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E-Cash Rollout Replaces Amex
Last week, adult sites were informed that Amex would no longer serve their clientele in processing online transactions. However, in the information technology

economics synopsis  are able to marry economics and cryptography. As consumers figure out how to obtain digital cash, these sites will lead the market in figuring out how best to accept digital cash transactions. Where there is a market, there is a clever entrepreneur ready to pounce on the opportunity. User Recommendations Digital cash providers will have to make sure their digital cash meets the following requirements: Secure Anonymous Portable (physical independence) Infinite duration (until destroyed) Two-way Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » economics synopsis

SaaS-ing the Manufacturing Opportunity
The software as a service (SaaS) delivery model is here to stay, and most vendors have noticed. Recently, the endorsement for SaaS in the realm of manufacturing

economics synopsis  more about a new economics, such as the paradigm shifts of open source or SaaS deployment models. For more information and to start your own custom solution comparison, please visit TEC's Enterprise Resource Planning Evaluation Center Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning Vendor Gains Connectivity through Acquisition of Plant Intelligence Provider
SAP has gained connectivity to virtually any source on the plant floor and analytical functionality through its acquisition of Lighthammer's products for plant

economics synopsis  knowledge management, real time economics, and directed workflows, which will be key to encapsulating information and capabilities that are needed to make better and faster decisions at multiple levels within manufacturing. Over time, xMII will leverage selected SAP technologies such as the new SAP Visual Composer , which reduces the effort required to develop user interfaces (UI), but will present a challenge to users who have to adapt to the change. Another weak area that SAP acknowledges is their Read More
From CIO to CEO?
The step from Chief Information Officer to Chief Executive Officer seems like it should be simple, but few manage to take it. Sure you’ve managed a budget

economics synopsis  the London School of Economics iii . This survey discovered that, as a group, CIOs are not perceived by CEOs as contributing to the competitive advantage of the business. In that perspective, someone who knows how to make the infrastructure of a network sing does not automatically know how to make the business move forward. No matter what we might want to think, the perception is that understanding IT strategy does not lead to understanding the business strategy. As the follow on report states, Many Read More
What Matters Most: An Interview with Jeffrey Hollender
Jeffrey Hollender has a broader definition of the Value Chain that includes the true end-to-end responsibilities as well as sustainability, a term (if you are

economics synopsis  people—are ignorant of the economics in the global supply chain—what we pay, and what the distribution of cash and profits are. We see so many imports, from crafts to cars, and we don't understand the positive and negative ramifications/impacts to underdeveloped economies. Jeffrey : You know we have over simplified many of these issues. Like labor standards. As bad as we think it is, say a $2.50 an hour job in a developing country, it is way better than the 50 an hour job. As bad as we think it is, Read More
SOA-based Applications and Infrastructure--The Next Frontier?
Leading enterprise applications vendors believe it is crucial to quickly complete the transition to a service oriented architecture (SOA) from monolithic client

economics synopsis  realities. Those realities included Economics . Across the application life cycle, there is a high cost of development, support, and enhancements. Money, time, and quality limit how installed software can meet the many demands of business. While older product architecture is a technology problem, the cost, in terms of time, money, and quality is a business problem. For these very reasons, modifications, for example, are considered bad. Yet, with the changing economics, custom or modified approaches may Read More
PTC Live Global 2013: All About Design for “Servitization” —Part Two
Last week on the TEC blog I talked about market shifts and technological changes that are reshaping the competitive landscape for manufacturing firms, based on

economics synopsis  to something here. Oxford Economics ’ research indicates that by 2015, performance-based service contracts will be used by 65 percent of manufacturing. Additionally, in the next two years, 56 percent of firms will embrace remote diagnostics. The Servigistics Exchange sessions also talked about connected products that gather big data and intelligence, share data in the cloud, send data about problems, and get continual enhancements, and the Servigistics portfolio is expected to provide those solutions Read More
An Interview with Shoshana Zuboff and James Maxmin
Many corporations have failed the customer; they focus on transactions, rather than customers. Ann Grackin recently talked to Shoshana Zuboff and James Maxmin

economics synopsis  the concepts in Relationship Economics'—this gets to the very heart (and pain) of many businesses in the Wal-Mart ization economy. I think Wal-Mart is not just about price' but the very concept of value. If firms don't create an environment of what you call mutually beneficial reciprocities' in which value is defined not only in end-customer terms, but a mutually thriving eco system—well it looks pretty bleak. Your model is very forward looking. Since a great deal of our audience are supply chain Read More
Integrated Security: A New Network Approach Part Two: The Shift Toward Integration
This part describes the key elements and benefits of an integrated security solution in comparison to current security solutions.

