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An Update on Zilliant (and the B2B Pricing Market, in General)
In this good, bad, and arguably recovering economy, many companies are looking to their pricing strategies and practices as a way to improve profits without

economic news articles on supply and demand  fiscal 2009. Despite slow economic conditions, the company increased total bookings by 41 percent and increased software license bookings by 245 percent over the same period in the previous year. In addition, the company doubled its recurring revenues in the fourth quarter alone. Zilliant also gained 15 new customers with eight of those customers signing on with the company’s new subscription-based service offering. Other 2009 milestones included: Vertical Market Momentum -- Zilliant continued to Read More...
Demand Management
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Documents related to » economic news articles on supply and demand

QAD Explore 2012: Only Good Things Can Come from Talking to the Customer
As a seasoned provider of enterprise applications for manufacturing companies, QAD knows the importance of listening to its clients. In fact, the company has

economic news articles on supply and demand  unfortunately coincided with the economic crisis and companies’ reluctance to implement new financial systems, QAD Enterprise Financials and the EE release are finally taking off, currently at a couple hundred customers. While the blessing here is for QAD to be able defend its customer base from an ongoing onslaught by SAP and Oracle (which have always had strong corporate-level financial management products), the curse is that QAD’s product offering is now split into the Standard Edition (SE) and Read More...
Elusive Profits, Expensive Mistakes: the Pitfalls of Overseas Sourcing
Extending supply lines overseas brings new commercial and operational challenges that are far more complex than ever before. Enterprises are exposed to an

economic news articles on supply and demand  a world where the economic boundaries between countries have blurred beyond recognition, the pace of commerce and the technologies used to execute it have evolved and accelerated dramatically, and a buyer is more likely to purchase a product from someone half a world away, to sell to someone halfway across town. Example: The BEFORE scenario   Hypothetical $5 billion retailer Sources 50% of products globally Introducing new product line Forecasted quarterly sales: $250 million Sourced globally 100% Read More...
Staying Competitive in the Changing Chemical Manufacturing Marketplace

economic news articles on supply and demand  optimizing a single plant's economic return, they can optimize total enterprise manufacturing cost, perhaps even sacrificing one plant's efficiency for the greater good. This is not fancy or particularly visible, but it's worth millions. 4. Analyzing asset utilization and maintenance investment . While nearly every chemical producer focuses on their equipment and facility assets, most take a transactional view of maintaining the asset and calculating maintenance costs. The next step is to step up the Read More...
AuraPortal: A BPM Vendor Worth Checking Out
AuraPortal, a new business process management (BPM) vendor, offers a solution that creates business process execution models without the need for heavy IT

economic news articles on supply and demand  BPM needs of diverse economic sectors: Public Administration (file management, citizen files, budget management, etc.) Manufacturing (supplies, production management, equipment maintenance management, etc.) Construction (site management, planning, promotion, license management, etc.) Financial Institutions (risk management, asset management, loan requests, planning, etc.) Insurance (audits, legal requirements, policy management, technician management, etc.) Health care (prevention management, clinical Read More...
Supply Chain Event Management Software Evaluation Report
Supply chain event management or supply chain network systems are a class of solutions designed to monitor, notify, analyze, measure, and control business

economic news articles on supply and demand  
7 Steps to Supply Chain Utopia
And now you can with the white paper actionable supply chain intelligence: leveraging the services hub.

economic news articles on supply and demand  steps supply chain utopia,steps,supply,chain,utopia,supply chain utopia,steps chain utopia,steps supply utopia,steps supply chain. Read More...
Intelligent Response Management Strategies for Managing Demand-Supply Networks
Over 190 companies were surveyed regarding their challenges within demand-supply networks and the top priorities for managing these networks. This paper is

economic news articles on supply and demand  supply chain response management,response management strategies,demand-supply network management,supply chain optimization,supply chain network optimization,supply chain optimization software,supply chain network optimization software,supply chain optimization model,geodis supply chain optimization,supply chain management optimization,network optimization supply chain,optimization supply chain,supply chain network optimization models,supply chain optimization ppt,supply chain optimization techniques Read More...
Top Supply Chain Management Software Compared
Find out which supply chain management solutions really meet the needs of your company with TEC's free SCM comparison reports.

economic news articles on supply and demand  top supply chain management software compared,top,supply,chain,management,software,compared,supply chain management software compared,top chain management software compared,top supply management software compared,top supply chain software compared. Read More...
A Demand-driven Approach to BI
The core concept behind the Vanguard solution is that business intelligence (BI) must be demand-driven, which means that the business needs of the user dictate

economic news articles on supply and demand  business intelligence,BI,eDeployment,original equipment manufacturer,OEM,open database connectivity,ODBC Read More...
Supply Chains: Reinventions, Successes, and Failures
Reinventing the supply chain can increase a company's value, or can in some extreme cases cause bankruptcy. Just a few case studies are enough to demonstrate

economic news articles on supply and demand  SCM,supply chain management,supply chain redesign,supply chain methodologies,lessons learned,JIT,just-in-time,total quality management,kaizen techniques,KPIs,key performance indicators Read More...
Logility Voyager Solutions for Supply Chain Management (SCM) Certification Report
Logility Voyager Solutions is now TEC Certified for online evaluation of supply chain management solutions in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Evaluation

economic news articles on supply and demand  global supply chain management,supply chain management programs,supply chain management tools,integrated supply chain management,supply chain management systems,supply chain management solutions,supply chain management consulting,supply chain management company,supply chain management definition,define supply chain management,software supply chain management,supply chain management strategies,green supply chain management,supply chain management articles,supply chain management system Read More...

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