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Business Objects Objects Again
In a repeat of the Brio lawsuit of 1999, Business Objects has now sued Cognos over a U.S. patent that Business Objects holds for a query technology. Cognos says the suit is “invalid and unenforceable”, but it cost Brio $10 million.

E BUSINESS ERP: issues. User Recommendations Customers evaluating business intelligence solutions should still include Cognos solutions in their selection list. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, the company will continue to be a leader in query, OLAP, and many other data warehouse solution areas. Prices should be negotiated early in the process in case Cognos increases its price points due to the need to pay for litigation and damages in this suit, although this event is fairly unlikely. BEGINLYX?

Innovations in Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is in the midst of a new wave of innovations. Ideas in the search space, software as a service, and real-time analytics are extending the reach of BI across the complete size spectrum of organizations. This article looks at these technologies and their impact on businesses.

E BUSINESS ERP: Innovations in Business Intelligence Innovations in Business Intelligence Anna Mallikarjunan - July 17, 2009 Read Comments Business intelligence (BI) 2.0 may have been overshadowed by all the excitement around its cooler cousin Web 2.0, but it cannot be ignored. It is time to take a down-to-earth look at a few recent advances that are making BI more accessible, affordable, and relevant to businesses than ever before. The most observable changes in BI over the past two to three years have occurred in the

CIO s New Guide to Business 24/7
Find out to capitalize on this limitless environment in The CIO s New Guide to Global IT Infrastructure.

E BUSINESS ERP: CIO s New Guide to Business 24/7 CIO s New Guide to Business 24/7 How do you succeed in a business environment where time, distance, and place have lost their meaning? Where borders no longer exist, employees and stakeholders are scattered across the globe, and business runs 24/7? Companies everywhere are struggling to take advantage of these realities—to benefit their bottom lines. Find out to capitalize on this limitless environment in The CIO’s New Guide to Global IT Infrastructure . Learn how to:
8/30/2010 4:07:00 PM

NetWare for Small Business – NetWhy?
Remember Novell? They’re a small Utah company that makes network software called NetWare, now aimed at small businesses. Sounds familiar?

E BUSINESS ERP: NetWare for Small Business – NetWhy? NetWare for Small Business – NetWhy? C. McNulty - July 14, 2000 Read Comments C. McNulty - July 14, 2000 Event Summary PROVO, Utah - Demonstrating its continued commitment to the growing small business market, Novell, Inc. announced the Novell Small Business Suite 5.1. This suite delivers the reliability and scalability of Novell NetWare 5.1, the security and dependability of Novell NDS eDirectory services, and the manageability of Novell GroupWise 5.5-enabling

Why Manufacturers Should Cash In on the Promise of Business Intelligence
Through this interview with RCG Information Technology’s Robert Abate, manufacturers can gain an understanding of what it takes to add value to their current business intelligence (BI) use, or what they can gain from BI and how to get started.

E BUSINESS ERP: Why Manufacturers Should Cash In on the Promise of Business Intelligence Why Manufacturers Should Cash In on the Promise of Business Intelligence Lyndsay Wise - October 20, 2008 Read Comments The perceived value of business intelligence (BI) within the manufacturing industry seems low, as industry adoption is slow at best. To bring the value of BI to manufacturers and to identify ways of optimizing a BI environment, I sat down with Robert Abate, the managing principal and global practice lead for RCG

Using Predictive Analytics within Business Intelligence: A Primer
What are predictive analytics, and how are they used within business intelligence applications and for business performance management?

E BUSINESS ERP: Model portability is important even within different business units in the same company. The scalability of the solution and its ability to handle expanded functionality should also be verified and based on the growth of a business.

Orchestrate Your Business with Integrated Business Planning
Learn how your company can reap the financial and competitive rewards of ibp in ibp: redesigning planning for a more dynamic business.

E BUSINESS ERP: Orchestrate Your Business with Integrated Business Planning Orchestrate Your Business with Integrated Business Planning If you haven t heard of integrated business planning (IBP), you re not alone—the terminology is relatively new. But it relates to a familiar objective: achieving more integrated, more accurate, and more effective planning across the entire organization. With IBP, planning from sales, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and human resources (HR) is highly coordinated. Each department s

Microsoft Lays Enforced-Concrete Foundation For Its Business Solutions
While most of its applications co-opetitors have been licking their wounds and dreading another financial quarterly report, cash amassed Microsoft has recently shown a flair for aptly devising and executing a strategy for its Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) division portfolio, to its partners and customers delight and to dismay of its archrivals.

E BUSINESS ERP: across its new and existing business applications. By unveiling its threefold development strategy: Expanding and enhancing current solutions, Creating new solutions that complement existing offerings, and Delivering next-generation business applications — MBS provided a comprehensive roadmap for its vision for connected solutions that will transform business processes for customers, partners, suppliers and employees . The product strategy session featured a series of solution demonstrations that

Factors Inhibiting the Widespread Adoption of Business Performance Management
Business performance management (BPM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions are at a crossroads. Vendors from each domain compete in the same market. BPM vendors are at a disadvantage due to BI's penetration and expansion into the BPM market.

E BUSINESS ERP: market shares. A recent example is Business Objects acquisition of ALG Software . Such acquisitions give larger vendors an automatic inroad into the BPM market. Additionally, by buying out BPM vendors, BI vendors increase their market penetration, customer bases, and overall presence. Once BI vendors do this on a large enough scale, they could dominate the market by default, making it difficult for best-of-breed BPM vendors to compete or to expand their market presence. Learning Curve BPM vendors are

6 Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System
Find out in 6 Signs that You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System.

E BUSINESS ERP: 6 Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System 6 Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System Is your current business phone system working for you? Or is it standing in the way of your growth and competitiveness? Find out in 6 Signs that You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System . Learn about the major warning signs that your phone system needs attention—and if you would be better off with a hosted or an on-premise system. Find out if your business requires a new or
12/6/2010 2:00:00 PM

Digital Business Service Providers Series: Market Overview
Today’s Digital Business Service Provider (DBSP) market is a complex of interrelated services and provider capabilities. This article traces the history of the service providers, and explains how each arose at points when markets developed around particular core technologies. The historical evidence suggests something about future planning for new technologies and developments.

E BUSINESS ERP: 1990 s to 1998 Though established business was waking up to the possibilities of the Internet, the Y2K issue consumed most of their resources and energies. Rightly or wrongly, the web became the haunt of the newcomer, and dot-com companies arose as online sales opportunities seemed to explode with each passing day. With a roaring stock market, a huge potential and the online market growing at an unprecedented rate, even very unclear business models seemed to offer instant success. Prior to 1998, the

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