economics synopsis  Integration According to Computer Economics, the worldwide financial impact of malicious code was $13.2 Billion in 2001 alone. With nearly 400 computer security vendors offering solutions spanning the spectrum from antivirus to firewalls, content filtering to intrusion detection, we're led to ask, Why? The problem lies in the old world strategy of one threat, one cure. Companies finding themselves marauded by the onslaught of attacks have simply added more single-cure security point product after Read More
Predictive Analytics; the Future of Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is evolving as it grows in popularity. Within BI, there is a shift from traditional analytics to predictive analytics, and predictive

economics synopsis  and a BA in Economics and Statistics from the University of Dhaka and is an Oracle Certified Professional. He can be reached at mukhleszaman@yahoo.com . Read More
Transportation Management and the Adaptive Supply Chain Network
To respond to the demands of today’s highly competitive global environment, traditional linear supply chains are evolving into complex, global ecosystems. These

economics synopsis  as a whole, the economics of the supply chain may be ignored. An ASCN provides the framework for a high level of economic responsiveness. Within the context of a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, an ASCN can lead to profitable growth that a company could not previously achieve. An ASCN is the catalyst for enhancing a company's financial position and improving its supply chain economics. Without an ASCN, the potential for growth is limited to improving linear processes and Read More
Looking Beyond Cost Savings in PEO
Today’s outsourcing industry is expected to grow by 37 percent annually between 2007 and 2010. One growing specialization under IT outsourcing is product

economics synopsis  study conducted by Computer Economics, “Product development outsourcing is the most popular category in IT outsourcing, followed by e-commerce websites, hosted applications and disaster recovery services. These categories are outsourced-either in whole or in part-by over half of the organizations in the study.” Meaning, since product development outsourcing has increased from 35% to 61% in a year, the demand for vendors to fulfill these projects will increase as well. The main advantage of vendors Read More
What's Wrong With Application Software? Business Changes, Software Must Change with the Business.
Business changes constantly in small ways and large. It is rare to find an application product that can change once it is implemented. This gap is a reality

economics synopsis  Application Software? It's the Economics enterprise architecture must provide the cost, time, and quality characteristics to make change a practical choice for the business. What are some of the business characteristics required to meet the challenge of change? Lower the penalties for modifications Today, the penalties for modifying are so high that companies find it difficult to justify all but the most important changes. With the dropping of the cost, time, and quality penalties, it becomes Read More
Has Consolidation Made the PLM Market More Agile? Part Three: Challenges and User Recommendations
Even if Agile continues to deliver superior products, its competition against single-vendor, pre-integrated ERP suite products will force Agile to aggressively

economics synopsis  printed circuit board manufacturing economics with the customer-specific engineering of hardware and software, plus after-sale services and spare parts revenue stream), a combination which might offer much to consider. However, they should watch developments carefully. The competitive landscape will heat up, and manufacturers will see more choices, particularly those looking for a full suite of functions to manage product life cycles. For a more complete discussion of how to select a PLM vendor, go to Read More
Ramco Systems' Users - Winning Big And Speaking Out In Las Vegas
Ramco's broad and deep product functionality and technology bundled with a reasonable price tag and short time-to-market should create a powerful value

economics synopsis  release will change the economics of application software. For now, the product strategy is in tune with Mr P.R. Venketrama Raja's, the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Ramco Systems, statements in our recent conversation, Unlike many competitors, we at Ramco Systems have been following a discriminating philosophy in the use of standard software ever since the company was founded in 1989. The customer's corporate strategy has always been the centre of focus for us. The processes serve the Read More
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