receipt of a fairness opinion by Scala, regulatory approvals, the filing of an S-4 registration with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) by Epicor, and other customary conditions including, among others, material adverse changes to Scala and management retention agreements. Initially, Epicor anticipated that it would begin the public offer for all outstanding ordinary shares of Scala and publish an offer memorandum in December Read More...
Integrating All Information Assets Part Two: Why is integration an issue?
Successful e-businesses of the future will be those who treat e-business as the collection of processes, which allow multiple companies to work cooperatively

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  with the objectivity and due diligence exhibited by Belden Brick. However, more often than not, in a contest between your ERP or mine? the acquiring enterprise is typically the winner, for better or for worse. When Acquisition Does Not Include Integration But mergers and acquisitions do not always result in this kind of operational integration. In many instances these acquisitions remained as separate and autonomous operating units, in which case the inherited systems may have survived. And now Read More...
How to Lower Your ERP Implementation Costs
Most companies are facing a number of pressures, thanks to a stormy economic climate. To help control costs and resources, many small to medium businesses (SMBs

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  upon you to perform due-diligence research and analysis regarding the financial viability of not only the VAR (see Ten and a Half Questions to Ask Your VAR before You Sign a Contract at the end of this brief), but also the vendor behind it. Fewer resources to devote to software implementations Obviously, a VAR may not be able to commit resources (e.g., time and labor) on the same scale as the vendor it represents. On the other hand, it is by no means given that any particular vendor will commit to any Read More...
The ERP Market 2001 And Beyond - Part 5: Recommendations
Winning ERP products will demonstrate deep industry functionality and tight integration with best-of-bread ‘bolt-on’ products in a particular vertical. Users

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  the same amount of due diligence as business IT strategy definition and software evaluation. This concludes a five-part article on the ERP Market 2001 and Beyond. Part One contained a market overview. Part Two covered how vendors are reactive to market changes. Part Three analyzed the major vendors in terms of Market Leaders/Winners, Challenger, and Losers. Part Four contained Market Predictions. Part Five contained recommendations for vendors and users. Read More...
Automating Your Call Center Feedback
Almost everyone has had a bad call center experience@due to long queues, ineffective interactive voice response (IVR) systems, or an agent who doesn’t

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  call center,call center services,inbound call center,contact center services,call center outbound,contact center software,innovative call center,call center outsourcing,virtual call centre,winning call center Read More...
Not All Acquisitions Happen: JDA and QRS Part Two: Market Impact
The QRS acquisition by JDA would have eventually brought together two providers of complementary e-commerce products that would help retailers, manufacturers

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  climate owing to recently subdued JDA financial performance and its stock value (which, in fact, has greatly to be blamed for the unsuccessful QRS acquisition). Thus, the $3.8 million (USD) compensation from QRS for breaching the agreement comes as a crumb of comfort. ERP Vendors Address the Retail Market One should also never underestimate the threat of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers that have lately made serious strides in the retail sector. For a discussion of the competition Read More...
Going Vertical? Know the True Capabilities of Your Software
Vertical integration occurs when two companies in different parts of the supply chain merge to capture a larger share of the market. Such mergers often lead to

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  unlikely, but doing your due diligence is the first step in ensuring a seamless transition. If you are not aware of your current system’s full capabilities or unsure whether it adequately supports your needs, you should ask yourself these questions in order to assess your post-merger situation: How well does our enterprise software solution support our new business processes? Do we have redundant applications? How easily can we customize our system? Can we easily make changes without having to Read More...
3M Wraps Up HighJump, While Retalix Shops OMI International Part Two: Market Impact
Both HighJump's and OMI's customers should be pleased because these acquisitions should center their vendors’ supply chain execution products inside a larger

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  malleability of its software, due to HighJump's early adoption of a rules-based product architecture that enables customization without modifying source code. Thus, minimizing the costs and traditional negative ramifications of source code-level customizations. Although a combination of other factors too bodes well for HighJump's success, a key differentiating word at its camp is adaptability . Its solutions are designed to embrace change throughout their life cycles, since, from the base platform and Read More...
How to Convert Web Site Visitors into Leads for Efficient, Successful Prospecting
The number of leads captured from conventional channels is steadily declining due to the increasing importance of web sites. While Web analytic and e-mail

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  channels is steadily declining due to the increasing importance of web sites. While Web analytic and e-mail marketing solutions provide useful data, they do nothing to capture leads. If there was a service that could prospect all your web site visitors, would you use it? Find out how LEADSExplorer is helping businesses convert their web visitors into potential leads. Read More...
Acquisitions Fuel Vendor Growth in the Enterprise Applications Field
Infor cites continued organic growth, license revenue from new customers, and install base cross-selling and up-selling as key growth drivers for the group. The

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  ERP,enterprise resource planning,PLM,product lifecycle management,Infor,Formation Systems,Optiva,Geac,Golden Gate Capital,acquisitions Read More...
Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After Part Three: Market Impact
In several aspects, Lawson Software could be regarded as an enterprise applications market anomaly. For one, at its peak in fiscal 2002, the company boasted

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  
Integration Appliances: The Fastest Track to Master Data Management
While the idea of enterprise-wide data management is conceptually simple, it is extremely difficult to implement in most organizations, due to differences

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  implement in most organizations, due to differences between heterogeneous databases and applications. However, conventional integration software is not required to achieve consistent management of customer data. In fact, integration appliance technology can greatly simplify and reduce the cost of master data management (MDM). Read More...
chinadotcom In The
Mid-market process ERP vendor Ross Systems is being acquired by its Chinese distributor, chinadotcom. Unlike some recent acquisitions that are based on the

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  more important part of due diligence during any software selection. The acquisition by chinadotcom, a stable company with over $300 million in cash, should provide comfort to current and prospective iRenaissance customers. Despite impressive results and certain localization due to its product's support for Unicode, a relatively small vendor like Ross was not going to grow fast on its own without penetrating a large emerging and still not penetrated market, like China. A renowned domestic parent should Read More...
Waking Up to a “New Day” at Infor
Moving away from the relentless acquisitions of the past, Infor is waking up to a brand new day, marked by innovative product development that will change the

due diligence mergers and acquisitions  customer that missed its due date or time. Sales or Operations Management can be immediately alerted, so they can address the business issue. Provide better service. Event Management can also be used to monitor SLAs, so businesses can meet their performance levels and maintain good customer service. ION Workflow —Allows for directing work activities, events, and business documents to any user so that business processes can be executed quickly and accurately. Create quickly. Workflow modeling is Read More...
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