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RFID--A New Technology Set to Explode? Part Two: Early Adopters, Challenges, and User Recommendations
Radio frequency identification or RFID has a potential of becoming a new technology inflection point. It can be a missing piece in the long-lasting puzzle of

ecu tuning  offered by supply chain execution (SCE) best-of-breed-vendors, but will eventually allow for the practical usage of RFID data across more and broader processes and applications within the value chain. Furthermore, the real benefits of RFID will be achieved when the integration of the EPC data will be a substantial part for the control of business processes. For example, the SAP solution could be applied in warehousing, manufacturing, and transportation and at touch points between these (for example., prod Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » ecu tuning

Is There a Street Corner for a Vendor-neutral Third Party Support and Maintenance Provider?
Although Rimini Street's client base is still budding, the third party provider of support and maintenance has been quite bullish, owing to the accelerating

ecu tuning  Street's founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Seth A. Ravin, and his involvement with both companies. Essentially, whether a legacy product licensee chooses to hold steady on its current release, wants only to get additional years of return out of its existing information technology (IT) investment, or is looking for more valuable support at a significantly lower annual cost, Rimini Street and TomorrowNow offer more affordable, high-quality, and specialized S&M options to meet the current and long-t Read More...
Portals: Necessary But Not Self-sufficient
Having moved beyond its original role as a standalone presentation layer to become a part of a larger technology stack, the portal is now considered part of a

ecu tuning  commoditized features to provide secure role-based access to Epicor and other business applications. It will also provide self-guided discovery and data visualization, targeted content through personalization, Web-query access for application integration, and schemas for the Epicor Enterprise, Manufacturing, and iScala products. Although Epicor increasingly competes with Microsoft Business Solutions' (MBS) mid-market ERP products, such as Great Plains , Navision , and Axapta (recently renamed into Read More...
Will V8 Help SSA GT Regain Lost Ground?
The vendor that many have long forgotten seems to be reincarnating. In order to return from oblivion SSA GT has been making strides to put itself back on the

ecu tuning  of the efforts to execute it. Additionally, SSA GT's established global infrastructure and customer base, strong core-ERP functionality with a sharp industry focus, strong multinational product functionality, and a relative ease of implementing BPCS are some of the company's bargaining chips in the game of averting its customers from ship and of giving other intruding competitors a run for their money. Still, SSA GT may have difficulties leveraging its existing client base and channel, as illustrated in Read More...
Software as a Service: Not without Caveats
Software-as-a-service solutions often cannot provide that final twenty percent or so that differentiates a company from its competitors. Of major concern is

ecu tuning  Data sensitivity, privacy and security (outside the user's firewall), the system's flexibility, and concerns about recent, highly publicized outages (which translate into general system performance concerns) represent only some of the issues that will give on-premise applications a longer lease on life. In addition to such concerns, the question of whether on demand hosted offerings can be properly integrated with existing on-premise applications as well as skepticism over the usefulness of adapting SaaS Read More...
Can Webplan Reconcile Planning and Execution? Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
Webplan appears to be ahead of the pack in applications for concurrently optimizing demand, order promise, and inventory management, taking constraints into

ecu tuning  Webplan Reconcile Planning and Execution? Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations Challenges The past two years or so have been an interesting if not a tumultuous period for the Ottawa, Canada-based, privately-held Webplan Corporation ( www.webplan.com ), which felt compelled to further refine its original supply chain planning (SCP) and business-to-business (B2B) collaboration value proposition.. The vendor has refocused on highly actionable Response Management software (a subset of broader Read More...
Compaq Wins Supercomputer Contract, But Is It Enough?
Compaq recently was awarded a contract for the world’s largest supercomputer, which will use its Alpha processors. But what’s happening with their standard high

ecu tuning  Wins Supercomputer Contract, But Is It Enough? Compaq Wins Supercomputer Contract, But Is It Enough? R. Krause - August 25, 2000 Event Summary Compaq Computer Corporation and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) in Pittsburgh, PA announced that the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, VA has selected them to build and manage the world's largest supercomputer to offer scientists access to a wide range of non-military, scientific applications. The contract, valued at an initial $36 Read More...
Impressive Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Gets A Little Help From Its Friends
Despite impressive product depth and breadth (for instance, customer relationship management [CRM], workflow, traceability, and quality management are provided

