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Response Management: Rapid Response to Change Drives Improved Operating Performance
Response Management: Rapid Response to Change Drives Improved Operating Performance. Get Free Data and Other Software to Define Your Assessment about Response Management and Operating Performance. Increasingly, success depends not only on how fast manufacturers can act, but how fast they can react—and the effectiveness of the actions they take. But fast and effective reactions depend on having the information you need when you need it. Is your response management strategy efficient enough? Do you have enough control over key supply chain processes? Find out how to better manage your response to volatile markets.

EASYTAB.COM: detailed information in an easyto- use spreadsheet interface that is automatically populated with live data feeds from front- and back-end systems across multiple systems and sites. AlwaysOn Analytics&8482; instantly completes computations that would take ERP or SCP systems hours or days to produce, facilitating fast impact analysis of supply and demand changes. Resolution Engine The RapidResponse Resolution Engine delivers proactive management capabilities that empower everyone throughout the enterprise
5/7/2008 4:18:00 PM

The Benefits of Next-generation ERP
The Benefits of Next-Generation ERP. Download Guide on the Next-Generation ERP. Rapid changes in the market and in customer needs mean small to medium businesses (SMBs) must work harder to stay competitive. Setting and achieving goals in this economic environment is increasingly difficult. Upgrading to a next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) can be a way to manage change—and even benefit from it. Learn more about how to customize an on-demand ERP solution that’s right for you.

EASYTAB.COM: and/or extended using an easyto- use visual report designer. This operation requires no programming or technical expertise. Unity on Demand is being utilized in numerous companies and vertical solutions are built for specific industries like wholesaling, distribution, packaging, furniture and telecommunications. Please contact LOGO or one or it’s Solution Partners for more information. Financials   Finance Management   Multi-currency system Automatic control of customer risk limits and alerts Check de
3/20/2008 10:13:00 AM

Oracle Database Security: Preventing Enterprise Data Leaks at the Source
Oracle Database Security: Preventing Enterprise Data Leaks at the Source. Find Free Device and Other Solutions to Define Your Systems Implementation In Relation To Oracle Database Security. Addressing information protection and control (IPC) is a complex challenge. Enterprises must secure their databases to protect sensitive information and comply with policy regulations. Learn more about threats to business information, the impact of government regulations on data protection, and how database security best practices can prevent sensitive customer data or company information from being distributed.

EASYTAB.COM: capabilities. Oracle Advanced Security’s easyto- deploy and comprehensive network encryption provides both native network encryption and SSL/TLS-based encryption. In addition, it can be configured to accept or reject communication from clients not using encryption, providing optimal deployment flexibility. Configuration of network security is managed using the Oracle Network Configuration administration tool, allowing businesses to easily deploy network encryption without any changes to applications. Or
4/20/2009 3:12:00 PM

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