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Hubspan is in Suppliers’ Corner
Founded in June, Hubspan helps suppliers connect to a buyer-centric B2B world.

early vote  January, it has secured early stage funding from high profile backers Andersen Consulting Ventures and Seapoint Ventures. In addition to providing financial support, Andersen can be a lucrative indirect channel for Hubspan, which can supply next generation marketplace connectivity for Andersen's B2B engagements. Apart from the implied vote of confidence and potential revenues represented by its backers, Hubspan also boasts a sound value proposition for an underserved market - those mid market companies Read More
ERP for Municipalities
In this model, we assume the municipality controls water, sewers and roads. We assume also that it collects municipal or county taxes and manages many of its own assets such as vehicles and wate...
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Battery Power Shakes Up Made2Manage
While Made2Manage's decision to go private under a wealthy Battery Ventures' wing, which was supposedly committed to invest in the acquired technology was

early vote  market desire. From its early days in 1986, the company has put all of its efforts solely into serving discrete manufacturing SMEs in need of enterprise application solutions that are intuitive and, consequently, easy to use and implement. Moreover, during last few years, Made2Manage has further evolved from a vendor of traditional DOS-based MRP (materials requirement planning) software to a provider of nearly one-stop-shop' enterprise business applications on contemporary Microsoft technologies. The Read More
SAP Backpedals Its SaaS Forays -- By Design or Under Duress?
Let me start this blog post with a huge disclaimer: I have no intentions of wilfully beating up on SAP whatsoever!Sure, the enterprise applications titan

early vote  all the current productive early customers are based and which represent a large amount of the worldwide volume market opportunity. Additional country rollouts will be executed in 2009. It is expected to take around 12 months to 18 months longer than the original 2010 target to reach the SAP Business ByDesign $1 billion revenue and 10,000 customer potential. However, the Company will use SAP Business ByDesign innovations and technologies for the existing solutions and this will contribute significantly Read More
Vendor Feels the Heat in Hot Product Lifecycle Management Market
The product lifecycle management (PLM) market is expected to experience double digit growth through 2008, driven by market dynamics like outsourcing and global

early vote  the NASDAQ Market. In early February 2006, MatrixOne reported its financial results for its second quarter of FY2006, which were lacklustre, to say the least. MatrixOne's total revenues were $33.8 million (USD), compared to $35.8 million (USD) for the same period last year. The vendor had a net income loss of $1.9 million (USD), compared to a net income gain of $0.5 million (USD) in the same period last year. These revenue figures include deferred revenues subsequent to the financial restatement, which Read More
Meiosis, Mitosis: Cap Gemini's Mating with Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young is on the verge of splitting its consultancy heritage (meiosis) and mating it with France's Cap Gemini's (mitosis). It is a leap of faith that

early vote  business from the other early on. Conflict of interests in cases of large and multinational companies is not easy to avoid. The question will however, be interesting as to what the SEC will think of this separation: after all will Ernst & Young accounting and auditing services provide leads to the new Cap Gemini through the new (old) boys system? How does SEC deal with that - and will it need to? Change in bonus remuneration. Many Ernst & Young partners receive large bonuses at the end of the year. In Read More
RFID--A New Technology Set to Explode? Part Two: Early Adopters, Challenges, and User Recommendations
Radio frequency identification or RFID has a potential of becoming a new technology inflection point. It can be a missing piece in the long-lasting puzzle of

early vote  to Explode? Part Two: Early Adopters, Challenges, and User Recommendations Early Adopters Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology could potentially replace bar coding in the long term, if global technical standards develop. While the radio transmitter technology has been around for decades, the technology got a major endorsement this past fall when both the U.S. Department of Defense and retailing giants Wal-Mart and the METRO Group decided to make RFID tags a key part of their logistics. To Read More
Why Open Source is Important to You
There are two trends in open source adoption that make it imperative that you consider open source solutions for your future IT initiatives. This article