ecu tuning  aimed at both senior executives (who can fairly quickly and easily see the cost of excess inventory and potential stockouts) and purchasing specialists, Optimus touts a solution that provides more complete decision support capabilities for the inventory chain. Established in South Africa for over 15 years, Optimus has over 350 operational customer sites in 5 continents, many of which come from dozens of partnerships with vendors like SSI. Areas of particular expertise include the automotive aftermarket, Read More...
The Marriage of Virtual Machines, Software as a Service, and Cloud Computing
New technology, such as virtual machines and high-speed internet communication, is leading to wider remote application hosting. Here is a tutorial-level

ecu tuning  hardware systems to be executing concurrently. Because the VM may be configured with more or less processing memory than the physical machine on which it resides, it is possible for application vendors to build and deliver a standard VM configuration. This configuration is stored as a sequential file. From the application vendor perspective, all its VM clients have identically sized and configured logical machines—a new form of appliance. All clients with the same contract conditions get a copy of the Read More...
Dell's High-End Rackmount Servers - Challenging Compaq's Wintel Dominance
Dell Computer Corporation has shaken up the PC Server market, in three years moving from the #5 US market share position to a solid #2 (and #3 worldwide) - and

ecu tuning  hardware integration,hardware migration,hardware migration plan,hardware software,internal migration,migration,migration policy,migration routes,migration software,migration to new hardware,update hardware Read More...
RFID ... For Customers?
Recently I spoke at the National Retail Federation in the center of retail: New York City! The big buzz this year, no surprise, was about RFID.

ecu tuning  RFID investment through logistics, security, and other processes. So many tags are reusable, items are high value, and the range of care and services customers need is large, so the over-simplistic assumptions some people are talking about need to be thought through! Once the base investment is made (we are not saying it is a trivial investment) there are many subscribers to the information. That intelligence can be used in so many places. It behooves the enterprise and their supply chain partners to Read More...
Does NavisionDamgaard Merger Mark Further Mid-Market Consolidation?
While the higher end of ERP market has (surprisingly) experienced only limited merger & acquisition activity during 2000 (mainly seen in ERP losers been

ecu tuning  Financial Officer, Ren Stockner, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Operations, and Niels Bo Theilgaard, Chief Product Officer. Waldemar Schmidt is expected to be appointed Chairman of NavisionDamgaard, and Hans Werdelin is expected to become Deputy Chairman. The merger proposal was recommended for approval at the extraordinary general meetings, which were expected to be held by the two companies on December 21, 2000, and Navision Software a/s will be the continuing company. Market Impact The increased Read More...
Bridging the Reality Gap Between Planning and Execution Part Two: The Manufacturers' Perspective
Manufacturers today need to react quickly in order to remain efficient and competitive, given that the biggest problem they face is that change is the only

ecu tuning  Gap Between Planning and Execution Part Two: The Manufacturers' Perspective The Manufacturers' Perspective Despite the fact that many manufacturers have invested in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and supply chain management (SCM) systems, most continue to use inopportune batch reports and pesky spreadsheets to manage their operation's performance. These have proven to be inefficient and error-prone methods of supporting decision-making, resulting in a reliance on educated guesswork rather Read More...
OKENA Pioneers Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention
Intrusion prevention has evolved as a smarter alternative to intrusion detection. Pioneer OKENA has mapped application behaviors into rules, and is using these

ecu tuning  competitive market, and defying security critics who downplayed the marketability of an NT firewall, Mr. McConnon lead Raptor to become one of the most respected names in firewall engineering, and later sold it to AXENT. (Just last year AXENT was sold to Symantec, and has since introduced a souped up Raptor based firewall appliance called VelociRaptor.) Pioneering visionary security technology seems to be one of the things that Mr. McConnon does best. The word OKENA means to fulfill in Hawaiian, and Read More...
IQMS Prospers by Helping Enterprises Work Smarter
IQMS has certainly succeeded in helping hundreds of midsized plastic processors and other repetitive manufacturers increase their

ecu tuning  data, within the customer's security policies. This should allow support to quickly find the issue and either make adjustments or suggest additional developments to solve customers issues. IQ Quality Management One of the upgrades in the IQ Quality Management module is deviation tracking, which follows deviations in processes within the manufacturing environment and works with the engineering change orders (ECO) and corrective action reporting (CAR) tracking modules. This workflow-enabled technology Read More...

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