early vote  user community. As such, early stage projects can only really be used by technically sophisticated organizations, ones with good sized IT staffs made up of experienced and inquisitive individuals. Organizations like these are willing to put up with early stage open source software because they can take advantage of it despite its rough edges. In the market segmentation parlance of the technology industry, these organizations go by the name of early adopters. These pioneers are willing to go out on a Read More
CRM is Busting Out Of Its Britches: Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative CRM Are Born
Back in the early 90’s, ‘CRM’ wasn’t even a trendy acronym. You had a few players thinking beyond 'stovepipe' enterprise applications, but not much beyond

early vote  of CRM  In the early 90's, paralleling the publication of Hammer and Champy's Reengineering the Corporation , there were three Northern California companies that each had similar visions of incorporating BPR (Business Process Reengineering) concepts into Front Office applications. They were set to break down departmental barriers, focus on the customer, and enable corporate workers to serve their customers in new, streamlined, and friendly ways. Those three companies were Clarify , Vantive , and Scopus . Read More
How to Unbalance Your Scorecard to Better Measure Business Performance
The Balanced Scorecard is one of the most popular methodologies for measuring business performance, with a view to enhancing it. First made popular in the early

early vote  made popular in the early 1990s, this performance management framework was intended as a tool to provide managers with a more complete and “balanced” view of their organization’s performance by including nonfinancial metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in their assessments. Despite this excellent approach to the state of an organization—previously viewed from a purely financial perspective—some organizations are still struggling to achieve success with this method. Many of the Read More
SmartOrg Value-Based Management systems help management strategize project investment. Its systems help project teams collaborate at early and key stages and

early vote  project teams collaborate at early and key stages and its analytic engines enable people to use decision and risk analysis methodologies without being highly trained analysts. SmartOrg also offers up-front consulting, training, demonstration workshops, pilots, and customized software configuration. SmartOrg Inc., headquartered in Menlo Park, California (US) was formed by a group of world-recognized leaders in decision and risk analysis and strategic decision making with roots at SRI International, Read More
Learning from BPM Leaders: Benefits, Prerequisites, and the Impact of Successful BPM Initiatives
Business process management (BPM) software implementations are now moving into the mainstream. Many early adopters are already using BPM to foster business

early vote  tellingly, a subset of early adopters has already used BPM to foster business innovation, implementing projects whose business value outstrips traditional success measurements such as increased productivity and service quality. Through quantitative surveys and in-depth interviews, IDG Research has identified BPM leaders and innovators and their prerequisites for BPM success, benefits to be gained and the overall impact on the organization. These findings serve as best-practices guidelines for BPM initiati Read More
Can Webplan Reconcile Planning and Execution? Part One: Event Summary
According to the early signs, it appears that key elements of Webplan's business plan are producing results with dividends. These elements involve positioning

early vote  anytime during the contract. Early in 2002, Webplan also announced its plans to deliver its solution on the Microsoft .NET Framework . The initial extensible markup language (XML) Web service developed using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET provided an XML interface to the former Webplan CeO platform (recently renamed into RapidResponse Server ). This has permitted applications and servers on almost any vendor platforms to take advantage of Webplan solutions based on Webplan technology, such as real time adap Read More
The PLM Program An Incremental Approach to the Strategic Value of PLM
Companies that took an early adopter approach to PLM are beginning to show significant reductions in new product introduction lead times and to benefit from

early vote  Companies that took an early adopter approach to PLM are beginning to show significant reductions in new product introduction lead times and to benefit from meaningful cost savings. The results from the early pioneers confirm the business value of the concept and point to a bright future for PLM in helping companies capitalize on their product innovations. What has been interesting about the emerging success stories is how different many of the stories are from one another, even stories from companies Read More
APICS 2009 From the Expo Floor: Is S&OP Coming of Age? - Part 4
Part 1 of this series talked about my attendance of the APICS 2009 international conference in Toronto (Canada) in early October. I attended only a few

early vote  in Toronto (Canada) in early October . I attended only a few education sessions, and my conference visit focused more on exploring the expo floor and talking to the exhibitors. My overwhelming impression from the conference's expo floor was that its main  value proposition  this year revolved around the various flavors of  demand management , most notably  Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) . Part 2  analyzed the traditional shortcomings and the reasons for the S&OP concept’s (and accompanying sof Read More

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